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The management of difficult intubation in infants: a retrospective review of anesthesia record database.

Junko Aida, Yutaka Oda, Yoshihiro Kasagi, Mami Ueda, Kazuo Nakada, Ryu Okutani,

We retrospectively reviewed the anesthesia records of infants < 1 year of age for elucidating the incidence of difficult intubation and airway management in a single general hospital. The electronic data records from a total of 753 consecutive anesthesiological procedures in 513 different infants were analyzed. After excluding data with a lack of ... Read more >>

JA Clin Rep (JA clinical reports)
[2015, 1(1):18]

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A large hiatal hernia exacerbated after aortic surgery: an unusual cause of heart failure.

Miki Matsuda, Ryu Okutani, Mami Ueda, Kei Kamiutsuri, Kazuo Nakada, Yutaka Oda,

J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth (Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia)
[2012, 26(4):e41-2]

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Anesthetic management during tracheotomy in a child with respiratory distress caused by severe intubation-induced glottic stenosis.

Mami Ueda, Ryu Okutani, Kazuo Nakada, Tomoaki Nakano, Ayako Kinoshita,

We provided anesthetic management during a tracheotomy procedure for a child who demonstrated labored respiration during inspiration because of severe glottic stenosis and bilateral vocal cord paralysis caused by tracheal intubation. A 4-year-old boy developed acute respiratory depression associated with influenza pneumonia and had been under respiratory management with mechanical ... Read more >>

J Anesth (Journal of anesthesia)
[2012, 26(3):449-452]

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Perioperative management of a neonate with Cantrell syndrome.

Koichi Suehiro, Ryu Okutani, Satoru Ogawa, Kazuo Nakada, Hideki Shimaoka, Mami Ueda, Tatsuhiro Shigemoto,

Cantrell syndrome is a congenital malformation with a pentalogy characterized by defects involving the abdominal wall, lower sternum, anterior diaphragm, and diaphragmatic pericardium, as well as congenital cardiac anomalies. We recently managed anesthesia in a patient with this syndrome and herein report our experience. The patient was a 14-day-old male ... Read more >>

J Anesth (Journal of anesthesia)
[2009, 23(4):572-575]

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[Comparison of total intravenous anesthesia and inhalation anesthesia regarding hormonal responses during lung lobectomy].

Makoto Satani, Taku Hamada, Kazuo Nakada, Yasuhiro Umemoto, Takashi Fujii, Osamu Takaki,

<h4>Background</h4>Anesthetic techniques can modulate surgical stress responses. We studied the response of plasma epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH), and serum cortisol during lung lobectomy under sevoflurane, propofol and fentanyl anesthesia.<h4>Methods</h4>Fifty patients with lung cancer were of ASA physical status 1 or 2 and aged 50-75 yr. Blood samples were ... Read more >>

Masui (Masui. The Japanese journal of anesthesiology)
[2005, 54(10):1109-1115]

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