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Varying roles of glucoregulatory function measures in postprandial cognition following milk consumption.

Jason R Anderson, Kevin C Maki, Orsolya M Palacios, Indika Edirisinghe, Britt Burton-Freeman, Mary Beth Spitznagel,

PURPOSE:Past work suggests milk consumption may facilitate cognition in children and college students with higher fasting glucose compared to other beverages (e.g., fruit juice). However, no studies have evaluated this phenomenon in adults, or considered other measures of glucoregulatory function. This open-label study assessed the role of glucoregulatory function in ... Read more >>

Eur J Nutr (European journal of nutrition)
[2020, :]

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Treating insomnia improves depression, maladaptive thinking, and hyperarousal in postmenopausal women: comparing cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI), sleep restriction therapy, and sleep hygiene education.

David A Kalmbach, Philip Cheng, J Todd Arnedt, Jason R Anderson, Thomas Roth, Cynthia Fellman-Couture, Reg A Williams, Christopher L Drake,

INTRODUCTION:Depression increases during menopause, and subclinical depressive symptoms increase risk for major depression. Insomnia is common among postmenopausal women and increases depression-risk in this already-vulnerable population. Recent evidence supports the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTI) to treat menopausal insomnia, but it remains unclear whether treating insomnia also alleviates ... Read more >>

Sleep Med (Sleep medicine)
[2019, 55:124-134]

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Hyperarousal and sleep reactivity in insomnia: current insights.

David A Kalmbach, Andrea S Cuamatzi-Castelan, Christine V Tonnu, Kieulinh Michelle Tran, Jason R Anderson, Thomas Roth, Christopher L Drake,

Hyperarousal is a key component in all modern etiological models of insomnia disorder. Overall patterns in the literature suggest that over-active neurobiological and psychological systems contribute to difficulty sleeping. Even so, mixed results regarding the specific mechanisms linking hyperarousal to sleep disturbance limit current etiological conceptualizations. Similar basal arousal profiles ... Read more >>

(Nature and science of sleep)
[2018, 10:193-201]

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Lower Aerobic Endurance Linked to History of Depression in Multiple Sclerosis: Preliminary Observations.

Kimberly R Chapman, Jason R Anderson, Dayana Calvo, Brandon S Pollock, Jennifer Petersen, Hayden Gerhart, Angela Ridgel, Mary Beth Spitznagel,

Despite the demonstrated benefits of exercise in multiple sclerosis (MS), this population shows low rates of physical activity. Understanding barriers to exercise in persons with MS is important. The current study examined the relationship between lifetime history of depression, current depressive symptoms, and aerobic endurance in persons with relapsing-remitting MS ... Read more >>

J Neurosci Nurs (The Journal of neuroscience nursing : journal of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses)
[2018, 50(3):167-170]

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Biological sex and glucoregulation modulate postprandial cognition following dairy milk and fruit juice in healthy school-age children.

Jason R Anderson, John Gunstad, John Updegraff, Amy Sato, Payton L Hagerdorn, M Beth Spitznagel,

Objectives: Recent work suggests potential postprandial benefits for cognition and on-task behavior in children, depending on the macronutrients consumed, as well as individual differences such as sex and glucoregulation. We examined the effects of 1% milk versus apple juice on cognition and on-task behavior among healthy school-age children, predicting that ... Read more >>

Nutr Neurosci (Nutritional neuroscience)
[2020, 23(5):374-383]

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The impact of stress on sleep: Pathogenic sleep reactivity as a vulnerability to insomnia and circadian disorders.

David A Kalmbach, Jason R Anderson, Christopher L Drake,

Sleep reactivity is the trait-like degree to which stress exposure disrupts sleep, resulting in difficulty falling and staying asleep. Individuals with highly reactive sleep systems experience drastic deterioration of sleep when stressed, whereas those with low sleep reactivity proceed largely unperturbed during stress. Research shows that genetics, familial history of ... Read more >>

J Sleep Res (Journal of sleep research)
[2018, 27(6):e12710]

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Using coffee to compensate for poor sleep: Impact on vigilance and implications for workplace performance.

Jason R Anderson, Payton L Hagerdorn, John Gunstad, Mary Beth Spitznagel,

Poor sleep negatively impacts vigilance and is associated with reduced well-being and work productivity. While many individuals depend on caffeine to counteract the cognitive consequences of poor sleep and restore optimal work performance, few studies have naturalistically evaluated this strategy. This study examined the effects of coffee on vigilance, comparing ... Read more >>

Appl Ergon (Applied ergonomics)
[2018, 70:142-147]

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The Moderating Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 in the Relationship Between Cognitive and Aerobic Endurance Change.

Jason R Anderson, Dayana Calvo, Ellen Glickman, John Gunstad, Mary Beth Spitznagel,

Improvements in cognition often accompany fitness improvements in older adults, and research suggests insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) may influence this association. No prior work has examined this in mild cognitive impairment (MCI). We predicted that IGF-1 would moderate the relationship between cognition and aerobic endurance improvement, such that greater ... Read more >>

J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol (Journal of geriatric psychiatry and neurology)
[2017, 30(2):84-89]

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A preliminary examination of gut microbiota, sleep, and cognitive flexibility in healthy older adults.

Jason R Anderson, Ian Carroll, M Andrea Azcarate-Peril, Amber D Rochette, Leslie J Heinberg, Christine Peat, Kristine Steffen, Lisa M Manderino, James Mitchell, John Gunstad,

OBJECTIVES:Inadequate sleep increases the risk for age-related cognitive decline and recent work suggests a possible role of the gut microbiota in this phenomenon. Partial sleep deprivation alters the human gut microbiome, and its composition is associated with cognitive flexibility in animal models. Given these findings, we examined the possible relationship ... Read more >>

Sleep Med (Sleep medicine)
[2017, 38:104-107]

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Baseline glucoregulatory function moderates the effect of dairy milk and fruit juice on postprandial cognition in healthy young adults.

Jason R Anderson, Misty A W Hawkins, John Updegraff, John Gunstad, Mary Beth Spitznagel,

PURPOSE:Few studies have examined acute cognitive effects of dairy products. Prior work suggests baseline glucoregulatory function may moderate the relationship between macronutrient profile and postprandial cognition. This study examined the role of glucoregulatory function in postprandial cognition after milk, fruit juice, and a water control. We hypothesized juice would improve ... Read more >>

Eur J Nutr (European journal of nutrition)
[2018, 57(7):2343-2352]

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Delirium Detection and Impact of Comorbid Health Conditions in a Post-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital Setting.

Julija Stelmokas, Nicolette Gabel, Jennifer M Flaherty, Katherine Rayson, Kathileen Tran, Jason R Anderson, Linas A Bieliauskas,

Misdiagnosis and under-detection of delirium may occur in many medical settings. This is important to address as delirium clearly increases risk of morbidity and mortality in such settings. This study assessed whether Veterans who screened positive on a delirium severity measure (Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale; MDAS) differed from those with ... Read more >>

PLoS One (PloS one)
[2016, 11(11):e0166754]

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Sleep system sensitization: evidence for changing roles of etiological factors in insomnia.

David A Kalmbach, Vivek Pillai, J Todd Arnedt, Jason R Anderson, Christopher L Drake,

To test for sensitization of the sleep system in response to insomnia development and major life stress. In addition, to evaluate the impact on depression and anxiety associated with sleep system sensitization.A longitudinal study with three annual assessments. The community-based sample included 262 adults with no history of insomnia or ... Read more >>

Sleep Med (Sleep medicine)
[2016, 21:63-69]

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The Anxiolytic Effects of Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia: Preliminary Results from a Web-delivered Protocol.

Vivek Pillai, Jason R Anderson, Philip Cheng, Luisa Bazan, Sophie Bostock, Colin A Espie, Thomas Roth, Christopher L Drake,

Though the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBTI) is well-established, the paucity of credentialed providers hinders widespread access. Further, the impact of alternatives such as web-delivered CBTI has not been adequately tested on common insomnia comorbidities such as anxiety. Therefore, we assessed the impact of an empirically validated ... Read more >>

J Sleep Med Disord (Journal of sleep medicine and disorders)
[2015, 2(2):]

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