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Digital Health Management During and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities, Barriers, and Recommendations.

Becky Inkster, Ross O'Brien, Emma Selby, Smriti Joshi, Vinod Subramanian, Madhura Kadaba, Knut Schroeder, Suzi Godson, Kerstyn Comley, Sebastian J Vollmer, Bilal A Mateen,

During the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis, digital technologies have become a major route for accessing remote care. Therefore, the need to ensure that these tools are safe and effective has never been greater. We raise five calls to action to ensure the safety, availability, and long-term sustainability of these technologies: ... Read more >>

JMIR Ment Health (JMIR mental health)
[2020, 7(7):e19246]

Cited: 7 times

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The toughness of adipose tissue: measurements and physical basis.

Kerstyn Comley, Norman A Fleck,

The measured toughness J(C) of adipose and dermal porcine tissues are 4.1 and 17 kJ m(-2), respectively, via a trouser tear test. An assessment is made of the contribution to overall toughness from the microstructural elements. The analysis suggests that the toughness of adipose tissue is determined by the collagen ... Read more >>

J Biomech (Journal of biomechanics)
[2010, 43(9):1823-1826]

Cited: 13 times

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