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Using an Established Outbreak Response Plan and Molecular Epidemiology Methods in an HIV Transmission Cluster Investigation, Tennessee, January-June 2017.

Lindsey Sizemore, Mary-Margaret Fill, Samantha A Mathieson, Jennifer Black, Meredith Brantley, Kelly Cooper, Joy Garrett, William M Switzer, Philip J Peters, Carolyn Wester,

INTRODUCTION:In April 2017, the Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) was notified of an increase in the number of persons newly diagnosed with HIV in eastern Tennessee in the same month. Two were identified as persons with a history of injection drug use (IDU) and named each other as syringe-sharing partners, ... Read more >>

Public Health Rep (Public health reports (Washington, D.C. : 1974))
[2020, 135(3):329-333]

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Enhancement of Cytotoxicity of Enediyne Compounds by Hyperthermia: Effects of Various Metal Complexes on Tumor Cells.

Joy E Garrett, Erin Metzger, Katelyn Schmitt, Sarai Soto, Samantha Northern, Laura Kryah, Misbah Irfan, Susan Rice, Mary Brown, Jeffrey M Zaleski, Joseph R Dynlacht,

Enediyne natural products are a class of compounds that were recognized for their potential as chemotherapeutic agents many years ago, but found to be highly cytotoxic due to their propensity for low thermal activation. Bergman cyclization of the enediyne moiety produces a diradical intermediate, and may subsequently induce DNA damage ... Read more >>

Radiat. Res. (Radiation research)
[2020, 193(2):107-118]

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Characterization and Etiology of Swollen Muzzles in Irradiated Mice.

Joy Garrett, Carol H Sampson, P Artur Plett, Robin Crisler, Jeffrey Parker, Richard Venezia, Hui Lin Chua, Debra L Hickman, Catherine Booth, Thomas MacVittie, Christie M Orschell, Joseph R Dynlacht,

Several investigators performing bone marrow transplantation studies have previously reported sporadic increases in mortality that were associated with pronounced swelling in the face, head and neck of mice. Over the past few years, we and others have noted an increasing number of experiments in which mice that have received total-body ... Read more >>

Radiat. Res. (Radiation research)
[2019, 191(1):31-42]

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Further Characterization of the Mitigation of Radiation Lethality by Protective Wounding.

Joseph R Dynlacht, Joy Garrett, Rebecca Joel, Katharina Lane, Marc S Mendonca, Christie M Orschell,

There continues to be a major effort in the United States to develop mitigators for the treatment of mass casualties that received high-intensity acute ionizing radiation exposures from the detonation of an improvised nuclear device during a radiological terrorist attack. The ideal countermeasure should be effective when administered after exposure, ... Read more >>

Radiat. Res. (Radiation research)
[2017, 187(6):732-742]

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Radiation therapy generates platelet-activating factor agonists.

Ravi P Sahu, Kathleen A Harrison, Jonathan Weyerbacher, Robert C Murphy, Raymond L Konger, Joy Elizabeth Garrett, Helen Jan Chin-Sinex, Michael Edward Johnston, Joseph R Dynlacht, Marc Mendonca, Kevin McMullen, Gengxin Li, Dan F Spandau, Jeffrey B Travers,

Pro-oxidative stressors can suppress host immunity due to their ability to generate oxidized lipid agonists of the platelet-activating factor-receptor (PAF-R). As radiation therapy also induces reactive oxygen species, the present studies were designed to define whether ionizing radiation could generate PAF-R agonists and if these lipids could subvert host immunity. ... Read more >>

Oncotarget (Oncotarget)
[2016, 7(15):20788-20800]

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Subcutaneous wounding postirradiation reduces radiation lethality in mice.

Joy Garrett, Christie M Orschell, Marc S Mendonca, Robert M Bigsby, Joseph R Dynlacht,

The detonation of an improvised nuclear device during a radiological terrorist attack could result in the exposure of thousands of civilians and first responders to lethal or potentially lethal doses of ionizing radiation (IR). There is a major effort in the United States to develop phamacological mitigators of radiation lethality ... Read more >>

Radiat. Res. (Radiation research)
[2014, 181(6):578-583]

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Age and hormonal status as determinants of cataractogenesis induced by ionizing radiation. II. Sparsely ionizing (low-LET) radiation.

Joseph R Dynlacht, Shailaja Valluri, Joy Garrett, Jessica Nees, Andrea Caperell-Grant, Colleen DesRosiers, Robert M Bigsby,

Age at the time of exposure to sparsely ionizing radiation has been established as a key determinant of radiation cataractogenesis. However, while some reports suggest that the lenses of the young are hypersensitive, data from older studies are often conflicting and somewhat difficult to interpret when the radioresponse of young ... Read more >>

Radiat. Res. (Radiation research)
[2012, 178(4):260-265]

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Administration of salubrinal enhances radiation-induced cell death of SW1353 chondrosarcoma cells.

Masahiko Koizumi, Nancy G Tanjung, Andy Chen, Joseph R Dynlacht, Joy Garrett, Yasuo Yoshioka, Kazuhiko Ogawa, Teruki Teshima, Hiroki Yokota,

BACKGROUND: Chondrosarcoma is a common soft tissue malignancy. Although radiation induces DNA damage and integrated stress response (ISR), the sensitivity to ionizing radiation differs among tissues, and traditional radiotherapy for chondrosarcoma is not deemed effective. We examined whether administration of an ISR-inducing agent enhances radiosensitivity of chondrosarcoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: ... Read more >>

Anticancer Res. (Anticancer research)
[2012, 32(9):3667-3673]

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Effects of estrogen and gender on cataractogenesis induced by high-LET radiation.

Mark A Henderson, Shailaja Valluri, Joy Garrett, Jennifer T Lopez, Andrea Caperell-Grant, Marc S Mendonca, Adam Rusek, Robert M Bigsby, Joseph R Dynlacht,

Planning for long-duration manned lunar and interplanetary missions requires an understanding of radiation-induced cataractogenesis. Previously, it was demonstrated that low-linear energy transfer (LET) irradiation with 10 Gy of (60)Co gamma rays resulted in an increased incidence of cataracts in male rats compared to female rats. This gender difference was not ... Read more >>

Radiat. Res. (Radiation research)
[2010, 173(2):191-196]

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Chronic stress effects on dendritic morphology in medial prefrontal cortex: sex differences and estrogen dependence.

J E Garrett, C L Wellman,

A growing body of work has documented sex differences in many behavioral, neurochemical, and morphological responses to stress. Chronic stress alters morphology of dendrites in medial prefrontal cortex in male rats. However, potential sex differences in stress-induced morphological changes in medial prefrontal cortex have not been examined. Thus, in Experiment ... Read more >>

Neuroscience (Neuroscience)
[2009, 162(1):195-207]

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