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Leptomeningeal Relapse of Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma after 15 years.

S Chew, J P Gleeson, A McCarthy, G A Watson, R O'Dwyer, S Nicholson, M Capra, C Owens, M McDermott, P Daly, C Grant,

Aim Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common malignant soft tissue tumour of childhood. We present the case of a late relapse of RMS to the leptomeninges after 15 years. Methods A 20 year old male presented with a 3 week history of headaches and nausea. He previously had RMS of ... Read more >>

Ir Med J (Irish medical journal)
[2020, 112(10):1026]

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Diet, food components and the intestinal barrier

J P Gleeson,

The majority of dietary nutrient absorption occurs in the small intestine, with the intestinal epithelium acting as a barrier to the contents of the intestinal lumen. This barrier is maintained by intestinal epithelial cells, which support nutrient uptake but prevent translocation of bacteria, allergens and toxins. There is complex signalling ... Read more >>

(Nutrition Bulletin)
[2017, 42(2):123-131]

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Synchronous diffuse large B cell lymphomas of the endometrium and breast: a staging dilemma.

J P Gleeson, G B Woods, G A Watson, J Ryan, E Doyle, F Quinn, J C O'Keane, J A McCaffrey,

A 66 years old presented with abnormal postmenopausal vaginal bleeding and was diagnosed with an endometrial lymphoma (diffuse large B cell type, DLBCL). A left breast lesion was found on PET CT which was subsequently biopsy-proven as a separate stage IE DLBCL, but she had no lymph node, bone marrow or ... Read more >>

Ir J Med Sci (Irish journal of medical science)
[2017, 186(4):867-873]

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Effects of ageing, prolonged estrogen deficiency and zoledronate on bone tissue mineral distribution.

M A Brennan, J P Gleeson, F J O'Brien, L M McNamara,

The quantity and distribution of bone tissue mineral are key determinants of bone strength. Recent research revealed altered mineral distribution within sheep femora following estrogen deficiency. Rapid increases in bone remodeling occur at the onset of estrogen deficiency and abate over time. Therefore, altered tissue mineralization might be a transient ... Read more >>

J Mech Behav Biomed Mater (Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials)
[2014, 29:161-170]

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Site specific increase in heterogeneity of trabecular bone tissue mineral during oestrogen deficiency.

M A Brennan, J P Gleeson, M Browne, F J O'Brien, P J Thurner, L M McNamara,

Although osteoporosis reduces overall bone mass causing bone fragility, recent studies report that the remaining bone tissue is significantly stiffer. Preliminary studies indicate that alterations in bone tissue mineral content might explain these changes, albeit that other studies report conflicting observations. The objective of this study is to quantify whether ... Read more >>

Eur Cell Mater (European cells & materials)
[2011, 21:396-406]

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Accuracy of whole-body low-dose multidetector CT (WBLDCT) versus skeletal survey in the detection of myelomatous lesions, and correlation of disease distribution with whole-body MRI (WBMRI).

T G Gleeson, J Moriarty, C P Shortt, J P Gleeson, P Fitzpatrick, B Byrne, J McHugh, M O'Connell, P O'Gorman, S J Eustace,

AIM:The aim of the study is to assess the feasibility of whole-body low-dose computed tomography (WBLDCT) in the diagnosis and staging of multiple myeloma and compare to skeletal survey (SS), using bone marrow biopsy and whole-body magnetic resonance imaging (WBMRI; where available) as gold standard. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Patients referred over ... Read more >>

Skeletal Radiol. (Skeletal radiology)
[2009, 38(3):225-236]

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Solid phase organic synthesis of piperazinone containing enkephalin mimetics: a readily derivatized, traceless scaffold.

K Shreder, L Zhang, J P Gleeson, J A Ericsson, V V Yalamoori, M Goodman,

The solid phase synthesis of a series of piperazinone-derived Leu-enkephalin analogues is presented. The initial step in the synthesis involved the N-alkylation of Wang resin bound N-(4-tert-butyloxy-phenethyl)-glycine with D or L Boc-serine-beta-lactone (the Vederas lactone). The resulting carboxylic acid was then coupled to a variety of monosubstituted benzylamine derivatives using ... Read more >>

J Comb Chem (Journal of combinatorial chemistry)
[1999, 1(5):383-387]

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A cooling system for impermeable clothing.

J P Gleeson, J F Pisani,

Br J Ind Med (British journal of industrial medicine)
[1967, 24(3):213-219]

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Ventilation of impermeable clothing: the effectiveness of the ambient atmosphere in ventilating coveralls worn in hot and humid conditions.


Br J Ind Med (British journal of industrial medicine)
[1957, 14(4):258-265]

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