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Donor Screening and Deferral.

Lisa Rosochacki, Jaleah Hawkins,

The maintenance of an adequate and safe blood supply begins with choosing the right donor at the right time. The evolution of donor screening has been shaped by experience, donor satisfaction, and the ever-challenging emergence of relevant infectious diseases. Screening donors has been standardized over the past 6 decades to ... Read more >>

Clin Lab Med (Clinics in laboratory medicine)
[2021, 41(4):563-577]

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Post-Transfusion Purpura: Current Perspectives.

Jaleah Hawkins, Richard H Aster, Brian R Curtis,

Post transfusion purpura (PTP) is an uncommonly reported post transfusion adverse event that can present with severe thrombocytopenia; sometimes resulting in significant bleeding and hemorrhage. Its diagnosis can be elusive given its substantial symptomatic overlap with other thrombocytopenic syndromes. Underdiagnosis and underreporting make the true incidence of disease difficult to ... Read more >>

J Blood Med (Journal of blood medicine)
[2019, 10:405-415]

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