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Beyond the Protocols: A Team-Based Learning Intervention Improving Student Knowledge and Confidence on Caring for Survivors of Sexual Assault.

Kylene P Daily, Tiffany Loftus, Colleen Waickman, Amanda R Start, Ashley K Fernandes,

Acad Med (Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges)
[2021, 96(11S):S181-S183]

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Elevated Expression of MiR-17 in Microglia of Alzheimer's Disease Patients Abrogates Autophagy-Mediated Amyloid-β Degradation.

Shady Estfanous, Kylene P Daily, Mostafa Eltobgy, Nicholas P Deems, Midhun N K Anne, Kathrin Krause, Asmaa Badr, Kaitlin Hamilton, Cierra Carafice, Ahmad Hegazi, Arwa Abu Khweek, Hesham Kelani, Shahid Nimjee, Hamdy Awad, Xiaoli Zhang, Estelle Cormet-Boyaka, Hesham Haffez, Sameh Soror, Adel Mikhail, Gerard Nuovo, Ruth M Barrientos, Mikhail A Gavrilin, Amal O Amer,

Autophagy is a proposed route of amyloid-β (Aβ) clearance by microglia that is halted in Alzheimer's Disease (AD), though mechanisms underlying this dysfunction remain elusive. Here, primary microglia from adult AD (5xFAD) mice were utilized to demonstrate that 5xFAD microglia fail to degrade Aβ and express low levels of autophagy ... Read more >>

Front Immunol (Frontiers in immunology)
[2021, 12:705581]

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