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Utilization of Palliative Care in Veterans Admitted With Heart Failure Experiencing Homelessness.

Annie Laurie Gula, Jacob Ramos, Jane M Simpson, Lan Jiang, Edward Martin, Mitchell Wice, Sebhat Erqou, Wen-Chih Wu, James L Rudolph,

<h4>Context</h4>Patients experiencing housing insecurity have numerous barriers affecting their utilization of medical care.<h4>Objectives</h4>Determine if housing insecurity is associated with palliative care (PC) encounters and hospice services in patients with heart failure who receive care in United States Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers.<h4>Methods</h4>This retrospective study included inpatients in VA hospitals with ... Read more >>

J Pain Symptom Manage (Journal of pain and symptom management)
[2022, :S0885-3924(22)00828-4]

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