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Does standardisation improve post-operative anaesthesia handoffs? Meta-analyses on provider, patient, organisational, and handoff outcomes.

Elizabeth H Lazzara, Richard J Simonson, Logan M Gisick, Andrew C Griggs, Emily A Rickel, Joyce Wahr, Meghan B Lane-Fall, Joseph R Keebler,

Anaesthesia handoffs are associated with negative outcomes (e.g. inappropriate treatments, post-operative complications, and in-hospital mortality). To minimise these adverse outcomes, federal bodies (e.g. Joint Commission) have mandated handoff standardisation. Due to the proliferation of handoff interventions and research, there is a need to meta-analyze anaesthesia handoffs. Therefore, we performed meta-analyses ... Read more >>

Ergonomics (Ergonomics)
[2022, :1-16]

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Dissecting Communication Barriers in Healthcare: A Path to Enhancing Communication Resiliency, Reliability, and Patient Safety.

Oren T Guttman, Elizabeth H Lazzara, Joseph R Keebler, Kristen L W Webster, Logan M Gisick, Anthony L Baker,

<h4>Abstract</h4>Suboptimal exchange of information can have tragic consequences to patient's safety and survival. To this end, the Joint Commission lists communication error among the most common attributable causes of sentinel events. The risk management literature further supports this finding, ascribing communication error as a major factor (70%) in adverse events. ... Read more >>

J Patient Saf (Journal of patient safety)
[2021, 17(8):e1465-e1471]

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