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Deciphering osteoarthritis genetics across 826,690 individuals from 9 populations.

Cindy G Boer, Konstantinos Hatzikotoulas, Lorraine Southam, Lilja Stefánsdóttir, Yanfei Zhang, Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida, Tian T Wu, Jie Zheng, April Hartley, Maris Teder-Laving, Anne Heidi Skogholt, Chikashi Terao, Eleni Zengini, George Alexiadis, Andrei Barysenka, Gyda Bjornsdottir, Maiken E Gabrielsen, Arthur Gilly, Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, Marianne B Johnsen, Helgi Jonsson, Margreet Kloppenburg, Almut Luetge, Sigrun H Lund, Reedik Mägi, Massimo Mangino, Rob R G H H Nelissen, Manu Shivakumar, Julia Steinberg, Hiroshi Takuwa, Laurent F Thomas, Margo Tuerlings, , , , , George C Babis, Jason Pui Yin Cheung, Jae Hee Kang, Peter Kraft, Steven A Lietman, Dino Samartzis, P Eline Slagboom, Kari Stefansson, Unnur Thorsteinsdottir, Jonathan H Tobias, André G Uitterlinden, Bendik Winsvold, John-Anker Zwart, George Davey Smith, Pak Chung Sham, Gudmar Thorleifsson, Tom R Gaunt, Andrew P Morris, Ana M Valdes, Aspasia Tsezou, Kathryn S E Cheah, Shiro Ikegawa, Kristian Hveem, Tõnu Esko, J Mark Wilkinson, Ingrid Meulenbelt, Ming Ta Michael Lee, Joyce B J van Meurs, Unnur Styrkársdóttir, Eleftheria Zeggini,

Osteoarthritis affects over 300 million people worldwide. Here, we conduct a genome-wide association study meta-analysis across 826,690 individuals (177,517 with osteoarthritis) and identify 100 independently associated risk variants across 11 osteoarthritis phenotypes, 52 of which have not been associated with the disease before. We report thumb and spine osteoarthritis risk ... Read more >>

Cell (Cell)
[2021, 184(18):4784-4818.e17]

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Cholesterol metabolism related genes in osteoarthritis.

Ioanna Papathanasiou, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Aspasia Tsezou,

Cholesterol homeostasis plays a significant role in skeletal development and the dysregulation of cholesterol-related mechanism has been shown to be involved in the development of cartilage diseases including osteoarthritis (OA). Epidemiological studies have shown an association between elevated serum cholesterol levels and OA. Furthermore, abnormal lipid accumulation in chondrocytes as ... Read more >>

Bone (Bone)
[2021, 152:116076]

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Awareness of predatory journals and open access publishing among orthopaedic and trauma surgeons - results from an online survey in Germany.

Elke Maurer, Nike Walter, Tina Histing, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Thaqif El Khassawna, Lisa Wenzel, Volker Alt, Markus Rupp,

<h4>Background</h4>Along with emerging open access journals (OAJ) predatory journals increasingly appear. As they harm accurate and good scientific research, we aimed to examine the awareness of predatory journals and open access publishing among orthopaedic and trauma surgeons.<h4>Methods</h4>In an online survey between August and December 2019 the knowledge on predatory journals ... Read more >>

BMC Musculoskelet Disord (BMC musculoskeletal disorders)
[2021, 22(1):365]

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Surgical treatment outcome after serial debridement of infected nonunion-A retrospective cohort study.

Markus Rupp, Stefanie Kern, Nike Walter, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Reinhard Schnettler, Christian Heiss, Volker Alt,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Reported outcome after multiple staged surgical treatment of infected nonunion is scarce. We, therefore, asked: (1) What is the clinical outcome in infected nonunion patients after multiple staged revision surgery? (2) Are different pathogens evidenced after surgical treatment in patients who have undergone more or less surgeries?<h4>Methods</h4>All enrolled patients were ... Read more >>

Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol (European journal of orthopaedic surgery & traumatology : orthopedie traumatologie)
[2021, :]

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Evidence of Prolonged Monitoring of Trauma Patients Admitted via Trauma Resuscitation Unit without Primary Proof of Severe Injuries.

Martin Heinrich, Matthias Lany, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Christoph Biehl, Gabor Szalay, Florian Brenck, Christian Heiss,

Introductio: Although management of severely injured patients in the Trauma Resuscitation Unit (TRU) follows evidence-based guidelines, algorithms for treatment of the slightly injured are limited.<h4>Methods</h4>All trauma patients in a period of eight months in a Level I trauma center were followed. Retrospective analysis was performed only in patients ≥18 years ... Read more >>

J Clin Med (Journal of clinical medicine)
[2020, 9(8):]

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Predatory journals: a major threat in orthopaedic research.

Markus Rupp, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Elke Wintermeyer, Deeksha Malhaan, Thaqif El Khassawna, Christian Heiss,

Predatory publishing is a major threat to contemporary publishing, as it offers 'to unaware scientist's', a quick open-access publication against fees without peer-review procedures.. Lack of peer-review leads to unethical practices, as plagiarism, publication of unscientific falsified data, and even unsafe clinical practices. As these journals threaten the credibility of academic ... Read more >>

Int Orthop (International orthopaedics)
[2019, 43(3):509-517]

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Studying microRNAs in osteoarthritis: Critical overview of different analytical approaches.

Varvara Trachana, Eleni Ntoumou, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Aspasia Tsezou,

MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNA species with the ability to post-transcriptionally control the expression of multiple genes, that have gained substantial interest because of their expression alterations that accompanies aging and possible age-related pathologies. Given the constant rise in the number of patients suffering from age-related diseases -due to the ... Read more >>

Mech Ageing Dev (Mechanisms of ageing and development)
[2018, 171:15-23]

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Molecular changes indicative of cartilage degeneration and osteoarthritis development in patients with anterior cruciate ligament injury.

Ioanna Papathanasiou, Sotirios Michalitsis, Michael E Hantes, Marianna Vlychou, Lydia Anastasopoulou, Konstantinos N Malizos, Aspasia Tsezou,

<h4>Background</h4>Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear is considered a risk factor for osteoarthritis development. The purpose of our study was to investigate the expression levels of the apoptotic enzyme caspase 3, pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1β (IL-1β) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) and degrading enzyme matrix metalloproteinase 13 (MMP-13), all indicative of cartilage degeneration and ... Read more >>

BMC Musculoskelet Disord (BMC musculoskeletal disorders)
[2016, 17:21]

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