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Electrophilic nitro-oleic acid reverses obesity-induced hepatic steatosis.

Nicholas K H Khoo, Marco Fazzari, Dionysios V Chartoumpekis, Lihua Li, Danielle Aparecida Guimaraes, Gavin E Arteel, Sruti Shiva, Bruce A Freeman,

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is linked to obesity and insulin resistance and is the most prevalent chronic liver disease. During the development of obesity and NAFLD, mitochondria adapt to the increased lipid load in hepatocytes by increasing the rate of fatty acid oxidation. In concert with this, reactive species ... Read more >>

Redox Biol (Redox Biology)
[2019, 22:101132]

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Nitro-fatty acid formation and metabolism.

Gregory J Buchan, Gustavo Bonacci, Marco Fazzari, Sonia R Salvatore, Stacy Gelhaus Wendell,

Nitro-fatty acids (NO2-FA) are pleiotropic modulators of redox signaling pathways. Their effects on inflammatory signaling have been studied in great detail in cell, animal and clinical models primarily using exogenously administered nitro-oleic acid. While we know a considerable amount regarding NO2-FA signaling, endogenous formation and metabolism is relatively unexplored. This ... Read more >>

Nitric Oxide (Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry)
[2018, 79:38-44]

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Nrf2 prevents Notch-induced insulin resistance and tumorigenesis in mice.

Dionysios V Chartoumpekis, Yoko Yagishita, Marco Fazzari, Dushani L Palliyaguru, Uma Nm Rao, Apostolos Zaravinos, Nicholas Kh Khoo, Francisco J Schopfer, Kurt R Weiss, George K Michalopoulos, Ian Sipula, Robert M O'Doherty, Thomas W Kensler, Nobunao Wakabayashi,

Insulin resistance is associated with increased incidence and enhanced progression of cancers. However, little is known about strategies that can effectively ameliorate insulin resistance and consequently halt cancer progression. Herein, we propose that the transcription factor Nrf2 (also known as Nfe2l2) may be such a target, given its central role ... Read more >>

JCI Insight (JCI insight)
[2018, 3(5):]

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Exploring the anticancer potential of pyrazolo[1,2-a]benzo[1,2,3,4]tetrazin-3-one derivatives: the effect on apoptosis induction, cell cycle and proliferation.

Francesco Mingoia, Caterina Di Sano, Francesco Di Blasi, Marco Fazzari, Annamaria Martorana, Anna Maria Almerico, Antonino Lauria,

In order to investigate their anticancer potential, four new pyrazolo[1,2-a]benzo[1,2,3,4]tetrazinone derivatives, designed through the chemometric protocol VLAK, and three of the most active compounds of the previous series have been evaluated on some cellular events including proliferation, apoptosis induction, and cell cycle. The NCI one dose (10 μM) screening revealed ... Read more >>

Eur J Med Chem (European journal of medicinal chemistry)
[2013, 64:345-356]

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IKK-beta inhibitors: an analysis of drug-receptor interaction by using molecular docking and pharmacophore 3D-QSAR approaches.

Antonino Lauria, Mario Ippolito, Marco Fazzari, Marco Tutone, Francesco Di Blasi, Francesco Mingoia, Anna Maria Almerico,

The IKK kinases family represents a thrilling area of research because of its importance in regulating the activity of NF-kB transcription factors. The discovery of the central role played by IKK-beta in the activation of transcription in response to apoptotic or inflammatory stimuli allowed to considerate its modulation as a ... Read more >>

J. Mol. Graph. Model. (Journal of molecular graphics & modelling)
[2010, 29(1):72-81]

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In vitro digestion of betalainic foods. Stability and bioaccessibility of betaxanthins and betacyanins and antioxidative potential of food digesta.

Luisa Tesoriere, Marco Fazzari, Francesa Angileri, Carla Gentile, Maria A Livrea,

Betalains are considered to be bioactive dietary phytochemicals. The stability of betacyanins and betaxanthins from either fresh foods or manufactured products of cactus pear fruit ( Opuntia ficus indica L. Mill. cv. Gialla and Rossa) and red beet ( Beta vulgaris L. ssp. vulgaris) was assessed in a simulated oral, ... Read more >>

J. Agric. Food Chem. (Journal of agricultural and food chemistry)
[2008, 56(22):10487-10492]

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In vitro bioavailability of phenolic compounds from five cultivars of frozen sweet cherries (Prunus avium L.).

Marco Fazzari, Lana Fukumoto, Giuseppe Mazza, Maria A Livrea, Luisa Tesoriere, Luigi Di Marco,

The bioavailability of phenolic compounds from five cultivars of frozen sweet cherries was assessed by a digestion process involving pepsin-HCl digestion (to simulate gastric digestion) and pancreatin digestion with bile salts (to simulate small intestine conditions) and dialyzed to assess serum- and colon-available fractions. After pepsin digestion, the % recovery ... Read more >>

J. Agric. Food Chem. (Journal of agricultural and food chemistry)
[2008, 56(10):3561-3568]

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Antioxidant activity of Sicilian pistachio (Pistacia vera L. var. Bronte) nut extract and its bioactive components.

Carla Gentile, Luisa Tesoriere, Daniela Butera, Marco Fazzari, Massimo Monastero, Mario Allegra, Maria A Livrea,

Pistacia vera L. is the only species of Pistacia genus producing edible nuts. This paper investigates the antioxidant potential of a Sicilian variety of pistachio nut by chemical as well as biological assays and measured antioxidant vitamins and a number of antioxidant polyphenols in either the hydrophilic and/or the lipophilic ... Read more >>

J. Agric. Food Chem. (Journal of agricultural and food chemistry)
[2007, 55(3):643-648]

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Distribution of betalain pigments in red blood cells after consumption of cactus pear fruits and increased resistance of the cells to ex vivo induced oxidative hemolysis in humans.

Luisa Tesoriere, Daniela Butera, Mario Allegra, Marco Fazzari, Maria A Livrea,

Betalain pigments are bioavailable phytochemicals recently acknowledged as natural radical scavengers. This work, which extends previous research on the postabsorbitive fate of dietary betalains, investigated the distribution of betanin and indicaxanthin in red blood cells (RBCs) isolated from healthy volunteers (n = 8), before and during the 1-8 h interval ... Read more >>

J. Agric. Food Chem. (Journal of agricultural and food chemistry)
[2005, 53(4):1266-1270]

Cited: 38 times

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