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A Review of Respiratory Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) and the Potential Benefits of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Michael Simon, James E Simmons,

With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic continuing into its third year, the number of patients who survive acute COVID-19 infection but go on to develop long-term symptoms is increasing daily. Those individuals who experience one or more of a variety of persistent symptoms post-COVID-19 are now diagnosed with the syndrome called post-acute ... Read more >>

R I Med J (2013) (Rhode Island medical journal (2013))
[2022, 105(7):11-15]

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A Five-Year Evolution of a Student-led Elective on Health Disparities at The Alpert Medical School.

Lucinda B Leung, James E Simmons, Julius Ho, Emma Anselin, Rian Yalamanchili, Joseph S Rabatin,

<h4>Background and objective</h4>Medical students are often unprepared for social challenges in caring for safety net patients. We aim to evaluate and chronicle the evolution of a pre-clinical elective alongside medical disparities curriculum.<h4>Design and methods</h4>Medical students designed the course to supplement clinical training on care of vulnerable patients. From 2011-2015, there ... Read more >>

R I Med J (2013) (Rhode Island medical journal (2013))
[2016, 99(10):43-47]

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