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Effects of Neurocognitive Temporal Training on Weapon Firing Performance.

Leah R Enders, Gary L Boykin, Valerie J Rice,

While marksmanship is a critical skill for military personnel, some service members experience difficulty in attaining and maintaining marksmanship qualifications. Temporal training may improve marksmanship performance, since rhythm and timing are critical for coordinated movement. In this study, we examined the effect of neurocognitive temporal training (NTT) on military personnel's ... Read more >>

Percept Mot Skills (Perceptual and motor skills)
[2020, 127(5):939-959]

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Phase I Safety Trial: Extended Daily Peripheral Sensory Stimulation Using a Wrist-Worn Vibrator in Stroke Survivors.

Na Jin Seo, Leah R Enders, Andrew Fortune, Shannon Cain, Amanda A Vatinno, Eli Schuster, Viswanathan Ramakrishnan, Wuwei Feng,

Peripheral sensory stimulation augments post-stroke upper extremity rehabilitation outcomes. Most sensory stimulations interfere with natural hand tasks and the stimulation duration is limited. We developed TheraBracelet, low-level random-frequency vibration applied via a wristwatch, to enable stimulation during hand tasks and potentially extend stimulation durations. To determine safety of prolonged exposure ... Read more >>

Transl Stroke Res (Translational stroke research)
[2020, 11(2):204-213]

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Effects of Sensory Deficit on Phalanx Force Deviation During Power Grip Post Stroke.

Leah R Enders, Na Jin Seo,

The effect of sensory deficits on power grip force from individual phalanges was examined. The authors found that stroke survivors with sensory deficits (determined by the Semmes-Weinstein monofilament test) gripped with phalanx force directed more tangential to the object surface, than those without, although both groups had similar motor deficits ... Read more >>

J Mot Behav (Journal of motor behavior)
[2017, 49(1):55-66]

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Altered phalanx force direction during power grip following stroke.

Leah R Enders, Na Jin Seo,

Many stroke survivors with severe impairment can grasp only with a power grip. Yet, little knowledge is available on altered power grip after stroke, other than reduced power grip strength. This study characterized stroke survivors' static power grip during 100 and 50 % maximum grip. Each phalanx force angular deviation ... Read more >>

Exp Brain Res (Experimental brain research)
[2015, 233(6):1677-1688]

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The extent of altered digit force direction correlates with clinical upper extremity impairment in chronic stroke survivors.

Na Jin Seo, Leah R Enders, Binal Motawar, Marcella L Kosmopoulos, Mojtaba Fathi-Firoozabad,

Many stroke survivors suffer from impaired hand function. Biomechanics of hand grip suggests that abnormally directed grip force can hamper gripping abilities and hand function. This study examined the relation between the ability to precisely direct fingertip force and clinical hand function scores among individuals affected by stroke. Specifically, clinical ... Read more >>

J Biomech (Journal of biomechanics)
[2015, 48(2):383-387]

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Effect of remote sensory noise on hand function post stroke.

Na Jin Seo, Marcella Lyn Kosmopoulos, Leah R Enders, Pilwon Hur,

Hand motor impairment persists after stroke. Sensory inputs may facilitate recovery of motor function. This pilot study tested the effectiveness of tactile sensory noise in improving hand motor function in chronic stroke survivors with tactile sensory deficits, using a repeated measures design. Sensory noise in the form of subthreshold, white ... Read more >>

Front Hum Neurosci (Frontiers in human neuroscience)
[2014, 8:934]

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Remote vibrotactile noise improves light touch sensation in stroke survivors' fingertips via stochastic resonance.

Leah R Enders, Pilwon Hur, Michelle J Johnson, Na Jin Seo,

<h4>Background and purpose</h4>Stroke rehabilitation does not often integrate both sensory and motor recovery. While subthreshold noise was shown to enhance sensory signal detection at the site of noise application, having a noise-generating device at the fingertip to enhance fingertip sensation and potentially enhance dexterity for stroke survivors is impractical, since ... Read more >>

J Neuroeng Rehabil (Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation)
[2013, 10:105]

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Improvement of hand function using different surfaces and identification of difficult movement post stroke in the Box and Block Test.

Gregory P Slota, Leah R Enders, Na Jin Seo,

This study determined the impact of changing block surfaces on hand function, as well as identified particularly time-consuming movement components post stroke, measured by the Box and Block Test (BBT). Eight chronic stroke survivors and eight age- and gender-matched control subjects participated in this study. The BBT score (number of ... Read more >>

Appl Ergon (Applied ergonomics)
[2014, 45(4):833-838]

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Hand grip function assessed by the box and block test is affected by object surfaces.

Na Jin Seo, Leah R Enders,

<h4>Study design</h4>N/A.<h4>Background</h4>One of the hand function assessment tools is the Box and Block Test (BBT).<h4>Purpose</h4>To examine if the BBT score is affected by grip surfaces.<h4>Methods</h4>Thirteen adults performed the BBT with wooden, rubber-covered, and paper-covered blocks. The BBT scores and time for seven movements (finger closing, contact to lift-off, transport before ... Read more >>

J Hand Ther (Journal of hand therapy : official journal of the American Society of Hand Therapists)
[2012, 25(4):397-404; quiz 405]

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Grip surface affects maximum pinch force.

Na Jin Seo, Jae Kun Shim, Alexander K Engel, Leah R Enders,

<h4>Objective</h4>The aim of this study was to investigate whether people change their isometric pinch grip generation depending on the surface they gripped. Specifically, the effect of grip surface friction condition on (a) maximum force produced in the direction normal to the contact surface, (b) fluctuation of normal force, and (c) ... Read more >>

Hum Factors (Human factors)
[2011, 53(6):740-748]

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Phalanx force magnitude and trajectory deviation increased during power grip with an increased coefficient of friction at the hand-object interface.

Leah R Enders, Na Jin Seo,

This study examined the effect of friction between the hand and grip surface on a person's grip strategy and force generation capacity. Twelve young healthy adults performed power grip exertions on an instrumented vertical cylinder with the maximum and 50% of maximum efforts (far above the grip force required to ... Read more >>

J Biomech (Journal of biomechanics)
[2011, 44(8):1447-1453]

Cited: 10 times

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