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Kefir Is a Viable Exercise Recovery Beverage for Cancer Survivors Enrolled in a Structured Exercise Program.

Peter Smoak, Nicholas Harman, Victoria Flores, Jacob Kisiolek, Nicholas A Pullen, Jonathan Lisano, Reid Hayward, Laura K Stewart,

<h4>Purpose</h4>This study investigated the effects of 12 wk of postexercise kefir consumption in cancer survivors who have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.<h4>Methods</h4>All participants were enrolled in a structured exercise training program and separated into kefir (KEF) or control (CON) treatment groups. KEF consumed 8 oz. of kefir after exercise sessions ... Read more >>

Med Sci Sports Exerc (Medicine and science in sports and exercise)
[2021, 53(10):2045-2053]

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Short Term, Oral Supplementation with Optimized Curcumin Does Not Impair Performance Improvements Associated with High Intensity Interval Training.

Jacob N Kisiolek, Nikeeta Kheredia, Victoria Flores, Arjun Ramani, Jonathon Lisano, Nora Johnston, Laura K Stewart,

Curcumin may improve athletic performance through a reduction in inflammation following exercise and improve mental states of well-being. The purpose of this investigation was to explore the effects of a 14 day HIIT intervention and oral supplementation with Longvida<sup>®</sup> optimized curcumin on athletic performance, lactate response, and well-being. Sixteen males and ... Read more >>

J Diet Suppl (Journal of dietary supplements)
[2021, :1-14]

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Structured Exercise in Cancer Survivors: Is it Enough for Neural, Mental Health and Well-being?

Peter Smoak, Victoria Flores, Nicholas Harman, Jonathon Lisano, Reid Hayward, Laura K Stewart,

The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to explore physical activity, depression, fatigue, and quality of life (QOL), and their relationship to brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) in cancer survivors enrolled in a structured exercise program. Participants were recruited into two groups: in-treatment (IT), currently receiving ... Read more >>

Int J Exerc Sci (International journal of exercise science)
[2021, 14(3):162-176]

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Chronic cannabis use and circulating biomarkers of neural health, stress, and inflammation in physically active individuals.

Jonathon K Lisano, Jacob N Kisiolek, Peter Smoak, Kristina T Phillips, Laura K Stewart,

Previous research has associated cannabis use with altered circulating neurotrophins and biomarkers of immune health, but these relationships have yet to be fully explored in physically active individuals. The specific aim of this study was to explore the relationships between biomarkers of neural health: nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived ... Read more >>

Appl Physiol Nutr Metab (Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliquee, nutrition et metabolisme)
[2020, 45(3):258-263]

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Performance and Health-Related Characteristics of Physically Active Males Using Marijuana.

Jonathon K Lisano, Jeremy D Smith, Alissa B Mathias, Matthew Christensen, Peter Smoak, Kristina T Phillips, Colin J Quinn, Laura K Stewart,

Lisano, JK, Smith, JD, Mathias, AB, Christensen, M, Smoak, P, Phillips, KT, Quinn, CJ, and Stewart, LK. Performance and health-related characteristics of physically active men using marijuana. J Strength Cond Res 33(6): 1659-1669, 2019-The influence of chronic marijuana use on the performance and health of physically active individuals has yet ... Read more >>

J Strength Cond Res (Journal of strength and conditioning research)
[2019, 33(6):1658-1668]

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Cardiorespiratory fitness, visceral fat, and body fat, but not dietary inflammatory index, are related to C-reactive protein in cancer survivors.

Matthew A Christensen, Peter Smoak, Jonathon K Lisano, Reid Hayward, Craig Coronado, Katie Kage, Daniel Shackelford, Laura K Stewart,

<h4>Background</h4>The control of chronic inflammation has emerged as a target for improving the health of cancer survivors (CS).<h4>Aim</h4>To examine differences in fitness and dietary characteristics of CS when grouped by low vs. moderate to high serum C-reactive protein (CRP).<h4>Methods</h4>CS (<i>N</i> = 26, mean age = 68 ± 12 years) were ... Read more >>

Nutr Health (Nutrition and health)
[2019, 25(3):195-202]

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Dietary Quercetin Attenuates Adipose Tissue Expansion and Inflammation and Alters Adipocyte Morphology in a Tissue-Specific Manner.

Laura A Forney, Natalie R Lenard, Laura K Stewart, Tara M Henagan,

Chronic inflammation in adipose tissue may contribute to depot-specific adipose tissue expansion, leading to obesity and insulin resistance. Dietary supplementation with quercetin or botanical extracts containing quercetin attenuates high fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity and insulin resistance and decreases inflammation. Here, we determined the effects of quercetin and red onion extract ... Read more >>

Int J Mol Sci (International journal of molecular sciences)
[2018, 19(3):]

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Skeletal Muscle PGC1α -1 Nucleosome Position and -260 nt DNA Methylation Determine Exercise Response and Prevent Ectopic Lipid Accumulation in Men.

Sudip Bajpeyi, Jeffrey D Covington, Erin M Taylor, Laura K Stewart, Jose E Galgani, Tara M Henagan,

Endurance exercise has been shown to improve lipid oxidation and increase mitochondrial content in skeletal muscle, two features that have shown dependence on increased expression of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ coactivator 1α (PGC1α). It is also hypothesized that exercise-related alterations in PGC1α expression occur through epigenetic regulation of nucleosome positioning ... Read more >>

Endocrinology (Endocrinology)
[2017, 158(7):2190-2199]

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Emerging Relationships Between Vitamin D Status, Physical Activity Habits, and Immune Indices in College-Aged Females.

Laura A Forney, Marilyn A Dietrich, Neil M Johannsen, Tara M Henagan, Georgianna Tuuri, Arnold G Nelson, Amanda K Barkemeyer, Laura K Stewart,

It has been determined that individuals who are regularly physically active have more favorable inflammatory profiles; less is known about how vitamin D levels can impact inflammation. This study explored the relationship between inflammatory indices in physically active (PA) and not physically active (NPA) individuals with 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) concentrations ... Read more >>

Int J Vitam Nutr Res (International journal for vitamin and nutrition research. Internationale Zeitschrift fur Vitamin- und Ernahrungsforschung. Journal international de vitaminologie et de nutrition)
[2017, 87(1-2):49-58]

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PGC1α -1 Nucleosome Position and Splice Variant Expression and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Overweight and Obese Individuals.

Tara M Henagan, Laura K Stewart, Laura A Forney, Lauren M Sparks, Neil Johannsen, Timothy S Church,

PGC1α, a transcriptional coactivator, interacts with PPARs and others to regulate skeletal muscle metabolism. PGC1α undergoes splicing to produce several mRNA variants, with the NTPGC1α variant having a similar biological function to the full length PGC1α (FLPGC1α). CVD is associated with obesity and T2D and a lower percentage of type ... Read more >>

PPAR Res (PPAR research)
[2014, 2014:895734]

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Dietary quercetin supplementation in mice increases skeletal muscle PGC1α expression, improves mitochondrial function and attenuates insulin resistance in a time-specific manner.

Tara M Henagan, Natalie R Lenard, Thomas W Gettys, Laura K Stewart,

<h4>Aims/hypothesis</h4>High fat diet (HFD)-induced insulin resistance (IR) is partially characterized by reduced skeletal muscle mitochondrial function and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma coactivator 1 alpha (PGC1α) expression. Our previous study showed that a high dose of the bioflavonoid quercetin exacerbated HFD-induced IR; yet, others have demonstrated that quercetin improves insulin ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2014, 9(2):e89365]

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Vitamin D status, body composition, and fitness measures in college-aged students.

Laura A Forney, Conrad P Earnest, Tara M Henagan, Loren E Johnson, Todd J Castleberry, Laura K Stewart,

Low vitamin D, commonly assessed as serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD), is associated with the development of many age-related chronic diseases. A positive relationship exists between elevated 25OHD and muscle synthesis, strength, power, and decreased body fat in elderly individuals. However, these findings have not been consistently reported in younger healthy ... Read more >>

J Strength Cond Res (Journal of strength and conditioning research)
[2014, 28(3):814-824]

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Morphological divergence and flow-induced phenotypic plasticity in a native fish from anthropogenically altered stream habitats.

Nathan R Franssen, Laura K Stewart, Jacob F Schaefer,

Understanding population-level responses to human-induced changes to habitats can elucidate the evolutionary consequences of rapid habitat alteration. Reservoirs constructed on streams expose stream fishes to novel selective pressures in these habitats. Assessing the drivers of trait divergence facilitated by these habitats will help identify evolutionary and ecological consequences of reservoir ... Read more >>

Ecol Evol (Ecology and evolution)
[2013, 3(14):4648-4657]

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Remodeling the integration of lipid metabolism between liver and adipose tissue by dietary methionine restriction in rats.

Barbara E Hasek, Anik Boudreau, Jeho Shin, Daorong Feng, Matthew Hulver, Nancy T Van, Amanda Laque, Laura K Stewart, Kirsten P Stone, Desiree Wanders, Sujoy Ghosh, Jeffrey E Pessin, Thomas W Gettys,

Dietary methionine restriction (MR) produces an integrated series of biochemical and physiological responses that improve biomarkers of metabolic health, limit fat accretion, and enhance insulin sensitivity. Using transcriptional profiling to guide tissue-specific evaluations of molecular responses to MR, we report that liver and adipose tissue are the primary targets of ... Read more >>

Diabetes (Diabetes)
[2013, 62(10):3362-3372]

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Curvilinear dose-response relationship of carbohydrate (0-120 g·h(-1)) and performance.

Johneric W Smith, David D Pascoe, Dennis H Passe, Brent C Ruby, Laura K Stewart, Lindsay B Baker, Jeffrey J Zachwieja,

<h4>Background</h4>There is a lack of consensus regarding the optimal range of carbohydrate (CHO) ingestion rates recommended for endurance athletes.<h4>Purpose</h4>This study investigated the relationship between CHO dose and cycling time trial performance to identify an optimal range of CHO ingestion rates for endurance performance.<h4>Methods</h4>Fifty-one cyclists and triathletes (28 ± 7 yr, ... Read more >>

Med Sci Sports Exerc (Medicine and science in sports and exercise)
[2013, 45(2):336-341]

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Shared and unique morphological responses of stream fishes to anthropogenic habitat alteration.

Nathan R Franssen, Jared Harris, Scott R Clark, Jacob F Schaefer, Laura K Stewart,

Understanding population-level responses to novel selective pressures can elucidate evolutionary consequences of human-altered habitats. Stream impoundments (reservoirs) alter riverine ecosystems worldwide, exposing stream fishes to uncommon selective pressures. Assessing phenotypic trait divergence in reservoir habitats will be a first step in identifying the potential evolutionary and ecological consequences of stream ... Read more >>

Proc Biol Sci (Proceedings. Biological sciences)
[2013, 280(1752):20122715]

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Evolution of a sexually dimorphic trait in a broadly distributed topminnow (Fundulus olivaceus).

Jacob F Schaefer, David D Duvernell, Brian R Kreiser, Charles Champagne, Scott R Clark, Melissa Gutierrez, Laura K Stewart, Chazz Coleman,

Understanding the interaction between sexual and natural selection within variable environments is crucial to our understanding of evolutionary processes. The handicap principle predicts females will prefer males with exaggerated traits provided those traits are indicators of male quality to ensure direct or indirect female benefits. Spatial variability in ecological factors ... Read more >>

Ecol Evol (Ecology and evolution)
[2012, 2(7):1371-1381]

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Sun-dried raisins are a cost-effective alternative to Sports Jelly Beans in prolonged cycling.

Helena L Rietschier, Tara M Henagan, Conrad P Earnest, Birgitta L Baker, Cory C Cortez, Laura K Stewart,

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a natural carbohydrate (CHO) source in the form of sun-dried raisins (SDRs) vs. Sports Jelly Beans™ (SJBs) on endurance performance in trained cyclists and triathletes. Ten healthy men (18-33 years) completed 1 water-only acclimatization exercise trial and 2 randomized ... Read more >>

J Strength Cond Res (Journal of strength and conditioning research)
[2011, 25(11):3150-3156]

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Endurance and resistance training lowers C-reactive protein in young, healthy females.

Laura A Daray, Tara M Henagan, Michael Zanovec, Conrad P Earnest, Lisa G Johnson, Jason Winchester, Georgianna Tuuri, Laura K Stewart,

The purpose of this study was to determine whether endurance (E) or endurance + resistance (ER) training affects C-reactive protein (CRP) and if these changes are related to alterations in fitness and (or) body composition in young females. Thirty-eight females (aged 18-24 years) were assigned to 1 of 3 groups: ... Read more >>

Appl Physiol Nutr Metab (Applied physiology, nutrition, and metabolism = Physiologie appliquee, nutrition et metabolisme)
[2011, 36(5):660-670]

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Melanocortin receptor expression is associated with reduced CRP in response to resistance training.

Tara M Henagan, Laura Forney, Marilyn A Dietrich, Brian R Harrell, Laura K Stewart,

The existing paradigm of exercise-induced decreases in chronic inflammation focuses on the expression of inflammatory receptors on systemic monocytes in response to exercise training, with the role of anti-inflammatory receptors largely ignored. Our recent preliminary studies indicate that the anti-inflammatory melanocortin receptors (MCRs) may play a role in modulating exercise-induced ... Read more >>

J Appl Physiol (1985) (Journal of applied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985))
[2012, 113(3):393-400]

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The melanocortin 3 receptor: a novel mediator of exercise-induced inflammation reduction in postmenopausal women?

Tara M Henagan, Melody D Phillips, Dennis J Cheek, K Michelle Kirk, James J Barbee, Laura K Stewart,

The purpose of this study was to determine whether resistance exercise training-induced reductions in inflammation are mediated via melanocortin 3 receptor expression in obese (BMI 32.7 ± 3.7) women (65.6 ± 2.8 yrs) randomized to either a control (N = 11) or resistance training group (N = 12). The resistance trained ... Read more >>

J Aging Res (Journal of aging research)
[2011, 2011:512593]

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Dietary methionine restriction enhances metabolic flexibility and increases uncoupled respiration in both fed and fasted states.

Barbara E Hasek, Laura K Stewart, Tara M Henagan, Anik Boudreau, Natalie R Lenard, Corey Black, Jeho Shin, Peter Huypens, Virginia L Malloy, Eric P Plaisance, Rozlyn A Krajcik, Norman Orentreich, Thomas W Gettys,

Dietary methionine restriction (MR) is a mimetic of chronic dietary restriction (DR) in the sense that MR increases rodent longevity, but without food restriction. We report here that MR also persistently increases total energy expenditure (EE) and limits fat deposition despite increasing weight-specific food consumption. In Fischer 344 (F344) rats ... Read more >>

Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol (American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology)
[2010, 299(3):R728-39]

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Resistance training at eight-repetition maximum reduces the inflammatory milieu in elderly women.

Melody D Phillips, Michael G Flynn, Brian K McFarlin, Laura K Stewart, Kyle L Timmerman,

<h4>Introduction/purpose</h4>Inflammatory cytokines are associated with age- and inactivity-related diseases. We examined the influence of moderate- to high-intensity resistance trainings (RT) on inflammatory cytokines (interleukin 6 (IL-6) and 1beta (IL-1beta) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha)) in circulation and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated whole blood in elderly women.<h4>Method</h4>Previously sedentary women (72 +/- 6.1 ... Read more >>

Med Sci Sports Exerc (Medicine and science in sports and exercise)
[2010, 42(2):314-325]

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Effects of different doses of physical activity on C-reactive protein among women.

Laura K Stewart, Conrad P Earnest, Steven N Blair, Timothy S Church,

<h4>Unlabelled</h4>Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP) is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Physical activity has been inversely associated with CRP. However, the clinical trials examining the effect of exercise training have produced conflicting results.<h4>Purpose</h4>The purpose of this study was to examine the influence an exercise training program on CRP ... Read more >>

Med Sci Sports Exerc (Medicine and science in sports and exercise)
[2010, 42(4):701-707]

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Quercetin transiently increases energy expenditure but persistently decreases circulating markers of inflammation in C57BL/6J mice fed a high-fat diet.

Laura K Stewart, Jeff L Soileau, David Ribnicky, Zhong Q Wang, Ilya Raskin, Alexander Poulev, Martin Majewski, William T Cefalu, Thomas W Gettys,

Quercetin, a polyphenolic compound and a major bioflavonoid in the human diet, has anti-inflammatory properties and has been postulated to enhance energy expenditure (EE). We sought to determine whether quercetin alters body weight, body composition, EE, and circulating markers of inflammation. At 6 weeks (W) of age, 2 cohorts of ... Read more >>

Metabolism (Metabolism: clinical and experimental)
[2008, 57(7 Suppl 1):S39-46]

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