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Recent advances in the carbon-phosphorus (C-P) bond formation from unsaturated compounds by s- and p-block metals.

Indrani Banerjee, Tarun K Panda,

Researchers around the globe have witnessed several breakthroughs in s- and p-block metal chemistry. Over the past few years, several applications in catalysis associated with these main group metals have been established, and owing to their abundance and low cost and they have proved to be essential alternatives to transition ... Read more >>

Org Biomol Chem (Organic & biomolecular chemistry)
[2021, 19(30):6571-6587]

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Ex vivo interaction study of NaYF4 :Yb,Er nanophosphors with isolated mitochondria.

Varun Pratap Singh, Nitya Chawda, Tejal Barkhade, Santosh Kumar Mahapatra, Indrani Banerjee,

Ex vivo interaction of NaYF<sub>4</sub> :Yb,Er nanophosphors with isolated mitochondria has been investigated. The nanophosphors were synthesized using the hydrothermal method. The synthesized NaYF<sub>4</sub> :Yb,Er nanophosphors were characterized for physicochemical properties. The NaYF<sub>4</sub> :Yb,Er nanophosphors showed successful upconversion with excitation wavelength lying in the near-infrared region. The effect of synthesized ... Read more >>

Biotechnol Appl Biochem (Biotechnology and applied biochemistry)
[2021, :]

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Flexible ZnO photoelectrode for photo electrochemical energy conversion

Shiyani, Indrani Banerjee, Santosh Mahapatra, Asim Ray,

Photoelectrochemical properties have been investigated for flexible ZnO/ITO/PET photoelectrodes. ZnO was spin coated on ITO/PET substrate with thickness of about 310 nm. The high crystalline structure of ZnO was studied using x-ray diffraction pattern. A value of 3.4 eV has been estimated for optical band gap from its absorption spectra. ... Read more >>

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A Protein and Membrane Integrity Study of TiO2 Nanoparticles-Induced Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Prevention by Iron Incorporation.

Tejal Barkhade, Santosh Kumar Mahapatra, Indrani Banerjee,

The paper assessed the toxic effect of titanium dioxide (TiO<sub>2</sub>) nanoparticles (NPs) on isolated mitochondria and its dysfunction prevention after Iron (Fe) incorporation. TiO<sub>2</sub> and Fe content TiO<sub>2</sub> NPs were synthesized and characterized using XPS, PL spectroscopy, and TEM. The nanostructure interaction with isolated mitochondria was investigated using circular dichroism ... Read more >>

J Membr Biol (The Journal of membrane biology)
[2021, 254(2):217-237]

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Homology modeling and molecular docking study of biogenic Muga silk nanoparticles as putative drug-binding system.

Prithvi C Asapur, Purushottam D Sahare, Santosh Kumar Mahapatra, Indrani Banerjee,

The recent emergence of natural biopolymers as drug delivery vehicles is attributed to their biodegradability and less systemic toxicity. Muga silk nanoparticles were prepared using microwave radiolysis method and were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, circular dichroism, X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. To find the applicability in the ... Read more >>

Biotechnol Appl Biochem (Biotechnology and applied biochemistry)
[2020, :]

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Secondary structural analysis of non-mulberry silk fibroin nanoparticles synthesized by using microwave and acetone method.

Prithvi Asapur, Santosh Kumar Mahapatra, Indrani Banerjee,

The 3D structure analysis for Muga silk protein was predicted through homology modeling and Ramachandran plot with the determination of quality index for Stereo/packing and 3D quality index. Silk Nanoparticles were synthesized using conventional desolvation and microwave-assisted radiolysis method from Muga silk fibroin. The secondary structure evolution due to two ... Read more >>

J Biomol Struct Dyn (Journal of biomolecular structure & dynamics)
[2020, :1-10]

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Calcium mediated efficient synthesis of N-arylamidines from organic nitriles and amines.

Indrani Banerjee, Shweta Sagar, Tarun K Panda,

Amidines are a preeminent group of organic compounds having wide applications in various industries. Here, we have developed a simple one-step reaction protocol for the facile synthesis of N-arylamidines catalysed by calcium bis(hexamethyldisilazide) [Ca{N(SiMe3)2}2(THF)2]. The amidine synthesis was readily achieved from organic nitriles and amines which provided a broad substrate ... Read more >>

Org Biomol Chem (Organic & biomolecular chemistry)
[2020, 18(22):4231-4237]

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Pro-islet amyloid polypeptide in micelles contains a helical prohormone segment.

Charles F DeLisle, Alexander L Malooley, Indrani Banerjee, Indrani Banerjee, Justin L Lorieau,

Pro-islet amyloid polypeptide (proIAPP) is the prohormone precursor molecule to IAPP, also known as amylin. IAPP is a calcitonin family peptide hormone that is cosecreted with insulin, and largely responsible for hunger satiation and metabolic homeostasis. Amyloid plaques containing mixtures of mature IAPP and misprocessed proIAPP deposit on, and destroy ... Read more >>

FEBS J (The FEBS journal)
[2020, 287(20):4440-4457]

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Tetranuclear Copper and Mononuclear Nickel Complex of the Schiff Base of (3Z)-3-Hydrazonobutan-2-One Oxime with Different Aromatic Carbonyl Compounds: Synthesis, Single Crystal X-Ray Structure, Catecholase Activity, Phenoxazinone Synthase Activity, Catalytic Study for the Homocoupling of Benzyl Amines

Swaraj Sengupta, Sahanwaj Khan, Shyamal Chattopadhyay, Indrani Banerjee, Tarun K. Panda, Subhendu Naskar,

Synthesis and characterisation of one trinuclear copper complex, ([Cu<sub>3</sub>L<sub>3</sub>O]ClO<sub>4</sub>) (<b>1</b>) and one nickel complex ([Ni(L'H)<sub>2</sub>(dmso)<sub>2</sub>](ClO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub>) (<b>2</b>) with Schiff base ligands: (3Z)-3-((Z)-(1-(thiophen-2-yl)ethylidene)hydrazono)butan-2-one oxime (LH) and 1-(pyridin-2-yl)ethylidene)hydrazono)butan-2-one oxime (L<sup>'</sup>H). <b>1</b> shows high catecholase activity and has also been tested as a catalyst for the synthesis of benzylimine. <b>2 </b> shows phenoxazinone synthase ... Read more >>

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Effect of TiO2 and Fe doped TiO2 nanoparticles on mitochondrial membrane potential in HBL-100 cells.

Tejal Barkhade, Sarthak Mishra, Harish Chander, Santosh Kumar Mahapatra, Indrani Banerjee,

Titanium dioxide (TiO<sub>2</sub>) nanoparticles (NPs) have made unbelievable progress in the field of nanotechnology and biomedical research. The proper toxicological assessment of TiO<sub>2</sub> NPs and the reduction of its cytotoxicity need to be addressed. Fe doping in TiO<sub>2</sub> has been investigated to reduce the toxic effects of TiO<sub>2</sub> NPs. Fe ... Read more >>

Biointerphases (Biointerphases)
[2019, 14(4):041003]

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Domain-Specific Stabilization of Structural and Dynamic Responses of Human Serum Albumin by Sucrose.

Vaisakh Mohan, Bhaswati Sengupta, Nilimesh Das, Indrani Banerjee, Pratik Sen,

<h4>Background</h4>Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is the most abundant protein present in human blood plasma. It is a large multi-domain protein with 585 amino acid residues. Due to its importance in human body, studies on the interaction of HSA with different external agent is of vital interest. The denaturation and renaturation ... Read more >>

Protein Pept Lett (Protein and peptide letters)
[2019, 26(4):287-300]

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Presence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms in Quiescent Inflammatory Bowel Disease Is Associated with High Rate of Anxiety and Depression.

Lilani P Perera, Mark Radigan, Corinne Guilday, Indrani Banerjee, Daniel Eastwood, Reji Babygirija, Benson T Massey,

BACKGROUND:Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD; Crohn's disease, CD and Ulcerative colitis, UC) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have overlapping symptoms. Few prevalence studies of IBS in quiescent IBD have used colonoscopy with histology to confirm inactive disease. The aims were (1) to determine the percentage of IBD patients in deep remission ... Read more >>

Dig Dis Sci (Digestive diseases and sciences)
[2019, 64(7):1923-1928]

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Highly Active Dinuclear Titanium(IV) Complexes for the Catalytic Formation of a Carbon-Heteroatom Bond.

Jayeeta Bhattacharjee, Adimulam Harinath, Indrani Banerjee, Hari Pada Nayek, Tarun K Panda,

A series of mononuclear titanium(IV) complexes with the general composition κ<sup>3</sup>-[R{NHPh<sub>2</sub>P(X)}<sub>2</sub>Ti(NMe<sub>2</sub>)<sub>2</sub>] [R = C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>4</sub>, X = Se (3b); R = trans-C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>10</sub>, X = S (4a), Se (4b)] and [{κ<sup>2</sup>-N(PPh<sub>2</sub>Se)<sub>2</sub>}<sub>2</sub>Ti(NMe<sub>2</sub>)<sub>2</sub>] (6b) and two dinuclear titanium(IV) complexes, [C<sub>6</sub>H<sub>4</sub>{(NPh<sub>2</sub>PS)(N)}Ti(NMe<sub>2</sub>)]<sub>2</sub> (3c) and [{κ<sup>2</sup>-N(PPh<sub>2</sub>Se)}Ti(NMe<sub>2</sub>)<sub>2</sub>]<sub>2</sub> (6c), are reported. Dinuclear titanium(IV) complex 6c acts as an efficient ... Read more >>

Inorg Chem (Inorganic chemistry)
[2018, 57(20):12610-12623]

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Metals and minerals as a biotechnology feedstock: engineering biomining microbiology for bioenergy applications.

Indrani Banerjee, Brittany Burrell, Cara Reed, Alan C West, Scott Banta,

Developing new feedstocks for the efficient production of biochemicals and biofuels will be a critical challenge as we diversify away from petrochemicals. One possible opportunity is the utilization of sulfide-based minerals in the Earth's crust. Non-photosynthetic chemolithoautotrophic bacteria are starting to be developed to produce biochemicals from CO<sub>2</sub> using energy ... Read more >>

Curr Opin Biotechnol (Current opinion in biotechnology)
[2017, 45:144-155]

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Incidence of severe critical events in paediatric anaesthesia (APRICOT): a prospective multicentre observational study in 261 hospitals in Europe.

Walid Habre, Nicola Disma, Katalin Virag, Karin Becke, Tom G Hansen, Martin Jöhr, Brigitte Leva, Neil S Morton, Petronella M Vermeulen, Marzena Zielinska, Krisztina Boda, Francis Veyckemans, ,

<h4>Background</h4>Little is known about the incidence of severe critical events in children undergoing general anaesthesia in Europe. We aimed to identify the incidence, nature, and outcome of severe critical events in children undergoing anaesthesia, and the associated potential risk factors.<h4>Methods</h4>The APRICOT study was a prospective observational multicentre cohort study of ... Read more >>

Lancet Respir Med (The Lancet. Respiratory medicine)
[2017, 5(5):412-425]

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Establishing a relation between the mass and the spin of stellar-mass black holes.

Indrani Banerjee, Banibrata Mukhopadhyay,

Stellar mass black holes (SMBHs), forming by the core collapse of very massive, rapidly rotating stars, are expected to exhibit a high density accretion disk around them developed from the spinning mantle of the collapsing star. A wide class of such disks, due to their high density and temperature, are ... Read more >>

Phys Rev Lett (Physical review letters)
[2013, 111(6):061101]

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Hardcore smoking in three South-East asian countries: results from the global adult tobacco survey.

Jugal Kishore, Pratap Kumar Jena, Chandan Bandyopadhyay, Monali Swain, Sagarika Das, Indrani Banerjee,

<h4>Background</h4>Hardcore smoking is represented by a subset of daily smokers with high nicotine dependence, inability to quit and unwillingness to quit. Estimating the related burden could help us in identifying a high risk population prone to tobacco induced diseases and improve cessation planning for them. This study assessed the prevalence ... Read more >>

Asian Pac J Cancer Prev (Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP)
[2013, 14(2):625-630]

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Can we have a permanent end to 'temporary brittle bone disease'?

Richard Nicholl, Indrani Banerjee, Bhanu Williams, Ximena Poblete,

Arch Dis Child (Archives of disease in childhood)
[2012, 97(8):762-763]

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Light-activated nanotube-porphyrin conjugates as effective antiviral agents.

Indrani Banerjee, Marc P Douaisi, Dhananjoy Mondal, Ravi S Kane,

Porphyrins have been used for photodynamic therapy (PDT) against a wide range of targets like bacteria, viruses and tumor cells. In this work, we report porphyrin-conjugated multi-walled carbon nanotubes (NT-P) as potent antiviral agents. Specifically, we used Protoporphyrin IX (PPIX), which we attached to acid-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs). We ... Read more >>

Nanotechnology (Nanotechnology)
[2012, 23(10):105101]

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The differential diagnosis of pulmonary blastomycosis using case vignettes: a Wisconsin Network for Health Research (WiNHR) study.

Dennis J Baumgardner, Jonathan L Temte, Erin Gutowski, William A Agger, Howard Bailey, James K Burmester, Indrani Banerjee,

<h4>Purpose</h4>Pulmonary blastomycosis is an uncommon but serious fungal infection endemic in Wisconsin. Clinician awareness of the protean presentations of this disease may reduce diagnostic delay. This study addressed the diagnostic accuracy of physicians responding to case vignettes of pulmonary blastomycosis and the primary care differential diagnosis of this disease.<h4>Methods</h4>Eight pulmonary ... Read more >>

WMJ (WMJ : official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin)
[2011, 110(2):68-73]

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Comparison of viral load and duration of virus shedding in symptomatic and asymptomatic neonatal rotavirus infections.

Sasirekha Ramani, Premi Sankaran, Rajesh Arumugam, Rajiv Sarkar, Indrani Banerjee, Ipsita Mohanty, Atanu Kumar Jana, Kurien Anil Kuruvilla, Gagandeep Kang,

A single rotavirus strain causing asymptomatic infections as well as severe gastrointestinal disease has been described in the neonatal nurseries of the Christian Medical College, Vellore. In this study, quantitative real-time RT-PCR was used to determine the association of viral load with the presence of gastrointestinal symptoms in neonates. Viral ... Read more >>

J Med Virol (Journal of medical virology)
[2010, 82(10):1803-1807]

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Photoactivated antimicrobial activity of carbon nanotube-porphyrin conjugates.

Indrani Banerjee, Dhananjoy Mondal, Jacob Martin, Ravi S Kane,

We report the design of antimicrobial nanocomposite films based on conjugates of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNT) and protoporphyrin IX (PPIX) that are highly effective against Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) upon irradiation with visible light. S. aureus infections can lead to life-threatening situations, especially when caused by antibiotic-resistant strains. While the ... Read more >>

Langmuir (Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids)
[2010, 26(22):17369-17374]

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Diagnosis and management of pneumonia and bronchitis in outpatient primary care practices.

Jennifer Evertsen, Dennis J Baumgardner, Ann Regnery, Indrani Banerjee,

<h4>Aims</h4>To understand which clinical criteria physicians use to diagnose pneumonia compared to bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).<h4>Methods</h4>Retrospective chart review of adults diagnosed with pneumonia, bronchitis, or URTI.<h4>Results</h4>Logistic regression analysis identified rales, a temperature > 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C), chest pain, dyspnoea, rhonchi, heart rate, respiratory rate, ... Read more >>

Prim Care Respir J (Primary care respiratory journal : journal of the General Practice Airways Group)
[2010, 19(3):237-241]

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Antifouling coatings: recent developments in the design of surfaces that prevent fouling by proteins, bacteria, and marine organisms.

Indrani Banerjee, Ravindra C Pangule, Ravi S Kane,

The major strategies for designing surfaces that prevent fouling due to proteins, bacteria, and marine organisms are reviewed. Biofouling is of great concern in numerous applications ranging from biosensors to biomedical implants and devices, and from food packaging to industrial and marine equipment. The two major approaches to combat surface ... Read more >>

Adv Mater (Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.))
[2011, 23(6):690-718]

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Health outcomes of children born to mothers with chronic kidney disease: a pilot study.

Indrani Banerjee, Stephen Powis, Mark Shevlin, Jacqueline Barnes, Audrey Soo, Alastair G Sutcliffe,

This study aimed to study the health of children born to mothers with chronic kidney disease. Twenty-four children born to mothers with chronic kidney disease were compared with 39 matched control children born to healthy mothers without kidney disease. The well-being of each child was individually assessed in terms of ... Read more >>

Pediatr Rep (Pediatric reports)
[2010, 2(1):e7]

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