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Soy isoflavone intake and estrogen excretion patterns in young women: effect of probiotic administration.

Leonard A Cohen, Jeffrey S Crespin, Carla Wolper, Edith A Zang, Brian Pittman, Zhonglin Zhao, Peter R Holt,

BACKGROUND: Soy isoflavones may lower breast cancer risk through altered hepatic estrogen metabolism, leading to increased urinary excretion ratios of 2-hydroxyestrone (20HE1) to 16a-hydroxyestrone (16alphaOHE1). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Urinary excretion of 20HE1/16alphaOHE1 was measured in 36 healthy, pre-menstrual women before and after ingestion of a soy-protein formula containing 120 mg ... Read more >>

In Vivo (In vivo (Athens, Greece))
[2007, 21(3):507-512]

Cited: 15 times

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