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Effects of Leucosporidium-derived ice-binding protein (LeIBP) on bull semen cryopreservation.

Hoon Jang, Hyo J Kwon, Wu S Sun, Seongsoo Hwang, In S Hwang, Sungwoo Kim, Jun H Lee, Sung G Lee, Jeong W Lee,

We examined the effect of ice-binding protein derived from Leucosporidium (LeIBP) on the cryopreservation of bull semen and compared it with that derived from previously reported Antifreeze Protein III (AFPIII). Six concentrations of LeIBP (10<sup>-1</sup>  ~ 10<sup>4</sup>  μg/ml) and AFPIII (10<sup>-1</sup>  ~ 10<sup>4</sup>  μg/ml) were added to the bull semen extender, respectively. ... Read more >>

Vet Med Sci (Veterinary medicine and science)
[2020, 6(3):447-453]

Cited: 2 times

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Influence of nutritional deficiency on prognosis of renal cell carcinoma (RCC).

Kyungtae Ko, Young H Park, Jeong W Lee, Ja H Ku, Cheol Kwak, Hyeon H Kim,

<h4>Objective</h4>To evaluate the prognosis of patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC) by nutritional status defined by body mass index (BMI), serum albumin and cholesterol.<h4>Patients and methods</h4>This study retrospectively enrolled 1437 patients who underwent radical nephrectomy (932) or partial nephrectomy (505) for RCC. We assigned nutritional status according to the presence ... Read more >>

BJU Int (BJU international)
[2013, 112(6):775-780]

Cited: 24 times

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Knocking-in of the human thrombopoietin gene on beta-casein locus in bovine fibroblasts.

Chang, Lee, Koo, Shin, Han,

Asian-Australas J Anim Sci (Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences)
[2010, 23(6):806-813]

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Dissolving microneedles for transdermal drug delivery.

Jeong W Lee, Jung-Hwan Park, Mark R Prausnitz,

Microfabrication technology has been adapted to produce micron-scale needles as a safer and painless alternative to hypodermic needle injection, especially for protein biotherapeutics and vaccines. This study presents a design that encapsulates molecules within microneedles that dissolve within the skin for bolus or sustained delivery and leave behind no biohazardous ... Read more >>

Biomaterials (Biomaterials)
[2008, 29(13):2113-2124]

Cited: 247 times

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Role of metabolism by flavin-containing monooxygenase in thioacetamide-induced immunosuppression.

Jeong W Lee, Ki D Shin, Michael Lee, Eun J Kim, Sang-S Han, Mi Y Han, Hyunjung Ha, Tae C Jeong, Woo S Koh,

Thioacetamide has been known to cause immune suppression. The object of the present study is to investigate the role of metabolic activation by flavin-containing monooxygenases (FMO) in thioacetamide-induced immune response. To determine whether the metabolites of thioacetamide produced by FMO causes the immunosuppression, methimazole, an FMO inhibitor, was used to ... Read more >>

Toxicol Lett (Toxicology letters)
[2003, 136(3):163-172]

Cited: 18 times

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