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Passive Wearable Skin Patch Sensor Measures Limb Hemodynamics Based on Electromagnetic Resonance.

Kim Cluff, Ryan Becker, Balakumar Jayakumar, Kiyun Han, Ernie Condon, Kenneth Dudley, George Szatkowski, Iraklis I Pipinos, Ryan Z Amick, Jeremy Patterson,

<h4>Objective</h4>The objectives of this study were to design and develop an open-circuit electromagnetic resonant skin patch sensor, characterize the fluid volume and resonant frequency relationship, and investigate the sensor's ability to measure limb hemodynamics and pulse volume waveform features.<h4>Methods</h4>The skin patch was designed from an open-circuit electromagnetic resonant sensor comprised ... Read more >>

IEEE Trans Biomed Eng (IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering)
[2018, 65(4):847-856]

Cited: 5 times

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A multi-temporal spectral library approach for mapping vegetation species across spatial and temporal phenological gradients

Kenneth L Dudley, Austin R. Coates, Dar A. Roberts, Keely L. Roth, Philip E. Dennison,

Variability in spectral reflectance due to spatial and temporal gradients in vegetation phenology presents issues for accurate vegetation classification. Phenological variability through space and over time can result in misclassification when spectra from non-representative areas or times are used as training data. Vegetation classification at the species level could benefit ... Read more >>

(Remote sensing of environment.)
[2015, 167:121-134]

Cited: 0 times

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Relationships between dominant plant species, fractional cover and Land Surface Temperature in a Mediterranean ecosystem

Dar A Roberts, Glynn Hulley, Keely L. Roth, Kenneth Dudley, Philip E. Dennison,

The Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) is a proposed satellite mission that combines a 60m spatial resolution Visible-Shortwave Infrared (VSWIR) imaging spectrometer and a 60m multispectral thermal infrared (TIR) scanner. HyspIRI would combine the established capability of a VSWIR sensor to discriminate plant species and estimate accurate cover fractions with improved ... Read more >>

(Remote sensing of environment.)
[2015, 167:152-167]

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Novel carbon nanotube-polystyrene foam composites for electromagnetic interference shielding.

Yonglai Yang, Mool C Gupta, Kenneth L Dudley, Roland W Lawrence,

A novel carbon nanotube-polystyrene foam composite has been fabricated successfully. The electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness measurements indicated that such foam composites can be used as very effective, lightweight shielding materials. The correlation between the shielding effectiveness and electrical conductivity and the EMI shielding mechanism of such foam composites are ... Read more >>

Nano Lett (Nano letters)
[2005, 5(11):2131-2134]

Cited: 78 times

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Guardianship capacity evaluations of older adults: comparing current practice to legal standards in two states.

Kenneth C Dudley, R Turner Goins,

This study examined the evaluations of capacity of alleged incapacitated persons (AIPs) between two states and compared the thoroughness of the evaluations to state law. These evaluations are frequently the only source of information on cognitive and psychiatric symptoms, functional abilities, and current treatments. One hundred nineteen evaluations of capacity ... Read more >>

J Aging Soc Policy (Journal of aging & social policy)
[2003, 15(1):97-115]

Cited: 7 times

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