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Tumor suppressor p53 regulates intestinal type 2 immunity.

Chun-Yuan Chang, Jianming Wang, Yuhan Zhao, Juan Liu, Xue Yang, Xuetian Yue, Huaying Wang, Fan Zhou, Juan M Inclan-Rico, John J Ponessa, Ping Xie, Lanjing Zhang, Mark C Siracusa, Zhaohui Feng, Wenwei Hu,

The role of p53 in tumor suppression has been extensively studied and well-established. However, the role of p53 in parasitic infections and the intestinal type 2 immunity is unclear. Here, we report that p53 is crucial for intestinal type 2 immunity in response to the infection of parasites, such as ... Read more >>

Nat Commun (Nature communications)
[2021, 12(1):3371]

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Basophils prime group 2 innate lymphoid cells for neuropeptide-mediated inhibition.

Juan M Inclan-Rico, John J Ponessa, Nuriban Valero-Pacheco, Christina M Hernandez, Chandler B Sy, Alexander D Lemenze, Aimee M Beaulieu, Mark C Siracusa,

Type 2 cytokine responses promote parasitic immunity and initiate tissue repair; however, they can also result in immunopathologies when not properly restricted. Although basophilia is recognized as a common feature of type 2 inflammation, the roles basophils play in regulating these responses are unknown. Here, we demonstrate that helminth-induced group ... Read more >>

Nat Immunol (Nature immunology)
[2020, 21(10):1181-1193]

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Trichinella spiralis-induced mastocytosis and erythropoiesis are simultaneously supported by a bipotent mast cell/erythrocyte precursor cell.

Juan M Inclan-Rico, Christina M Hernandez, Everett K Henry, Hannah G Federman, Chandler B Sy, John J Ponessa, Alexander D Lemenze, Nathanael Joseph, Patricia Soteropoulos, Aimee M Beaulieu, George S Yap, Mark C Siracusa,

Anti-helminth responses require robust type 2 cytokine production that simultaneously promotes worm expulsion and initiates the resolution of helminth-induced wounds and hemorrhaging. However, how infection-induced changes in hematopoiesis contribute to these seemingly distinct processes remains unknown. Recent studies have suggested the existence of a hematopoietic progenitor with dual mast cell-erythrocyte ... Read more >>

PLoS Pathog (PLoS pathogens)
[2020, 16(5):e1008579]

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Contributions of innate lymphocytes to allergic responses.

Juan M Inclan-Rico, John J Ponessa, Mark C Siracusa,

<h4>Purpose of review</h4>Allergic diseases represent a growing global health concern, especially among pediatric populations. Current strategies for the treatment of allergies and asthma focus on limiting the severity of the symptoms; however, additional research investigating the mechanisms promoting inflammation in the context of allergic reactions may lead to the development ... Read more >>

Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol (Current opinion in allergy and clinical immunology)
[2019, 19(2):175-184]

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