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The efficacy of essential amino acid supplementation for augmenting dietary protein intake in older adults: implications for skeletal muscle mass, strength and function.

Theocharis Ispoglou, Oliver C Witard, Lauren C Duckworth, Matthew J Lees,

The primary aim of this review is to evaluate the efficacy of essential amino acid (EAA) supplementation as a strategy to increase dietary protein intake and improve muscle mass, strength and function in older adults. A sufficient daily protein intake is widely recognised to be fundamental for the successful management ... Read more >>

Proc Nutr Soc (The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society)
[2021, 80(2):230-242]

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Dietary Intakes of Elite 14- to 19-Year-Old English Academy Rugby Players During a Pre-Season Training Period.

Deborah R Smith, Ben Jones, Louise Sutton, Roderick F G J King, Lauren C Duckworth,

Good nutrition is essential for the physical development of adolescent athletes, however data on dietary intakes of adolescent rugby players are lacking. This study quantified and evaluated dietary intake in 87 elite male English academy rugby league (RL) and rugby union (RU) players by age (under 16 (U16) and under ... Read more >>

Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab (International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism)
[2016, 26(6):506-515]

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Mouth Rinsing With Carbohydrate Solutions at the Postprandial State Fail to Improve Performance During Simulated Cycling Time Trials.

Theocharis Ispoglou, Damian OʼKelly, Athanasia Angelopoulou, Melissa Bargh, John P OʼHara, Lauren C Duckworth,

Mouth rinsing with carbohydrate (CHO) solutions during cycling time trials results in performance enhancements; however, most studies have used approximately 6% CHO solutions. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of mouth rinsing with 4, 6, and 8% CHO solutions on 1-hour simulated cycling time trial ... Read more >>

J Strength Cond Res (Journal of strength and conditioning research)
[2015, 29(8):2316-2325]

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Effect of Galactose Ingestion Before and During Exercise on Substrate Oxidation, Postexercise Satiety, and Subsequent Energy Intake in Females.

Lauren C Duckworth, Susan H Backhouse, John P O'Hara, Emma J Stevenson,

<h4>Objective</h4>To examine the effects of consuming a galactose carbohydrate (CHO) drink on substrate oxidation, postexercise satiety, and subsequent energy intake.<h4>Methods</h4>Nine recreationally active eumenorrheic females undertook 3 trials, each consisting of running for 60 minutes at 65% VO(2peak) followed immediately by a 90-minute rest period. Prior to (300 ml) and at ... Read more >>

J Am Coll Nutr (Journal of the American College of Nutrition)
[2016, 35(1):1-12]

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The effect of galactose ingestion on affect and perceived exertion in recreationally active females.

Lauren C Duckworth, Susan H Backhouse, Emma J Stevenson,

The beneficial effects of acute carbohydrate (CHO) supplementation on exercise performance have been well described. Also reported is the attenuation of perceived exertion and enhancement of affect during prolonged exercise following CHO ingestion. However, no studies to date have assessed the impact of the type of CHO ingested on affective ... Read more >>

Appetite (Appetite)
[2013, 71:252-258]

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RCT of a high-protein diet on hunger motivation and weight-loss in obese children: an extension and replication.

Lauren C Duckworth, Paul J Gately, Duncan Radley, Carlton B Cooke, Roderick F G J King, Andrew J Hill,

This study aimed to evaluate the weight loss and hunger motivation effects of an energy-restricted high-protein (HP) diet in overweight and obese children. In total, 95 overweight and obese children attended an 8-week (maximum) program of physical activity, reduced-energy intake, and behavior change education. Children were randomly assigned to one ... Read more >>

Obesity (Silver Spring) (Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.))
[2009, 17(9):1808-1810]

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