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Technologies, strategies and approaches for testing populations at risk of sexually transmitted infections: a systematic review protocol to inform prevention and control in EU/EEA countries.

Suzanna C Francis, Arun Parajuli, Otilia Mardh, Jane Falconer, Aura Andreasen, Emma Harding-Esch, ,

OBJECTIVES:This protocol outlines a systematic review methodology, aiming to assess the recent evidence-base for the impact of testing strategies and approaches on access to testing, testing coverage, and linkage to care for populations at risk for specific curable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, and Mycoplasma genitalium infections). ... Read more >>

Syst Rev (Systematic reviews)
[2020, 9(1):64]

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Interventions to improve water supply and quality, sanitation and handwashing facilities in healthcare facilities, and their effect on healthcare-associated infections in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review and supplementary scoping review.

Julie Watson, Lauren D'Mello-Guyett, Erin Flynn, Jane Falconer, Joanna Esteves-Mills, Alain Prual, Paul Hunter, Benedetta Allegranzi, Maggie Montgomery, Oliver Cumming,

Introduction:Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are the most frequent adverse event compromising patient safety globally. Patients in healthcare facilities (HCFs) in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) are most at risk. Although water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions are likely important for the prevention of HCAIs, there have been no systematic reviews to ... Read more >>

BMJ Glob Health (BMJ global health)
[2019, 4(4):e001632]

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Review: Synovial Cell Metabolism and Chronic Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Jane Falconer, Anne N Murphy, Stephen P Young, Andrew R Clark, Stefano Tiziani, Monica Guma, Christopher D Buckley,

Metabolomic studies of body fluids show that immune-mediated inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are associated with metabolic disruption. This is likely to reflect the increased bioenergetic and biosynthetic demands of sustained inflammation and changes in nutrient and oxygen availability in damaged tissue. The synovial membrane lining layer is ... Read more >>

(Arthritis & rheumatology (Hoboken, N.J.))
[2018, 70(7):984-999]

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Toward cellular biomarkers for rheumatoid arthritis.

Jane Falconer,

Rheumatology (Oxford) (Rheumatology (Oxford, England))
[2018, 57(1):10-11]

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Reduced TCR-dependent activation through citrullination of a T-cell epitope enhances Th17 development by disruption of the STAT3/5 balance.

Christopher Tibbitt, Jane Falconer, Jeroen Stoop, Willem van Eden, John H Robinson, Catharien M U Hilkens,

Citrullination is a post-translational modification of arginine that commonly occurs in inflammatory tissues. Because T-cell receptor (TCR) signal quantity and quality can regulate T-cell differentiation, citrullination within a T-cell epitope has potential implications for T-cell effector function. Here, we investigated how citrullination of an immunedominant T-cell epitope affected Th17 development. ... Read more >>

Eur. J. Immunol. (European journal of immunology)
[2016, 46(7):1633-1643]

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The organisation and delivery of health improvement in general practice and primary care: a scoping study

Stephen Peckham, Jane Falconer, Steve Gillam, Alison Hann, Sally Kendall, Kiran Nanchahal, Benjamin Ritchie, Rebecca Rogers, Andrew Wallace,

BACKGROUND:This project examines the organisation and delivery of health improvement activities by and within general practice and the primary health-care team. The project was designed to examine who delivers these interventions, where they are located, what approaches are developed in practices, how individual practices and the primary health-care team organise ... Read more >>

[, :]

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Unconventional T-cell recognition of an arthritogenic epitope of proteoglycan aggrecan released from degrading cartilage.

Jane Falconer, Rahul Mahida, Divya Venkatesh, Jeffrey Pearson, John H Robinson,

It has been proposed that peptide epitopes bind to MHC class II molecules to form distinct structural conformers of the same MHC II-peptide complex termed type A and type B, and that the two conformers of the same peptide-MHC II complex are recognized by distinct CD4 T cells, termed type ... Read more >>

Immunology (Immunology)
[2016, 147(4):389-398]

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Rheumatoid arthritis. The two faces of Rsk2 in hyperplastic disease.

Jane Falconer, Christopher D Buckley,

Given the established role of 90 kDa ribosomal S6 kinases (Rsk) in oncogenesis, and the promise of new Rsk-blocking cancer treatments, it is perhaps surprising that Rsk2-mediated inhibition of hyperplasia has now been demonstrated to occur in the arthritic synovium. Does this functional duality make Rsk2 a risky target for ... Read more >>

Nat Rev Rheumatol (Nature reviews. Rheumatology)
[2015, 11(4):203-205]

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Intramolecular polyspecificity in CD4 T-cell recognition of Ad-restricted epitopes of proteoglycan aggrecan.

Jane Falconer, Katie Lowes, Anna L Furmanski, Julian Dyson, Wan Fai Ng, John H Robinson,

T-cell recognition of MHC–peptide complexes shows a high degree of polyspecificity extending to recognition of a large number of structurally unrelated peptides. Examples of polyspecificity reported to date are confined to recognition of epitopes from distinct proteins or synthetic peptide libraries. Here we describe intramolecular polyspecificity of CD4 T cells ... Read more >>

Immunology (Immunology)
[2014, 142(1):101-110]

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Contribution of natural antisense transcription to an endogenous siRNA signature in human cells.

Andreas Werner, Simon Cockell, Jane Falconer, Mark Carlile, Sammer Alnumeir, John Robinson,

Eukaryotic cells express a complex layer of noncoding RNAs. An intriguing family of regulatory RNAs includes transcripts from the opposite strand of protein coding genes, so called natural antisense transcripts (NATs). Here, we test the hypothesis that antisense transcription triggers RNA interference and gives rise to endogenous short RNAs (endo-siRNAs).We ... Read more >>

BMC Genomics (BMC genomics)
[2014, 15:19]

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Profound invariant natural killer T-cell deficiency in inflammatory arthritis.

Susan J Tudhope, Alexei von Delwig, Jane Falconer, Arthur Pratt, Tom Woolridge, Gillian Wilson, John D Isaacs, Wan-Fai Ng,

OBJECTIVES: Data from rodent models indicate that invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells are key regulators of many immune responses including autoimmune arthritis, but their role in human diseases is unclear. The aims of this study are to determine whether iNKT cell frequency and function are altered in patients with ... Read more >>

Ann. Rheum. Dis. (Annals of the rheumatic diseases)
[2010, 69(10):1873-1879]

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Ly49B is expressed on multiple subpopulations of myeloid cells.

Frances Gays, Jonathan G Aust, Delyth M Reid, Jane Falconer, Noriko Toyama-Sorimachi, Philip R Taylor, Colin G Brooks,

Using a novel mAb specific for mouse Ly49B, we report here that Ly49B, the last remaining member of the C57 Ly49 family to be characterized, is expressed at low levels on approximately 1.5% of spleen cells, none which are NK cells or T cells but which instead belong to several ... Read more >>

J. Immunol. (Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950))
[2006, 177(9):5840-5851]

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Systematic review: prognosis of angina in primary care.

Melvyn Jones, Greta Rait, Jane Falconer, Gene Feder,

Angina is a common chronic condition, largely managed in primary care in the UK. Mortality data are predominately from population or hospital studies with little known about the prognosis of angina in general practice settings.To describe the prognosis of angina in patients identified in primary care.Systematic review of cohort studies ... Read more >>

Fam Pract (Family practice)
[2006, 23(5):520-528]

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The movement disorders of Coffin-Lowry syndrome.

John B P Stephenson, Mary C Hoffman, Aline J C Russell, Jane Falconer, Richard C Beach, John L Tolmie, Robert C McWilliam, Sameer M Zuberi,

Coffin-Lowry syndrome (CLS) is an X-linked semi-dominant condition with learning difficulties and dysmorphism caused by mutations in the gene RSK2. Originally, epilepsy was reported as a feature. We and others have since described predominantly sound-startle induced drop attacks that have been labelled 'cataplexy', abnormal startle response and hyperekplexia. We sought ... Read more >>

Brain Dev. (Brain & development)
[2005, 27(2):108-113]

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