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Cognitive status as a robust predictor of repeat falls in older Veterans in post-acute care.

Amber D Rochette, Neil B Alexander, Christine T Cigolle, Robert Hogikyan, Kristin Phillips, Fareeha A Khan, Julija Stelmokas,

BACKGROUND:While repeat falls are common in post-acute care (PAC), risk factors have not been fully elucidated. AIMS:The objective of thids study is to evaluate the contribution of cognitive function to repeat falls in older PAC Veterans. METHODS:Data were collected from medical records for 91 single and 30 repeat fallers over ... Read more >>

Aging Clin Exp Res (Aging clinical and experimental research)
[2020, :]

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The Montreal Cognitive Assessment in Veteran Postacute Care: Implications of Cut Scores.

Kathryn Tolle, Valencia Montgomery, Brian Gradwohl, Robert Spencer, Julija Stelmokas,

BACKGROUND:The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is often used for cognitive screening across health care settings, especially in rehabilitation centers, where assessment and treatment of cognitive function is considered key for successful multidisciplinary treatment. Although the original MoCA validation study suggested a cut score of <26 to identify cognitive impairment, recent ... Read more >>

Cogn Behav Neurol (Cognitive and behavioral neurology : official journal of the Society for Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology)
[2020, 33(2):129-136]

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Influence of Cognition on Length of Stay and Rehospitalization in Older Veterans Admitted for Post-Acute Care.

Julija Stelmokas, Amber D Rochette, Robert Hogikyan, Katherine A Kitchen Andren, Jaclyn Reckow, Alexandra Sciaky, Linas Bieliauskas, Neil B Alexander,

OBJECTIVES:Evaluate the relative contribution of cognitive test performance to post-acute care (PAC) length of stay (LOS) and rehospitalization while controlling for key demographic, medical, and functional outcomes. METHODS:Retrospective medical record review of 160 older Veterans, including cognitive test performance (Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination-Revised [ACE-R]), on admission to a Veterans Administration Hospital ... Read more >>

J Appl Gerontol (Journal of applied gerontology : the official journal of the Southern Gerontological Society)
[2020, 39(6):609-617]

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Population Base Rates and Disease Course of Common Psychiatric and Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Katherine A Kitchen Andren, Nicolette M Gabel, Julija Stelmokas, Alyson M Rich, Linas A Bieliauskas,

Knowledge of population base rates of neurological and psychiatric disorders is fundamental for diagnostic decision making. Consideration of relevant probabilistic information can improve diagnostic efficiency and accuracy. However, such data continue to be misused or underutilized, which can lead to misdiagnoses and negative patient outcomes. The aim of the current ... Read more >>

Neuropsychol Rev (Neuropsychology review)
[2017, 27(3):284-301]

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Self-Reported Health and Safety Awareness Improves Prediction of Level of Care Needs in Veterans Discharged From a Postacute Unit.

Julija Stelmokas, Linas A Bieliauskas, Katherine A Kitchen Andren, Robert Hogikyan, Neil B Alexander,

To evaluate the differential value of a self-reported health and safety awareness measure relative to other medical, psychosocial, and cognitive factors in predicting level of care (LOC) needs after hospital discharge.Retrospective medical record review.Community living center postacute care (CLC-PAC) unit at a Veterans Affairs hospital.A total of 175 veterans admitted ... Read more >>

PM R (PM & R : the journal of injury, function, and rehabilitation)
[2017, 9(11):1122-1127]

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Delirium Detection and Impact of Comorbid Health Conditions in a Post-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital Setting.

Julija Stelmokas, Nicolette Gabel, Jennifer M Flaherty, Katherine Rayson, Kathileen Tran, Jason R Anderson, Linas A Bieliauskas,

Misdiagnosis and under-detection of delirium may occur in many medical settings. This is important to address as delirium clearly increases risk of morbidity and mortality in such settings. This study assessed whether Veterans who screened positive on a delirium severity measure (Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale; MDAS) differed from those with ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2016, 11(11):e0166754]

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Translational MRI Volumetry with NeuroQuant: Effects of Version and Normative Data on Relationships with Memory Performance in Healthy Older Adults and Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Julija Stelmokas, Lance Yassay, Bruno Giordani, Hiroko H Dodge, Ivo D Dinov, Arijit Bhaumik, K Sathian, Benjamin M Hampstead,

NeuroQuant (NQ) is a fully-automated program that overcomes several existing limitations in the clinical translation of MRI-derived volumetry. The current study characterized differences between the original (NQ1) and an updated NQ version (NQ2) by 1) replicating previously identified relationships between neuropsychological test performance and medial temporal lobe volumes, 2) evaluating ... Read more >>

J Alzheimers Dis (Journal of Alzheimer's disease : JAD)
[2017, 60(4):1499-1510]

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Assessing fidelity of treatment delivery in group and individual 12-step facilitation.

Barbara K Campbell, Jennifer K Manuel, Sarah Turcotte Manser, K Michelle Peavy, Julija Stelmokas, Dennis McCarty, Joseph R Guydish,

Twelve step facilitation (TSF) is an emerging, empirically supported treatment, the study of which will be strengthened by rigorous fidelity assessment. This report describes the development, reliability and concurrent validity of the Twelve Step Facilitation Adherence Competence Empathy Scale (TSF ACES), a comprehensive fidelity rating scale for group and individual ... Read more >>

J Subst Abuse Treat (Journal of substance abuse treatment)
[2013, 44(2):169-176]

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