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The Constant Threat of Zoonotic and Vector-Borne Emerging Tropical Diseases: Living on the Edge.

Alfonso J Rodriguez-Morales, Alberto E Paniz-Mondolfi, Álvaro A Faccini-Martínez, Andrés F Henao-Martínez, Julian Ruiz-Saenz, Marlen Martinez-Gutierrez, Lucia E Alvarado-Arnez, Jorge E Gomez-Marin, Ruben Bueno-Marí, Yenddy Carrero, Wilmer E Villamil-Gomez, D Katterine Bonilla-Aldana, Ubydul Haque, Juan D Ramirez, Juan-Carlos Navarro, Susana Lloveras, Kovy Arteaga-Livias, Cristina Casalone, Jorge L Maguiña, Angel A Escobedo, Marylin Hidalgo, Antonio C Bandeira, Salim Mattar, Jaime A Cardona-Ospina, Jose A Suárez,

Front Trop Dis (Frontiers in tropical diseases)
[2021, 2:676905]

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Will the emergent SARS-CoV2 B.1.1.7 lineage affect molecular diagnosis of COVID-19?

Juan D Ramírez, Marina Muñoz, Luz H Patiño, Nathalia Ballesteros, Alberto Paniz-Mondolfi,

As the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic keep tackling global public health systems worldwide. The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) genome keeps mutating. In that regard, the recent emergence of the B.1.1.7 lineage in the UK has called the attention of global authorities. One point of concern is that ... Read more >>

J Med Virol (Journal of medical virology)
[2021, 93(5):2566-2568]

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Axonal swellings are related to type 2 diabetes, but not to distal diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy.

Pall Karlsson, Sandra S Gylfadottir, Alexander G Kristensen, Juan D Ramirez, Pedro Cruz, Nhu Le, Pallai R Shillo, Solomon Tesfaye, Andrew S C Rice, Hatice Tankisi, Nanna B Finnerup, Jens R Nyengaard, Troels S Jensen, David L H Bennett, Andreas C Themistocleous,

<h4>Aims/hypothesis</h4>Distal diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy (DSP) is a common complication of diabetes with many patients showing a reduction of intraepidermal nerve fibre density (IENFD) from skin biopsy, a validated and sensitive diagnostic tool for the assessment of DSP. Axonal swelling ratio is a morphological quantification altered in DSP. It is, however, ... Read more >>

Diabetologia (Diabetologia)
[2021, 64(4):923-931]

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Genomic epidemiology supports multiple introductions and cryptic transmission of Zika virus in Colombia.

Allison Black, Louise H Moncla, Katherine Laiton-Donato, Barney Potter, Lissethe Pardo, Angelica Rico, Catalina Tovar, Diana P Rojas, Ira M Longini, M Elizabeth Halloran, Dioselina Peláez-Carvajal, Juan D Ramírez, Marcela Mercado-Reyes, Trevor Bedford,

<h4>Background</h4>Colombia was the second most affected country during the American Zika virus (ZIKV) epidemic, with over 109,000 reported cases. Despite the scale of the outbreak, limited genomic sequence data were available from Colombia. We sought to sequence additional samples and use genomic epidemiology to describe ZIKV dynamics in Colombia.<h4>Methods</h4>We sequenced ... Read more >>

BMC Infect Dis (BMC infectious diseases)
[2019, 19(1):963]

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High frequency of toxigenic Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens coinfection among diarrheic patients at health care facility-onset (HCFO) and community-onset (CO) centers in Bogotá, Colombia.

Alex J Forero, Marina Muñoz, Milena Camargo, Sara C Soto-De León, Dora I Ríos-Chaparro, Claudia Birchenall, Darío Pinilla, Juan M Pardo, Diego F Josa, Manuel A Patarroyo, Juan D Ramírez,

<h4>Background</h4>The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of toxigenic <i>C. difficile</i> and <i>C. perfringens</i> infections at health care facility-onset (HCFO) and community-onset (CO), in two health care centers (HCC) in Bogotá, Colombia. A total of 220 stool samples from patients presenting diarrhea acquired at HCFO or CO ... Read more >>

Gut Pathog (Gut pathogens)
[2019, 11:27]

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Resurgence of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in Venezuela as a Regional Public Health Threat in the Americas.

Alberto E Paniz-Mondolfi, Adriana Tami, Maria E Grillet, Marilianna Márquez, Juan Hernández-Villena, María A Escalona-Rodríguez, Gabriela M Blohm, Isis Mejías, Huníades Urbina-Medina, Alejandro Rísquez, Julio Castro, Ana Carvajal, Carlos Walter, María G López, Philipp Schwabl, Luis Hernández-Castro, Michael A Miles, Peter J Hotez, John Lednicky, J Glenn Morris, James Crainey, Sergio Luz, Juan D Ramírez, Emilia Sordillo, Martin Llewellyn, Merari Canache, María Araque, José Oletta,

Venezuela's tumbling economy and authoritarian rule have precipitated an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Hyperinflation rates now exceed 45,000%, and Venezuela's health system is in free fall. The country is experiencing a massive exodus of biomedical scientists and qualified healthcare professionals. Reemergence of arthropod-borne and vaccine-preventable diseases has sparked serious epidemics that ... Read more >>

Emerg Infect Dis (Emerging infectious diseases)
[2019, 25(4):625-632]

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Venezuela's humanitarian crisis, resurgence of vector-borne diseases, and implications for spillover in the region.

Maria E Grillet, Juan V Hernández-Villena, Martin S Llewellyn, Alberto E Paniz-Mondolfi, Adriana Tami, Maria F Vincenti-Gonzalez, Marilianna Marquez, Adriana C Mogollon-Mendoza, Carlos E Hernandez-Pereira, Juan D Plaza-Morr, Gabriella Blohm, Mario J Grijalva, Jaime A Costales, Heather M Ferguson, Philipp Schwabl, Luis E Hernandez-Castro, Poppy H L Lamberton, Daniel G Streicker, Daniel T Haydon, Michael A Miles, Alvaro Acosta-Serrano, Harry Acquattela, Maria G Basañez, Gustavo Benaim, Luis A Colmenares, Jan E Conn, Raul Espinoza, Hector Freilij, Mary C Graterol-Gil, Peter J Hotez, Hirotomo Kato, John A Lednicky, Clara E Martinez, Santiago Mas-Coma, J Glen Morris, Juan C Navarro, Jose L Ramirez, Marlenes Rodriguez, Julio A Urbina, Leopoldo Villegas, Maikell J Segovia, Hernan J Carrasco, James L Crainey, Sergio L B Luz, Juan D Moreno, Oscar O Noya Gonzalez, Juan D Ramírez, Belkisyolé Alarcón-de Noya,

In the past 5-10 years, Venezuela has faced a severe economic crisis, precipitated by political instability and declining oil revenue. Public health provision has been affected particularly. In this Review, we assess the impact of Venezuela's health-care crisis on vector-borne diseases, and the spillover into neighbouring countries. Between 2000 and ... Read more >>

Lancet Infect Dis (The Lancet. Infectious diseases)
[2019, 19(5):e149-e161]

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Unveiling the Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST) Schemes and Core Genome Phylogenies for Genotyping Chlamydia trachomatis.

Luz H Patiño, Milena Camargo, Marina Muñoz, Dora I Ríos-Chaparro, Manuel A Patarroyo, Juan D Ramírez,

Multilocus sequence typing (MLST) has become a useful tool for studying the genetic diversity of important public health pathogens, such as <i>Chlamydia trachomatis</i> (<i>Ct</i>). Four MLST schemes have been proposed for <i>Ct</i> (data available from Chlamydiales MLST databases). However, the lack of a sole standardized scheme represents the greatest limitation ... Read more >>

Front Microbiol (Frontiers in microbiology)
[2018, 9:1854]

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Neuropathic pain drives anxiety behavior in mice, results consistent with anxiety levels in diabetic neuropathy patients.

Christine B Sieberg, Caitlin Taras, Aya Gomaa, Chelsea Nickerson, Cindy Wong, Catherine Ward, Georgios Baskozos, David L H Bennett, Juan D Ramirez, Andreas C Themistocleous, Andrew S C Rice, Pallai R Shillo, Solomon Tesfaye, Robert R Edwards, Nick A Andrews, Charles Berde, Michael Costigan,

<h4>Background</h4>Epidemiological studies in patients with neuropathic pain demonstrate a strong association with psychiatric conditions such as anxiety; however, the precipitating pathology between these symptoms remains unclear. To investigate this, we studied the effects of lifelong stress on levels of neuropathic pain-like behavior and conversely, the effects of chronic neuropathic injury ... Read more >>

Pain Rep (Pain reports)
[2018, 3(3):e651]

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[Quality of healthcare directed to people with spinal cord injury according to Colombian regulations].

Consuelo Burbano-López, Juan D Ramírez, Yamith S Vinasco,

<h4>Objective</h4>To determine how heath regulations affect the comprehensive rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury in two health institutions of the city of Cali- Colombia.<h4>Materials and methods</h4>Cross-sectional descriptive study with 53 people. The independent variable was health regulations and the dependent variable was comprehensive rehabilitation. A univariate analysis was applied.<h4>Results</h4>Claiming ... Read more >>

Rev Salud Publica (Bogota) (Revista de salud publica (Bogota, Colombia))
[2018, 20(5):655-660]

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Response by Miranda-Arboleda et al to Letter Regarding Article, "Young Male With Incessantly Wide Complex Tachycardia: What Is the Substrate of the Arrhythmia?"

Andrés F Miranda-Arboleda, Rafael Correa, Juan D Ramírez,

Circulation (Circulation)
[2018, 138(2):212-213]

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Estimating the Intra-taxa Diversity, Population Genetic Structure, and Evolutionary Pathways of Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii.

Marina Muñoz, Milena Camargo, Juan D Ramírez,

Members of the Cryptococcus complex, includes Cryptococcus neoformans (most common fungal infection of the brain) and Cryptococcus gattii (high-impact emerging pathogen worldwide). Currently, the fungal multilocus sequence typing database (Fungal MLST Database) constitutes a valuable data repository of the genes used for molecular typing of these pathogens. We analyzed the ... Read more >>

Front Genet (Frontiers in genetics)
[2018, 9:148]

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A novel human pain insensitivity disorder caused by a point mutation in ZFHX2.

Abdella M Habib, Ayako Matsuyama, Andrei L Okorokov, Sonia Santana-Varela, Jose T Bras, Anna Maria Aloisi, Edward C Emery, Yury D Bogdanov, Maryne Follenfant, Sam J Gossage, Mathilde Gras, Jack Humphrey, Anna Kolesnikov, Kim Le Cann, Shengnan Li, Michael S Minett, Vanessa Pereira, Clara Ponsolles, Shafaq Sikandar, Jesus M Torres, Kenji Yamaoka, Jing Zhao, Yuriko Komine, Tetsuo Yamamori, Nikolas Maniatis, Konstantin I Panov, Henry Houlden, Juan D Ramirez, David L H Bennett, Letizia Marsili, Valeria Bachiocco, John N Wood, James J Cox,

Chronic pain is a major global public health issue causing a severe impact on both the quality of life for sufferers and the wider economy. Despite the significant clinical burden, little progress has been made in terms of therapeutic development. A unique approach to identifying new human-validated analgesic drug targets ... Read more >>

Brain (Brain : a journal of neurology)
[2018, 141(2):365-376]

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Rare NaV1.7 variants associated with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Iulia Blesneac, Andreas C Themistocleous, Carl Fratter, Linus J Conrad, Juan D Ramirez, James J Cox, Solomon Tesfaye, Pallai R Shillo, Andrew S C Rice, Stephen J Tucker, David L H Bennett,

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a common disabling complication of diabetes. Almost half of the patients with DPN develop neuropathic pain (NeuP) for which current analgesic treatments are inadequate. Understanding the role of genetic variability in the development of painful DPN is needed for improved understanding of pain pathogenesis for ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2018, 159(3):469-480]

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New Insights into Clostridium difficile (CD) Infection in Latin America: Novel Description of Toxigenic Profiles of Diarrhea-Associated to CD in Bogotá, Colombia.

Marina Muñoz, Dora I Ríos-Chaparro, Giovanny Herrera, Sara C Soto-De Leon, Claudia Birchenall, Darío Pinilla, Juan M Pardo-Oviedo, Diego F Josa, Manuel A Patarroyo, Juan D Ramírez,

Clostridium difficile (CD) produces antibiotic associated diarrhea and leads to a broad range of diseases. The source of CD infection (CDI) acquisition and toxigenic profile are factors determining the impact of CD. This study aimed at detecting healthcare facility onset- (HCFO) and community-onset (CO) CDI and describing their toxigenic profiles ... Read more >>

Front Microbiol (Frontiers in microbiology)
[2018, 9:74]

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Young Male With Incessantly Wide Complex Tachycardia: What Is the Substrate of the Arrhythmia?

Andrés F Miranda-Arboleda, Rafael Correa, Gloria Saenz, Juan F Agudelo, Juan D Ramírez,

Circulation (Circulation)
[2018, 137(3):300-302]

Cited: 2 times

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Leishmania infection in bats from a non-endemic region of Leishmaniasis in Brazil.

César Gómez-Hernández, Elaine C Bento, Karine Rezende-Oliveira, Gabriel A N Nascentes, Cecilia G Barbosa, Lara R Batista, Monique G S Tiburcio, André L Pedrosa, Eliane Lages-Silva, Juan D Ramírez, Luis E Ramirez,

Leishmaniasis is a complex of zoonotic diseases caused by parasites of the genus Leishmania, which can develop in domestic as well as wild animals and humans throughout the world. Currently, this disease is spreading in rural and urban areas of non-endemic regions in Brazil. Recently, bats have gained epidemiological significance ... Read more >>

Parasitology (Parasitology)
[2017, 144(14):1980-1986]

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Analytical Performance of Four Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Real Time PCR (qPCR) Assays for the Detection of Six Leishmania Species DNA in Colombia.

Cielo M León, Marina Muñoz, Carolina Hernández, Martha S Ayala, Carolina Flórez, Aníbal Teherán, Juan R Cubides, Juan D Ramírez,

Leishmaniasis comprises a spectrum of parasitic diseases caused by protozoans of the genus <i>Leishmania</i>. Molecular tools have been widely employed for the detection of <i>Leishmania</i> due to its high sensitivity and specificity. However, the analytical performance of molecular platforms as PCR and real time PCR (qPCR) including a wide variety ... Read more >>

Front Microbiol (Frontiers in microbiology)
[2017, 8:1907]

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Stratifying patients with peripheral neuropathic pain based on sensory profiles: algorithm and sample size recommendations.

Jan Vollert, Christoph Maier, Nadine Attal, David L H Bennett, Didier Bouhassira, Elena K Enax-Krumova, Nanna B Finnerup, Rainer Freynhagen, Janne Gierthmühlen, Maija Haanpää, Per Hansson, Philipp Hüllemann, Troels S Jensen, Walter Magerl, Juan D Ramirez, Andrew S C Rice, Sigrid Schuh-Hofer, Märta Segerdahl, Jordi Serra, Pallai R Shillo, Soeren Sindrup, Solomon Tesfaye, Andreas C Themistocleous, Thomas R Tölle, Rolf-Detlef Treede, Ralf Baron,

In a recent cluster analysis, it has been shown that patients with peripheral neuropathic pain can be grouped into 3 sensory phenotypes based on quantitative sensory testing profiles, which are mainly characterized by either sensory loss, intact sensory function and mild thermal hyperalgesia and/or allodynia, or loss of thermal detection ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2017, 158(8):1446-1455]

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Molecular Epidemiology of Giardia, Blastocystis and Cryptosporidium among Indigenous Children from the Colombian Amazon Basin.

Angie Sánchez, Marina Munoz, Natalia Gómez, Juan Tabares, Laura Segura, Ángela Salazar, Cristian Restrepo, Miguel Ruíz, Patricia Reyes, Yuchen Qian, Lihua Xiao, Myriam C López, Juan D Ramírez,

The incidence and prevalence of intestinal parasites in children is most likely due to lack of natural or acquired resistance and differences in behavior and habits closely related to environmental and socioeconomic determinants. The most important protozoa that parasitize humans are <i>Giardia, Entamoeba, Blastocystis</i>, and <i>Cryptosporidium</i>. These parasites present wide ... Read more >>

Front Microbiol (Frontiers in microbiology)
[2017, 8:248]

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The Pain in Neuropathy Study (PiNS): a cross-sectional observational study determining the somatosensory phenotype of painful and painless diabetic neuropathy.

Andreas C Themistocleous, Juan D Ramirez, Pallai R Shillo, Jonathan G Lees, Dinesh Selvarajah, Christine Orengo, Solomon Tesfaye, Andrew S C Rice, David L H Bennett,

Disabling neuropathic pain (NeuP) is a common sequel of diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). We aimed to characterise the sensory phenotype of patients with and without NeuP, assess screening tools for NeuP, and relate DPN severity to NeuP. The Pain in Neuropathy Study (PiNS) is an observational cross-sectional multicentre study. A ... Read more >>

Pain (Pain)
[2016, 157(5):1132-1145]

Cited: 83 times

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Neuroimmune mechanisms in cancer pain.

Matthew R D Brown, Juan D Ramirez,

<h4>Purpose of review</h4>The current review provides a summary of recent advances in our understanding of the neuroimmune interactions which influence the development of pain associated with cancer.<h4>Recent findings</h4>Common signalling pathways, mediators and immune cell types are involved in the generation of pain as a result of both cancer and its ... Read more >>

Curr Opin Support Palliat Care (Current opinion in supportive and palliative care)
[2015, 9(2):103-111]

Cited: 8 times

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Arrhythmias in chagasic cardiomyopathy.

Chris Healy, Juan F Viles-Gonzalez, Luis C Sáenz, Mariana Soto, Juan D Ramírez, Andre d'Avila,

Chagas disease, a chronic parasitosis caused by the protozoa Trypanosoma cruzi, is an increasing worldwide problem because of the number of cases in endemic areas and the migration of infected individuals to more developed regions. Chagas disease affects the heart through cardiac parasympathetic neuronal depopulation, immune-mediated myocardial injury, parasite persistence ... Read more >>

Card Electrophysiol Clin (Cardiac electrophysiology clinics)
[2015, 7(2):251-268]

Cited: 13 times

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Null mutation in SCN9A in which noxious stimuli can be detected in the absence of pain.

Juan D Ramirez, Abdella M Habib, James J Cox, Andreas C Themistocleous, Stephen B McMahon, John N Wood, David L H Bennett,

Neurology (Neurology)
[2014, 83(17):1577-1580]

Cited: 4 times

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Pain in cancer survivors.

Matthew Rd Brown, Juan D Ramirez, Paul Farquhar-Smith,

Cancer and its treatment exert a heavy psychological and physical toll. Of the myriad symptoms which result, pain is common, encountered in between 30% and 60% of cancer survivors. Pain in cancer survivors is a major and growing problem, impeding the recovery and rehabilitation of patients who have beaten cancer ... Read more >>

Br J Pain (British journal of pain)
[2014, 8(4):139-153]

Cited: 33 times

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