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Exposure of Larval Zebrafish to the Insecticide Propoxur Induced Developmental Delays that Correlate with Behavioral Abnormalities and Altered Expression of hspb9 and hspb11.

Jeremiah N Shields, Eric C Hales, Lillian E Ranspach, Xixia Luo, Steven Orr, Donna Runft, Alan Dombkowski, Melody N Neely, Larry H Matherly, Jeffrey Taub, Tracie R Baker, Ryan Thummel,

Recent studies suggest that organophosphates and carbamates affect human fetal development, resulting in neurological and growth impairment. However, these studies are conflicting and the extent of adverse effects due to pesticide exposure warrants further investigation. In the present study, we examined the impact of the carbamate insecticide propoxur on zebrafish ... Read more >>

Toxics (Toxics)
[2019, 7(4):]

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