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Physician Versus Nonphysician Instruction: Evaluating an Expert Curriculum-Competent Facilitator Model for Simulation-Based Central Venous Catheter Training.

Andrew N Musits, Paul E Phrampus, John W Lutz, Todd M Bear, Stephanie I Maximous, Andrew J Mrkva, John M O╩╝Donnell,

INTRODUCTION:Healthcare simulation supports educational opportunities while maintaining patient safety. To reduce costs and increase the availability of training, a randomized controlled study evaluated central venous catheter (CVC) insertion training in the simulation laboratory with nonphysician competent facilitators (NPCFs) as instructors. METHOD:A group of learners naive to central line placement participated ... Read more >>

Simul Healthc (Simulation in healthcare : journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare)
[2019, 14(4):228-234]

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Simulation: a teaching tool for liver transplantation anesthesiology.

Shushma Aggarwal, Brian C Bane, Charles D Boucek, Raymond M Planinsic, John W Lutz, David G Metro,

Anesthesia for liver transplantation (ALT) requires extensive preparation and rapid recognition of changing clinical conditions. Owing to the proliferation of transplant centers, greater number of anesthesia providers need training in specific skills required to treat these patients. These cases are no longer limited to few transplant centers; therefore, reduction of ... Read more >>

Clin Transplant (Clinical transplantation)
[2012, 26(4):564-570]

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Utilizing simulation technology for competency skills assessment and a comparison of traditional methods of training to simulation-based training.

Raymond P Tuttle, Mark H Cohen, Albert J Augustine, Dana F Novotny, Edgar Delgado, Thomas A Dongilli, John W Lutz, Michael A DeVita,

<h4>Background</h4>The respiratory care department of one campus within our health system evaluated simulation-based medical education for training and competency evaluation of the mini bronchoalveolar lavage (mini-BAL) procedure, with an emphasis on patient safety and procedure performance standards.<h4>Methods</h4>Training and competency evaluation occurred in 4 phases. In phase one, 24 staff respiratory ... Read more >>

Respir Care (Respiratory care)
[2007, 52(3):263-270]

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