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Neutralizing Complement C5a Protects Mice with Pneumococcal Pulmonary Sepsis.

Holger Müller-Redetzky, Ute Kellermann, Sandra-Maria Wienhold, Birgitt Gutbier, Jasmin Lienau, Katharina Hellwig, Katrin Reppe, Eleftheria Letsiou, Thomas Tschernig, Markus Scholz, Peter Ahnert, Christian Maasch, Kai Hoehlig, Sven Klussmann, Axel Vater, Theresa C Firsching, Judith Hoppe, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath,

BACKGROUND:Community-acquired pneumonia and associated sepsis cause high mortality despite antibiotic treatment. Uncontrolled inflammatory host responses contribute to the unfavorable outcome by driving lung and extrapulmonary organ failure. The complement fragment C5a holds significant proinflammatory functions and is associated with tissue damage in various inflammatory conditions. The authors hypothesized that C5a ... Read more >>

Anesthesiology (Anesthesiology)
[2020, 132(4):795-807]

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A comparative analysis of human bone marrow-resident and peripheral memory B cells.

Sonya C Becker, Martin Szyska, Angela Mensen, Katharina Hellwig, Raik Otto, Lisa Olfe, Hans-Dieter Volk, Thomas Dörner, Bernd Dörken, Carmen Scheibenbogen, Jörg Schröder, Andreas C Hocke, Il-Kang Na,

J Allergy Clin Immunol (The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology)
[2018, 141(5):1911-1913.e7]

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[Minor Victims of Violent Acts in the Context of the Victim Reparation Law].

Katharina Hellwig, Christoph Kröger, Stefanie Franke, Matthias Wehrmeyer, Nina Heinrichs,

<h4>Objective</h4>A descriptive analysis of victim compensation applications for children and adolescents as well as sociodemographic and trauma-specific information concerning victims and perpetrators.<h4>Method</h4>We did analysis of 100 victim-compensation application files based on a self-developed category system.<h4>Results</h4>The files included solely interpersonal trauma, 59 % of which are type II trauma. The most ... Read more >>

Z Kinder Jugendpsychiatr Psychother (Zeitschrift fur Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie und Psychotherapie)
[2018, 46(2):123-132]

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Increasing the inspiratory time and I:E ratio during mechanical ventilation aggravates ventilator-induced lung injury in mice.

Holger C Müller-Redetzky, Matthias Felten, Katharina Hellwig, Sandra-Maria Wienhold, Jan Naujoks, Bastian Opitz, Olivia Kershaw, Achim D Gruber, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Lung-protective ventilation reduced acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) mortality. To minimize ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI), tidal volume is limited, high plateau pressures are avoided, and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) is applied. However, the impact of specific ventilatory patterns on VILI is not well defined. Increasing inspiratory time and thereby the ... Read more >>

Crit Care (Critical care (London, England))
[2015, 19:23]

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Mechanical ventilation drives pneumococcal pneumonia into lung injury and sepsis in mice: protection by adrenomedullin.

Holger C Müller-Redetzky, Daniel Will, Katharina Hellwig, Wolfgang Kummer, Thomas Tschernig, Uwe Pfeil, Renate Paddenberg, Michael D Menger, Olivia Kershaw, Achim D Gruber, Norbert Weissmann, Stefan Hippenstiel, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI) contributes to morbidity and mortality in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Particularly pre-injured lungs are susceptible to VILI despite protective ventilation. In a previous study, the endogenous peptide adrenomedullin (AM) protected murine lungs from VILI. We hypothesized that mechanical ventilation (MV) contributes to lung injury and ... Read more >>

Crit Care (Critical care (London, England))
[2014, 18(2):R73]

Cited: 27 times

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Intermedin stabilized endothelial barrier function and attenuated ventilator-induced lung injury in mice.

Holger Christian Müller-Redetzky, Wolfgang Kummer, Uwe Pfeil, Katharina Hellwig, Daniel Will, Renate Paddenberg, Christoph Tabeling, Stefan Hippenstiel, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath,

<h4>Background</h4>Even protective ventilation may aggravate or induce lung failure, particularly in preinjured lungs. Thus, new adjuvant pharmacologic strategies are needed to minimize ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI). Intermedin/Adrenomedullin-2 (IMD) stabilized pulmonary endothelial barrier function in vitro. We hypothesized that IMD may attenuate VILI-associated lung permeability in vivo.<h4>Methodology/principal findings</h4>Human pulmonary microvascular endothelial ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2012, 7(5):e35832]

Cited: 15 times

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Dissection of a type I interferon pathway in controlling bacterial intracellular infection in mice.

Juliane Lippmann, Holger C Müller, Jan Naujoks, Christoph Tabeling, Sunny Shin, Martin Witzenrath, Katharina Hellwig, Carsten J Kirschning, Gregory A Taylor, Winfried Barchet, Stefan Bauer, Norbert Suttorp, Craig R Roy, Bastian Opitz,

Defence mechanisms against intracellular bacterial pathogens are incompletely understood. Our study characterizes a type I IFN-dependent cell-autonomous defence pathway directed against Legionella pneumophila, an intracellular model organism and frequent cause of pneumonia. We show that macrophages infected with L. pneumophila produced IFNβ in a STING- and IRF3- dependent manner. Paracrine ... Read more >>

Cell Microbiol (Cellular microbiology)
[2011, 13(11):1668-1682]

Cited: 40 times

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The Sphingosine-1 Phosphate receptor agonist FTY720 dose dependently affected endothelial integrity in vitro and aggravated ventilator-induced lung injury in mice.

Holger Christian Müller, Andreas Christian Hocke, Katharina Hellwig, Birgitt Gutbier, Harm Peters, Stefanie Maria Schönrock, Thomas Tschernig, Andreas Schmiedl, Stefan Hippenstiel, Philippe Dje N'Guessan, Simone Rosseau, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath,

Lung barrier protection by Sphingosine-1 Phosphate (S1P) has been demonstrated experimentally, but recent evidence suggests barrier disruptive properties of high systemic S1P concentrations. The S1P analog FTY720 recently gained an FDA approval for treatment of multiple sclerosis. In case of FTY720 treated patients experiencing multiple organ dysfunction syndrome the drug ... Read more >>

Pulm Pharmacol Ther (Pulmonary pharmacology & therapeutics)
[2011, 24(4):377-385]

Cited: 22 times

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Simvastatin attenuates ventilator-induced lung injury in mice.

Holger C Müller, Katharina Hellwig, Simone Rosseau, Thomas Tschernig, Andreas Schmiedl, Birgitt Gutbier, Bernd Schmeck, Stefan Hippenstiel, Harm Peters, Lars Morawietz, Norbert Suttorp, Martin Witzenrath,

<h4>Introduction</h4>Mechanical ventilation (MV) is a life saving intervention in acute respiratory failure without alternative. However, particularly in pre-injured lungs, even protective ventilation strategies may evoke ventilator-induced lung injury (VILI), which is characterized by pulmonary inflammation and vascular leakage. Adjuvant pharmacologic strategies in addition to lung protective ventilation to attenuate VILI ... Read more >>

Crit Care (Critical care (London, England))
[2010, 14(4):R143]

Cited: 39 times

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