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Chemotaxonomic Profiling of Canadian Alternaria Populations Using High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry.

Megan J Kelman, Justin B Renaud, Keith A Seifert, Jonathan Mack, Ken K-C Yeung, Mark W Sumarah,

<i>Alternaria</i> spp. occur as plant pathogens worldwide under field and storage conditions. They lead to food spoilage and also produce several classes of secondary metabolites that contaminate the food production chain. From a food safety perspective, the major challenge of assessing the risk of <i>Alternaria</i> contamination is the lack of ... Read more >>

Metabolites (Metabolites)
[2020, 10(6):]

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Clinical Reasoning: Recurrent strokes secondary to unknown vasculopathy.

Ronda Lun, Naomi Niznick, Ruth Padmore, Jonathan Mack, Michel Shamy, Grant Stotts, Dylan Blacquiere,

Neurology (Neurology)
[2020, 94(22):e2396-e2401]

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A case of acute pancreatitis-induced microangiopathic hemolytic anemia with thrombocytopenia.

Kevin M Hill, Danielle Moorman, Jonathan Mack, Carol Gonsalves, Roy Khalife,

Microangiopathic hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia (MAHA-T) is a rare complication of acute pancreatitis (AP). Treatment with therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) is used at many centers. The natural history of this disease is not well understood. We report a case of acute pancreatitis induced MAHA-T with end organ dysfunction and a ... Read more >>

J Thromb Thrombolysis (Journal of thrombosis and thrombolysis)
[2020, 49(1):159-163]

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Internet Access Influences Community Clinic Portal Use.

Ruth A Bush, Halsey Barlow, Alexa PĂ©rez, Bianca Vazquez, Jonathan Mack, Cynthia D Connelly,

<b>Purpose:</b> To assess whether individuals attending a community clinic had the necessary Internet access and experience to use the patient portal, while examining covariates of education, income, and self-perception of health with past and anticipated portal use. <b>Methods:</b> Adults attending an urban, community primary care clinic were invited to participate ... Read more >>

Health Equity (Health equity)
[2018, 2(1):161-166]

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A case series detailing the successful reversal of the effects of mifepristone using progesterone.

George Delgado, Steven J Condly, Mary Davenport, Thidarat Tinnakornsrisuphap, Jonathan Mack, Veronica Khauv, Paul S Zhou,

BACKGROUND:Some women who take mifepristone, a progesterone receptor antagonist, in order to terminate their pregnancies, change their minds and desire to stop the medical abortion process. There are only two articles in the medical literature documenting the reversal of the effects of mifepristone. OBJECTIVE:We present and analyze a series of ... Read more >>

Issues Law Med (Issues in law & medicine)
[2018, 33(1):21-31]

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Community Health Workers and Use of mHealth: Improving Identification of Pregnancy Complications and Access to Care in the Dominican Republic.

Susan Bonnell, Anne Griggs, Gloria Avila, Jonathan Mack, Ruth A Bush, Julie Vignato, Cynthia D Connelly,

This article presents the feasibility and acceptability of using mobile health technology by community health workers (CHWs) in San Juan Province, Dominican Republic, to improve identification of pregnancy complications and access to care for pregnant women. Although most women in the Dominican Republic receive four antenatal care visits, poor women ... Read more >>

Health Promot Pract (Health promotion practice)
[2018, 19(3):331-340]

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Identification of six new Alternaria sulfoconjugated metabolites by high-resolution neutral loss filtering.

Megan J Kelman, Justin B Renaud, Keith A Seifert, Jonathan Mack, Kumaran Sivagnanam, Ken K-C Yeung, Mark W Sumarah,

Many species of Alternaria damage important agricultural crops, including small grains and tomatoes. These fungi can produce a variety of secondary metabolites, some of which are toxic to humans and animals. Interest in screening for conjugated or 'modified' mycotoxins has increased because of their tendency to evade traditional analytical screening ... Read more >>

Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom (Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM)
[2015, 29(19):1805-1810]

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Improving perinatal care in the rural regions worldwide by wireless enabled antepartum fetal monitoring: a demonstration project.

Roberto Tapia-Conyer, Shelley Lyford, Rodrigo Saucedo, Michael Casale, Hector Gallardo, Karen Becerra, Jonathan Mack, Ricardo Mujica, Daniel Estrada, Antonio Sanchez, Ramon Sabido, Carlos Meier, Joseph Smith,

Background. Fetal and neonatal morbidity and mortality are significant problems in developing countries; remote maternal-fetal monitoring offers promise in addressing this challenge. The Gary and Mary West Health Institute and the Instituto Carlos Slim de la Salud conducted a demonstration project of wirelessly enabled antepartum maternal-fetal monitoring in the state ... Read more >>

Int J Telemed Appl (International journal of telemedicine and applications)
[2015, 2015:794180]

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Intramuscular lipoma of the supraspinatus causing impingement syndrome.

Louis Ferrari, Paul Haynes, Jonathan Mack, Gregory S DiFelice,

Impingement syndrome is a common ailment of the shoulder, particularly in individuals who perform repetitive overhead activities, such as athletes and laborers. Patients typically report progressive shoulder pain often exacerbated by flexion and abduction and may demonstrate a classic painful arc of motion. This article describes a case of a ... Read more >>

Orthopedics (Orthopedics)
[2009, 32(8):5214-5226]

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