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Longer duration of smoking abstinence is associated with waning cessation fatigue.

Bryan W Heckman, K Michael Cummings, Jonathan J K Stoltman, Jennifer Dahne, Ron Borland, Geoffrey T Fong, Matthew J Carpenter,

BACKGROUND:Cessation fatigue, a construct theorized to reflect exhaustion of coping resources due to quitting smoking, has been found to predict relapse. This study examines the association between cessation fatigue and duration of abstinence among 1397 adult former smokers who participated in the 2016 International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Smoking ... Read more >>

Behav Res Ther (Behaviour research and therapy)
[2019, 115:12-18]

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Heroin delay discounting: Modulation by pharmacological state, drug-use impulsivity, and intelligence.

Jonathan J K Stoltman, Eric A Woodcock, Jamey J Lister, Leslie H Lundahl, Mark K Greenwald,

Delay discounting (DD) refers to how rapidly an individual devalues goods based on delays to receipt. DD usually is considered a trait variable but can be state dependent, yet few studies have assessed commodity valuation at short, naturalistically relevant time intervals that might enable state-dependent analysis. This study aimed to ... Read more >>

Exp Clin Psychopharmacol (Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology)
[2015, 23(6):455-463]

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Progression to regular heroin use: examination of patterns, predictors, and consequences.

Eric A Woodcock, Leslie H Lundahl, Jonathan J K Stoltman, Mark K Greenwald,

The present study retrospectively evaluated the chronology and predictors of substance use progression in current heroin-using individuals.Out-of-treatment heroin users (urinalysis-verified; N=562) were screened for laboratory-based research studies using questionnaires and urinalysis. Comprehensive substance use histories were collected. Between- and within-substance use progression was analyzed using stepwise linear regression models.The strongest ... Read more >>

Addict Behav (Addictive behaviors)
[2015, 45:287-293]

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Exploration of the telescoping effect among not-in-treatment, intensive heroin-using research volunteers.

Jonathan J K Stoltman, Eric A Woodcock, Jamey J Lister, Mark K Greenwald, Leslie H Lundahl,

Addiction research literature suggests some demographic groups exhibit a later age of substance use initiation, more rapid escalation to dependence, and worse substance use-related outcomes. This 'telescoping' effect has been observed more often in females but has not yet been examined in not-in-treatment heroin users or racial subgroups.Not-in-treatment, intensive heroin-using ... Read more >>

Drug Alcohol Depend (Drug and alcohol dependence)
[2015, 148:217-220]

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