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Mobilizing a Public Health Response: Supporting the Perinatal Needs of New Yorkers During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Elizabeth Claudio, Julia Donahue, P Mimi Niles, Anna Pirsch, Patricia Ramos, Ilish Neely, Regina ConceiƧaƵ, Mary-Powel Thomas, Tayisha St Vil, Deborah Kaplan,

Matern Child Health J (Maternal and child health journal)
[2020, 24(9):1083-1088]

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More than a feeling: Emotional cues impact the access and experience of autobiographical memories.

Signy Sheldon, Julia Donahue,

Remembering is impacted by several factors of retrieval, including the emotional content of a memory cue. Here we tested how musical retrieval cues that differed on two dimensions of emotion-valence (positive and negative) and arousal (high and low)-impacted the following aspects of autobiographical memory recall: the response time to access ... Read more >>

Mem Cognit (Memory & cognition)
[2017, 45(5):731-744]

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