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Megakaryocytes promote osteoclastogenesis in aging.

Deepa Kanagasabapathy, Rachel J Blosser, Kevin A Maupin, Jung Min Hong, Marta Alvarez, Joydeep Ghosh, Safa F Mohamad, Alexandra Aguilar-Perez, Edward F Srour, Melissa A Kacena, Angela Bruzzaniti,

Megakaryocytes (MKs) support bone formation by stimulating osteoblasts (OBs) and inhibiting osteoclasts (OCs). Aging results in higher bone resorption, leading to bone loss. Whereas previous studies showed the effects of aging on MK-mediated bone formation, the effects of aging on MK-mediated OC formation is poorly understood. Here we examined the ... Read more >>

Aging (Albany NY) (Aging)
[2020, 12(14):15121-15133]

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Loss of Lgals3 Protects Against Gonadectomy-Induced Cortical Bone Loss in Mice.

Kevin A Maupin, Daniel Dick, Johan Lee, Bart O Williams,

Sex hormone deprivation commonly occurs following menopause in women or after androgen-depletion during prostate cancer therapy in men, resulting in rapid bone turnover and loss of bone mass. There is a need to identify novel therapies to improve bone mass in these conditions. Previously, we identified age- and sex-dependent effects ... Read more >>

Calcif Tissue Int (Calcified tissue international)
[2020, 106(3):283-293]

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Skeletal adaptations in young male mice after 4 weeks aboard the International Space Station.

Kevin A Maupin, Paul Childress, Alexander Brinker, Faisal Khan, Irushi Abeysekera, Izath Nizeet Aguilar, David J Olivos, Gremah Adam, Michael K Savaglio, Venkateswaran Ganesh, Riley Gorden, Rachel Mannfeld, Elliott Beckner, Daniel J Horan, Alexander G Robling, Nabarun Chakraborty, Aarti Gautam, Rasha Hammamieh, Melissa A Kacena,

Gravity has an important role in both the development and maintenance of bone mass. This is most evident in the rapid and intense bone loss observed in both humans and animals exposed to extended periods of microgravity in spaceflight. Here, cohabitating 9-week-old male C57BL/6 mice resided in spaceflight for ~4 ... Read more >>

NPJ Microgravity (NPJ microgravity)
[2019, 5:21]

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The effects of spaceflight and fracture healing on distant skeletal sites.

Ushashi C Dadwal, Kevin A Maupin, Ariane Zamarioli, Aamir Tucker, Jonathan S Harris, James P Fischer, Jeffery D Rytlewski, David C Scofield, Austin E Wininger, Fazal Ur Rehman Bhatti, Marta Alvarez, Paul J Childress, Nabarun Chakraborty, Aarti Gautam, Rasha Hammamieh, Melissa A Kacena,

Spaceflight results in reduced mechanical loading of the skeleton, which leads to dramatic bone loss. Low bone mass is associated with increased fracture risk, and this combination may compromise future, long-term, spaceflight missions. Here, we examined the systemic effects of spaceflight and fracture surgery/healing on several non-injured bones within the ... Read more >>

Sci Rep (Scientific reports)
[2019, 9(1):11419]

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Aging negatively impacts the ability of megakaryocytes to stimulate osteoblast proliferation and bone mass.

Kevin A Maupin, Evan R Himes, Artur P Plett, Hui Lin Chua, Pratibha Singh, Joydeep Ghosh, Safa F Mohamad, Irushi Abeysekera, Alexa Fisher, Carol Sampson, Jung-Min Hong, Paul Childress, Marta Alvarez, Edward F Srour, Angela Bruzzaniti, Louis M Pelus, Christie M Orschell, Melissa A Kacena,

Osteoblast number and activity decreases with aging, contributing to the age-associated decline of bone mass, but the mechanisms underlying changes in osteoblast activity are not well understood. Here, we show that the age-associated bone loss critically depends on impairment of the ability of megakaryocytes (MKs) to support osteoblast proliferation. Co-culture ... Read more >>

Bone (Bone)
[2019, 127:452-459]

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Megakaryocyte and Osteoblast Interactions Modulate Bone Mass and Hematopoiesis.

Marta B Alvarez, LinLin Xu, Paul J Childress, Kevin A Maupin, Safa F Mohamad, Brahmananda R Chitteti, Evan Himes, David J Olivos, Ying-Hua Cheng, Simon J Conway, Edward F Srour, Melissa A Kacena,

Emerging evidence demonstrates that megakaryocytes (MK) play key roles in regulating skeletal homeostasis and hematopoiesis. To test if the loss of MK negatively impacts osteoblastogenesis and hematopoiesis, we generated conditional knockout mice where Mpl, the receptor for the main MK growth factor, thrombopoietin, was deleted specifically in MK (Mplf/f;PF4cre). Unexpectedly, ... Read more >>

Stem Cells Dev. (Stem cells and development)
[2018, 27(10):671-682]

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Enhanced cortical bone expansion in Lgals3-deficient mice during aging.

Kevin A Maupin, Kevin Weaver, Alexis Bergsma, Cheryl Christie, Zhendong A Zhong, Tao Yang, Bart O Williams,

Imbalances between bone formation and bone resorption, which can occur due to aging or sex hormone deprivation, result in decreased bone mass and an increased risk of fracture. Previous studies have suggested that the β-galactoside binding lectin, galectin-3, is involved in bone remodeling. We compared bone parameters of mice having ... Read more >>

Bone Res (Bone research)
[2018, 6:7]

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Bibliometric Analysis of Female Authorship Trends and Collaboration Dynamics Over JBMR's 30-Year History.

Austin E Wininger, James P Fischer, Elive F Likine, Andrew S Gudeman, Alexander R Brinker, Jonathan Ryu, Kevin A Maupin, Shatoria Lunsford, Elizabeth C Whipple, Randall T Loder, Melissa A Kacena,

In academia, authorship is considered a currency and is important for career advancement. As the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (JBMR) is the highest-ranked journal in the field of bone, muscle, and mineral metabolism and is the official publication of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, we ... Read more >>

J Bone Miner Res (Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research)
[2017, 32(12):2405-2414]

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Osteoblast-specific deletion of Hrpt2/Cdc73 results in high bone mass and increased bone turnover.

Casey J Droscha, Cassandra R Diegel, Nicole J Ethen, Travis A Burgers, Mitchell J McDonald, Kevin A Maupin, Agni S Naidu, PengFei Wang, Bin T Teh, Bart O Williams,

Inactivating mutations that lead to loss of heterozygosity within the HRPT2/Cdc73 gene are directly linked to the development of primary hyperparathyroidism, parathyroid adenomas, and ossifying fibromas of the jaw (HPT-JT). The protein product of the Cdc73 gene, parafibromin, is a core member of the polymerase-associated factors (PAF) complex, which coordinates ... Read more >>

Bone (Bone)
[2017, 98:68-78]

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Exploring the specificities of glycan-binding proteins using glycan array data and the GlycoSearch software.

Doron Kletter, Bryan Curnutte, Kevin A Maupin, Marshall Bern, Brian B Haab,

The glycan array is a powerful tool for investigating the specificities of glycan-binding proteins. By incubating a glycan-binding protein on a glycan array, the relative binding to hundreds of different oligosaccharides can be quantified in parallel. Based on these data, much information can be obtained about the preference of a ... Read more >>

Methods Mol Biol (Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.))
[2015, 1273:203-214]

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The Marker State Space (MSS) method for classifying clinical samples.

Brian P Fallon, Bryan Curnutte, Kevin A Maupin, Katie Partyka, Sunguk Choi, Randall E Brand, Christopher J Langmead, Waibhav Tembe, Brian B Haab,

The development of accurate clinical biomarkers has been challenging in part due to the diversity between patients and diseases. One approach to account for the diversity is to use multiple markers to classify patients, based on the concept that each individual marker contributes information from its respective subclass of patients. ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2013, 8(6):e65905]

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The developing schistosome worms elicit distinct immune responses in different tissue regions.

Hamish E G McWilliam, Patrick Driguez, David Piedrafita, Kevin A Maupin, Brian B Haab, Donald P McManus, Els N T Meeusen,

Schistosome parasites follow a complex migration path through various tissues, changing their antigenic profile as they develop. A thorough understanding of the antibody response in each tissue region could help unravel the complex immunology of these developing parasites and aid vaccine design. Here we used a novel strategy for analysing ... Read more >>

Immunol Cell Biol (Immunology and cell biology)
[2013, 91(7):477-485]

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Diverse monoclonal antibodies against the CA 19-9 antigen show variation in binding specificity with consequences for clinical interpretation.

Katie Partyka, Kevin A Maupin, Randall E Brand, Brian B Haab,

The CA 19-9 antigen is currently the best individual marker for the detection of pancreatic cancer. In order to optimize the CA 19-9 assay and to develop approaches to further improve cancer detection, it is important to understand the specificity differences between CA 19-9 antibodies and the consequential affect on ... Read more >>

Proteomics (Proteomics)
[2012, 12(13):2212-2220]

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Comparison of surgical and endoscopic sample collection for pancreatic cyst fluid biomarker identification.

Katie Partyka, Mitchell McDonald, Kevin A Maupin, Randall Brand, Richard Kwon, Diane M Simeone, Peter Allen, Brian B Haab,

Significant efforts are underway to develop new biomarkers from pancreatic cyst fluid. Previous research has made use of cyst fluid collected from surgically removed cysts, but the clinical implementation of biomarkers would use cyst fluid collected by endoscopic ultrasound-guided, fine-needle aspiration (EUS-FNA). The purpose of this study was to investigate ... Read more >>

J Proteome Res (Journal of proteome research)
[2012, 11(5):2904-2911]

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The fine specificity of mannose-binding and galactose-binding lectins revealed using outlier motif analysis of glycan array data.

Kevin A Maupin, Daniel Liden, Brian B Haab,

Glycan-binding proteins are commonly used as analytical reagents to detect the levels of specific glycan structures in biological samples. A detailed knowledge of the specificities of glycan-binding proteins is required for properly interpreting their binding data. A powerful technology for characterizing glycan-binding specificity is the glycan array. However, the interpretation ... Read more >>

Glycobiology (Glycobiology)
[2012, 22(1):160-169]

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Enhanced discrimination of malignant from benign pancreatic disease by measuring the CA 19-9 antigen on specific protein carriers.

Tingting Yue, Kevin A Maupin, Brian Fallon, Lin Li, Katie Partyka, Michelle A Anderson, Dean E Brenner, Karen Kaul, Herbert Zeh, A James Moser, Diane M Simeone, Ziding Feng, Randall E Brand, Brian B Haab,

The CA 19-9 assay detects a carbohydrate antigen on multiple protein carriers, some of which may be preferential carriers of the antigen in cancer. We tested the hypothesis that the measurement of the CA 19-9 antigen on individual proteins could improve performance over the standard CA 19-9 assay. We used ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2011, 6(12):e29180]

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Identification of blood-protein carriers of the CA 19-9 antigen and characterization of prevalence in pancreatic diseases.

Tingting Yue, Katie Partyka, Kevin A Maupin, Mary Hurley, Philip Andrews, Karen Kaul, A James Moser, Herbert Zeh, Randall E Brand, Brian B Haab,

The current best serum marker for pancreatic cancer, CA 19-9, detects a carbohydrate antigen on multiple protein carriers. Better knowledge of the protein carriers of the CA 19-9 antigen in various disease states may lead to improved diagnostic tests. To identify proteins that carry the CA 19-9 antigen, we immunoprecipitated ... Read more >>

Proteomics (Proteomics)
[2011, 11(18):3665-3674]

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Glycogene expression alterations associated with pancreatic cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition in complementary model systems.

Kevin A Maupin, Arkadeep Sinha, Emily Eugster, Jeremy Miller, Julianna Ross, Vincent Paulino, Venkateshwar G Keshamouni, Nhan Tran, Michael Berens, Craig Webb, Brian B Haab,

The ability to selectively detect and target cancer cells that have undergone an epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) may lead to improved methods to treat cancers such as pancreatic cancer. The remodeling of cellular glycosylation previously has been associated with cell differentiation and may represent a valuable class of molecular targets for ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2010, 5(9):e13002]

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