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From Concerts to COVID: Transforming the RI Convention Center into an Alternate Hospital Site in under a Month.

Sonya Naganathan, Kelly Meehan-Coussee, Scott Pasichow, Heather Rybasack-Smith, William Binder, Francesca Beaudoin, Andrew N Musits, Elizabeth Sutton, Gianna Petrone, Adam C Levine, Selim Suner,

Field hospitals have long been used to extend health care capabilities in times of crisis. In response to the pandemic and an anticipated surge in patients, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo announced a plan to create three field hospitals, or "alternate hospital sites" (AHS), totaling 1,000 beds, in order to ... Read more >>

R I Med J (2013) (Rhode Island medical journal (2013))
[2020, 103(6):8-13]

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Strategies Used by Prehospital Providers to Overcome Language Barriers.

Ramsey C Tate, Peter W Hodkinson, Kelly Meehan-Coussee, Noah Cooperstein,

<h4>Objective</h4>Language barriers are commonly encountered in the prehospital setting but there is a paucity of research on how prehospital providers address language discordance. We sought to identify the communication strategies, and the limitations of those strategies, used by emergency medical services (EMS) providers when confronted with language barriers in a ... Read more >>

Prehosp Emerg Care (Prehospital emergency care : official journal of the National Association of EMS Physicians and the National Association of State EMS Directors)
[2016, 20(3):404-414]

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