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Preseptal Versus Orbital Cellulitis in Children: An Observational Study.

Javier Miranda-Barrios, Blanca Bravo-Queipo-de-Llano, Fernando Baquero-Artigao, María Granados-Fernandez, Susana Noval, Ignacio Rabanal, Ana Méndez-Echevarría, Teresa Del Rosal, Talía Sainz, Javier Aracil, Cristina Calvo,

<h4>Background</h4>Preseptal and orbital cellulitis are two types of infection surrounding the orbital septum with very different potential outcomes. Our aim was to describe key differential features of both conditions, laying special emphasis on diagnostic and therapeutic tools.<h4>Methods</h4>A retrospective review of patients admitted to a tertiary hospital over a 15-year period ... Read more >>

Pediatr Infect Dis J (The Pediatric infectious disease journal)
[2021, 40(11):969-974]

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