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Medical Emergency Management in the Dental Office (MEMDO): A Pilot Study Assessing a Simulation-Based Training Curriculum for Dentists.

Jesse W Manton, Kelly S Kennedy, Jonathan A Lipps, Sheryl A Pfeil, Bryant W Cornelius,

In the event of a medical emergency in the dental office, the dentist must be able to identify a patient in distress, assess the situation, and institute proper management. This study assessed the impact of a simulation-based medical emergency preparedness curriculum on a resident's ability to manage medical emergencies. This ... Read more >>

Anesth Prog (Anesthesia progress)
[2021, 68(2):76-84]

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Medical emergencies in the dental school setting.

Adam D Sorenson, Robert M Marusko, Kelly S Kennedy,

<h4>Purpose/objectives</h4>An aging population with an increasing chronic disease burden may make management of medical emergencies in dental practice more common. Previous research has differed significantly in the reported frequency of medical emergencies in a dental setting, often relying on survey-based protocols. This study examines the incidence and type of emergencies ... Read more >>

J Dent Educ (Journal of dental education)
[2021, 85(7):1223-1227]

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Surgical advances in the management of placenta accreta spectrum: establishing new expectations for operative blood loss.

Liviu Cojocaru, Allison Lankford, Jessica Galey, Shobana Bharadwaj, Bhavani S Kodali, Kelly Kennedy, Katherine Goetzinger, Ozhan M Turan,

<h4>Objective</h4>To evaluate whether the implementation of our surgical approach, referred to in the text as Linear Cutter Vessel Sealing System (LCVSS) technique, will improve perioperative outcomes in patients with placenta accreta spectrum (PAS), specifically by reducing blood loss and blood transfusion rates at the time of cesarean hysterectomy (C-HYST). The ... Read more >>

J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med (The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians)
[2020, :1-10]

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Effects of orthognathic surgery on quality of life compared with nonsurgical controls in an American population.

Lydia Lancaster, Rashelle D Salaita, Charu Swamy, Shiva Shanker, Kelly S Kennedy, F Michael Beck, William M Johnston, Allen R Firestone,

<h4>Introduction</h4>To determine the psychosocial effects of a facial skeletal mal-relationship with its subsequent surgical correction in a group of patients treated using surgical orthodontics compared with a matched group of nontreated controls.<h4>Methods</h4>This study was approved by The Ohio State University Institutional Review Board. Subjects were patients presenting with facial skeletal ... Read more >>

Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop (American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics : official publication of the American Association of Orthodontists, its constituent societies, and the American Board of Orthodontics)
[2020, 158(4):555-563]

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Managing the Posterior Maxilla with Implants Using Bone Grafting to Enhance Implant Sites.

Peter E Larsen, Kelly S Kennedy,

The edentulous posterior maxilla poses challenges to reconstruction. Posterior forces are great, yet bone quality and quantity are diminished. There is frequent loss of bone resulting from ridge resorption as well as sinus pneumatization. There are also advantages of placing implants in the posterior maxilla compared with the anterior maxilla, ... Read more >>

Oral Maxillofac Surg Clin North Am (Oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics of North America)
[2019, 31(2):299-308]

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Malignant Hyperthermia: A Case Study in the Dental Ambulatory Surgery Setting.

Bryant W Cornelius, Shelby Olsen Dib, Regina A Dowdy, Christina K Horton, Katherine Frimenko, Shadee Mansour, Farah Abu Sharkh, Marcus T Joy, David L Hall, Hany A Emam, Courtney A Jatana, Kelly S Kennedy,

Historically, patients who developed malignant hyperthermia had an extremely high rate of mortality. Today, if treated appropriately, patients who experience an episode of malignant hyperthermia will most likely survive. This dramatic decrease in mortality associated with malignant hyperthermia is due to several factors, including an increased understanding of the disease, ... Read more >>

Anesth Prog (Anesthesia progress)
[2019, 66(4):202-210]

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Hostility, forgiveness, and cognitive impairment over 10 years in a national sample of American adults.

Loren L Toussaint, Grant S Shields, Emily Green, Kelly Kennedy, Stephanie Travers, George M Slavich,

<h4>Objective</h4>We examined the extent to which self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others moderated the association of hostility with changes in cognitive impairment over 10 years in a nationally representative sample of adults in the United States.<h4>Method</h4>Participants were 1,084 respondents to the Americans' Changing Lives survey, a longitudinal study of American adults. ... Read more >>

Health Psychol (Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association)
[2018, 37(12):1102-1106]

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You Do What You Got To Do: African-American Women's Perspectives of Managing Breast Cancer.

Kelly S Kennedy, Pamela Rollins,

The purpose of this study is to build a grounded theory of the process of diagnosis, treatment, and coping in African-American women diagnosed with stage 1-3 breast cancer, and identifying factors that may lead to resiliency in these women. Factors promoting resiliency identified by the participants included having a voice, ... Read more >>

ABNF J (The ABNF journal : official journal of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty in Higher Education, Inc)
[2016, 27(4):92-98]

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The Well-Defined Pediatric ICU: Active Surveillance Using Nonmedical Personnel to Capture Less Serious Safety Events.

William A White, Kelly Kennedy, Holly S Belgum, Nathaniel R Payne, Stephen Kurachek,

<h4>Background</h4>Adverse events, diverse and often costly, commonly occur in pediatric intensive care units (PICUs). Serious safety events (SSEs) are captured through well-developed systems, typically by voluntary reporting. Less serious safety events (LSSEs), including close calls, however, occur at a higher frequency than those that result in immediate harm or death ... Read more >>

Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf (Joint Commission journal on quality and patient safety)
[2015, 41(12):550-560]

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Model of tumor dormancy/recurrence after short-term chemotherapy.

Shenduo Li, Margaret Kennedy, Sturgis Payne, Kelly Kennedy, Victoria L Seewaldt, Salvatore V Pizzo, Robin E Bachelder,

Although many tumors regress in response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy, residual tumor cells are detected in most cancer patients post-treatment. These residual tumor cells are thought to remain dormant for years before resuming growth, resulting in tumor recurrence. Considering that recurrent tumors are most often responsible for patient mortality, there exists ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2014, 9(5):e98021]

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Establishing a critical-size mandibular defect model in growing pigs: characterization of spontaneous healing.

Zongyang Sun, Kelly S Kennedy, Boon Ching Tee, Justin B Damron, Matthew J Allen,

<h4>Purpose</h4>A large animal model is desired for preclinical studies aimed at reconstructing severe mandibular skeletal defects using tissue engineering techniques. To identify the size and location requirements for a mandibular critical-size bone defect in growing pigs, the present study investigated the spontaneous healing of surgically created mandibular defects.<h4>Materials and methods</h4>Six ... Read more >>

J Oral Maxillofac Surg (Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery : official journal of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons)
[2014, 72(9):1852-1868]

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Topical application of a mucoadhesive freeze-dried black raspberry gel induces clinical and histologic regression and reduces loss of heterozygosity events in premalignant oral intraepithelial lesions: results from a multicentered, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Susan R Mallery, Meng Tong, Brian S Shumway, Alice E Curran, Peter E Larsen, Gregory M Ness, Kelly S Kennedy, George H Blakey, George M Kushner, Aaron M Vickers, Brian Han, Ping Pei, Gary D Stoner,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Approximately 30% higher grade premalignant oral intraepithelial neoplasia (OIN) lesions will progress to oral cancer. Although surgery is the OIN treatment mainstay, many OIN lesions recur, which is highly problematic for both surgeons and patients. This clinical trial assessed the chemopreventive efficacy of a natural product-based bioadhesive gel on OIN ... Read more >>

Clin Cancer Res (Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research)
[2014, 20(7):1910-1924]

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Scaffold-based delivery of autologous mesenchymal stem cells for mandibular distraction osteogenesis: preliminary studies in a porcine model.

Zongyang Sun, Boon Ching Tee, Kelly S Kennedy, Patrick M Kennedy, Do-Gyoon Kim, Susan R Mallery, Henry W Fields,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Bone regeneration through distraction osteogenesis (DO) is promising but remarkably slow. To accelerate it, autologous mesenchymal stem cells have been directly injected to the distraction site in a few recent studies. Compared to direct injection, a scaffold-based method can provide earlier cell delivery with potentially better controlled cell distribution and ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2013, 8(9):e74672]

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Catabolism of exogenous lactate reveals it as a legitimate metabolic substrate in breast cancer.

Kelly M Kennedy, Peter M Scarbrough, Anthony Ribeiro, Rachel Richardson, Hong Yuan, Pierre Sonveaux, Chelsea D Landon, Jen-Tsan Chi, Salvatore Pizzo, Thies Schroeder, Mark W Dewhirst,

Lactate accumulation in tumors has been associated with metastases and poor overall survival in cancer patients. Lactate promotes angiogenesis and metastasis, providing rationale for understanding how it is processed by cells. The concentration of lactate in tumors is a balance between the amount produced, amount carried away by vasculature and ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2013, 8(9):e75154]

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Bone ingrowth and initial stability of titanium and porous tantalum dental implants: a pilot canine study.

Do-Gyoon Kim, Sarandeep S Huja, Boon Ching Tee, Peter E Larsen, Kelly S Kennedy, Hua-Hong Chien, Jin Whan Lee, Hai Bo Wen,

<h4>Purpose</h4>To investigate if a dental implant system with a midsection covered by 3-dimensionally porous tantalum material would exhibit stability comparable with a traditional threaded titanium alloy implant system and whether bone would grow into the porous section.<h4>Methods</h4>Three experimental and 3 control implants were placed in the individual mandibles of 8 ... Read more >>

Implant Dent (Implant dentistry)
[2013, 22(4):399-405]

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A prospective clinical study to evaluate early success of short implants.

Kelly S Kennedy, Elizabeth Matteson Jones, Do-Gyoon Kim, Edwin A McGlumphy, Nancy L Clelland,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Short implants are an alternative to bone augmentation procedures for patients with reduced bone height. This study evaluated the success of short implants in posterior locations prior to loading.<h4>Materials and methods</h4>Eighteen patients received at least four Astra Tech implants in symmetric posterior locations. Implants (n = 82) ranged from 6 ... Read more >>

Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants (The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants)
[2013, 28(1):170-177]

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Split-mouth comparison of the accuracy of computer-generated and conventional surgical guides.

Nathaniel E Farley, Kelly Kennedy, Edwin A McGlumphy, Nancy L Clelland,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Recent clinical studies have shown that implant placement is highly predictable with computer-generated surgical guides; however, the reliability of these guides has not been compared to that of conventional guides clinically. This study aimed to compare the accuracy of reproducing planned implant positions with computer-generated and conventional surgical guides using ... Read more >>

Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants (The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants)
[2013, 28(2):563-572]

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Evaluation of patient experience and satisfaction with immediately loaded metal-acrylic resin implant-supported fixed complete prosthesis.

Kelly Kennedy, Guillermo Chacon, Edwin McGlumphy, William Johnston, Burak Yilmaz, Patrick Kennedy,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Today patients are living longer and demanding more stable prostheses to replace lost teeth. The restoration of the mandibular dentition with metal-acrylic resin implant-supported fixed complete prostheses via an immediate loading protocol allows patients to have an immediate definitive restorative solution. However, little is known about the patient experience and ... Read more >>

Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants (The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants)
[2012, 27(5):1191-1198]

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Targeting the lactate transporter MCT1 in endothelial cells inhibits lactate-induced HIF-1 activation and tumor angiogenesis.

Pierre Sonveaux, Tamara Copetti, Christophe J De Saedeleer, Frédérique Végran, Julien Verrax, Kelly M Kennedy, Eui Jung Moon, Suveera Dhup, Pierre Danhier, Françoise Frérart, Bernard Gallez, Anthony Ribeiro, Carine Michiels, Mark W Dewhirst, Olivier Feron,

Switching to a glycolytic metabolism is a rapid adaptation of tumor cells to hypoxia. Although this metabolic conversion may primarily represent a rescue pathway to meet the bioenergetic and biosynthetic demands of proliferating tumor cells, it also creates a gradient of lactate that mirrors the gradient of oxygen in tumors. ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2012, 7(3):e33418]

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Carbohydrate restriction and lactate transporter inhibition in a mouse xenograft model of human prostate cancer.

Howard S Kim, Elizabeth M Masko, Susan L Poulton, Kelly M Kennedy, Salvatore V Pizzo, Mark W Dewhirst, Stephen J Freedland,

<h4>Unlabelled</h4>What's known on the subject? and What does the study add? It is known that both lactate inhibition and carbohydrate restriction inhibit tumour growth. What is unknown is whether the two work synergistically together. This study adds that though the combination of lactate inhibition and carbohydrate restriction did not synergistically ... Read more >>

BJU Int (BJU international)
[2012, 110(7):1062-1069]

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Individual responses to chemotherapy-induced oxidative stress.

Dora Il'yasova, Kelly Kennedy, Ivan Spasojevic, Frances Wang, Adviye A Tolun, Karel Base, Sarah P Young, P Kelly Marcom, Jeffrey Marks, David S Millington, Mark W Dewhirst,

Differences in redox homeostatic control between cancer patients may underlie predisposition to drug resistance and toxicities. To evaluate interindividual differences in redox response among newly diagnosed breast cancer patients undergoing standard chemotherapy, urine samples were collected before (T0), and at 1 (T1) and 24 h (T24) after chemotherapy administration. Oxidative ... Read more >>

Breast Cancer Res Treat (Breast cancer research and treatment)
[2011, 125(2):583-589]

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Tumor metabolism of lactate: the influence and therapeutic potential for MCT and CD147 regulation.

Kelly M Kennedy, Mark W Dewhirst,

Tumor metabolism consists of complex interactions between oxygenation states, metabolites, ions, the vascular network and signaling cascades. Accumulation of lactate within tumors has been correlated with poor clinical outcomes. While its production has negative implications, potentially contributing to tumor progression, the implications of the ability of tumors to utilize lactate ... Read more >>

Future Oncol (Future oncology (London, England))
[2010, 6(1):127-148]

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Targeting lactate-fueled respiration selectively kills hypoxic tumor cells in mice.

Pierre Sonveaux, Frédérique Végran, Thies Schroeder, Melanie C Wergin, Julien Verrax, Zahid N Rabbani, Christophe J De Saedeleer, Kelly M Kennedy, Caroline Diepart, Bénédicte F Jordan, Michael J Kelley, Bernard Gallez, Miriam L Wahl, Olivier Feron, Mark W Dewhirst,

Tumors contain oxygenated and hypoxic regions, so the tumor cell population is heterogeneous. Hypoxic tumor cells primarily use glucose for glycolytic energy production and release lactic acid, creating a lactate gradient that mirrors the oxygen gradient in the tumor. By contrast, oxygenated tumor cells have been thought to primarily use ... Read more >>

J Clin Invest (The Journal of clinical investigation)
[2008, 118(12):3930-3942]

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