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Functional liver image guided hepatic therapy (FLIGHT) with hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scans.

David E Long, Mark Tann, Ke Colin Huang, Gregory Bartlett, James O Galle, Yukie Furukawa, Mary Maluccio, John A Cox, Feng-Ming Spring Kong, Susannah G Ellsworth,

PURPOSE:Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scans provide global and regional assessments of liver function that can serve as a road map for functional avoidance in stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) planning. Functional liver image guided hepatic therapy (FLIGHT), an innovative planning technique, is described and compared with standard planning using functional ... Read more >>

Pract Radiat Oncol (Practical radiation oncology)
[2018, 8(6):429-436]

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Cost analysis of adjuvant management strategies in early stage (stage I) testicular seminoma.

John A Cox, Shefali R Gajjar, Thomas B Lanni, Todd A Swanson,

BACKGROUND: Acceptable post-orchiectomy adjuvant therapy strategies for stage I seminoma patients include surveillance, para-aortic radiation therapy (RT), dog-leg RT, and a single cycle of carboplatin. The required follow-up recommendations were amended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) in 2012. Given a cause-specific survival of nearly 100%, a closer analysis ... Read more >>

Res Rep Urol (Research and reports in urology)
[2015, 7:1-7]

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Improved human observer performance in digital reconstructed radiograph verification in head and neck cancer radiotherapy.

Jared D Sturgeon, John A Cox, Lauren L Mayo, G Brandon Gunn, Lifei Zhang, Peter A Balter, Lei Dong, Musaddiq Awan, Esengul Kocak-Uzel, Abdallah Sherif Radwan Mohamed, David I Rosenthal, Clifton David Fuller,

Digitally reconstructed radiographs (DRRs) are routinely used as an a priori reference for setup correction in radiotherapy. The spatial resolution of DRRs may be improved to reduce setup error in fractionated radiotherapy treatment protocols. The influence of finer CT slice thickness reconstruction (STR) and resultant increased resolution DRRs on physician ... Read more >>

Int J Comput Assist Radiol Surg (International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery)
[2015, 10(10):1667-1673]

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Single-fraction radiotherapy for palliation of myelofibrosis-related extremity pain syndrome.

John A Cox, Parag R Sevak, Loretta L Grumbles, Todd A Swanson, Sandra S Hatch,

J Pain Symptom Manage (Journal of pain and symptom management)
[2014, 48(2):299-304]

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Current modalities of accelerated partial breast irradiation.

John A Cox, Todd A Swanson,

The benefits of adjuvant whole-breast irradiation (WBI) after breast-conserving surgery are well established and WBI is a standard of care. In selected patients with early stage breast cancer, accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) has emerged as an alternative treatment option to WBI. Early trials of APBI have demonstrated an excellent ... Read more >>

Nat Rev Clin Oncol (Nature reviews. Clinical oncology)
[2013, 10(6):344-356]

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