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Reproducibility of AJCC Criteria for Classifying Deeply Invasive Colon Cancers Is Suboptimal for Consistent Cancer Staging.

Nicole C Panarelli, Suntrea T G Hammer, Jingmei Lin, Purva Gopal, ILKe Nalbantoglu, Lili Zhao, Jerome Cheng, Adam J Gersten, Jonathan B McHugh, Vinita Parkash, Elena Lucas, Maria Westerhoff,

The eighth edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Staging Manual attempts to address ambiguity in the pT category assignment for colon cancer from prior editions. Despite modifications, the distinction between the pT3 and pT4a categories continues to be a source of diagnostic confusion. In this study, we ... Read more >>

Am J Surg Pathol (The American journal of surgical pathology)
[2020, 44(10):1381-1388]

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Primary sclerosing cholangitis associated colitis: Characterization of clinical, histologic features, and their associations with liver transplantation.

John Aranake-Chrisinger, Themistocles Dassopoulos, Yan Yan, ILKe Nalbantoglu,

BACKGROUND:Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) associated inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a unique form of IBD (PSC-IBD) with distinct clinical and histologic features from ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn disease (CD). In patients with PSC and IBD, the severity of the two disease processes may depend on each other. AIM:To study ... Read more >>

World J. Gastroenterol. (World journal of gastroenterology)
[2020, 26(28):4126-4139]

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The impact of diet-induced hepatic steatosis in a murine model of hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury.

Kim H H Liss, Kyle S McCommis, Kari T Chambers, Terri A Pietka, George G Schweitzer, Sara L Park, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Carla J Weinheimer, Angela M Hall, Brian N Finck,

The prevalence of obesity-associated nonalcoholic fatty liver disease has significantly increased over the past decade, and end-stage liver disease secondary to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis has become 1 of the most common indications for liver transplantation. This both increases the demand for organs and decreases the availability of donor livers deemed suitable ... Read more >>

Liver Transpl (Liver transplantation : official publication of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the International Liver Transplantation Society)
[2018, 24(7):908-921]

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Cryptogenic cirrhosis: Old and new perspectives in the era of molecular and genomic medicine.

Ilke Nalbantoglu, Dhanpat Jain,

Cryptogenic cirrhosis (CC) is defined as cirrhosis of unknown etiology despite extensive clinical, laboratory and pathologic work-up, and constitutes approximately 5-10% of all cirrhosis cases. Histologic examination can provide important clues and help identify the potential etiology of CC. Most CC cases can still be classified into four histologic patterns: ... Read more >>

Semin Diagn Pathol (Seminars in diagnostic pathology)
[2019, 36(6):389-394]

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Frequent GNAQ and GNA14 Mutations in Hepatic Small Vessel Neoplasm.

Nancy M Joseph, Elizabeth M Brunt, Celia Marginean, ILKe Nalbantoglu, Dale C Snover, Swan N Thung, Matthew M Yeh, Sarah E Umetsu, Linda D Ferrell, Ryan M Gill,

Hepatic small vessel neoplasm (HSVN) is a recently described infiltrative vascular neoplasm of the liver, composed of small vessels. Although the infiltrative nature can mimic angiosarcoma, HSVN are thought to be benign or low-grade neoplasms because they lack cytologic atypia and increased proliferation. To characterize the molecular pathogenesis of HSVN, ... Read more >>

Am. J. Surg. Pathol. (The American journal of surgical pathology)
[2018, 42(9):1201-1207]

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Targeting the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier attenuates fibrosis in a mouse model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Kyle S McCommis, Wesley T Hodges, Elizabeth M Brunt, Ilke Nalbantoglu, William G McDonald, Christopher Holley, Hideji Fujiwara, Jean E Schaffer, Jerry R Colca, Brian N Finck,

Diseases of the liver related to metabolic syndrome have emerged as the most common and undertreated hepatic ailments. The cause of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is the aberrant accumulation of lipid in hepatocytes, though the mechanisms whereby this leads to hepatocyte dysfunction, death, and hepatic fibrosis are still unclear. Insulin-sensitizing ... Read more >>

Hepatology (Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.))
[2017, 65(5):1543-1556]

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Clinical, Histologic, and Immunophenotypic Features of Serrated Polyps in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Chen Yang, Yaman Tarabishy, Themistocles Dassopoulos, ILKe Nalbantoglu,

Background:Colorectal serrated polyps (SP), which include hyperplastic polyps (HP), sessile serrated adenomas/polyps (SSA/P), and traditional serrated adenomas, are not uncommon and have been implicated to play a role in the pathogenesis in a subset of sporadic colorectal carcinomas; however, their significance in patients with prolonged inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) remains ... Read more >>

(Gastroenterology research)
[2018, 11(5):355-360]

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The microscopic anatomy of the esophagus including the individual layers, specialized tissues, and unique components and their responses to injury.

Xuchen Zhang, Deepa Patil, Robert D Odze, Lei Zhao, Mikhail Lisovsky, Maha Guindi, Robert Riddell, Andrew Bellizzi, Rhonda K Yantiss, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Henry D Appelman,

The esophagus, a straight tube that connects the pharynx to the stomach, has the complex architecture common to the rest of the gastrointestinal tract with special differences that relate to its function as a conduit of ingested substances. For instance, it has submucosal glands that are unique and have a ... Read more >>

Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
[2018, 1434(1):304-318]

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Unique causes of esophageal inflammation: a histopathologic perspective.

Purva Gopal, Joanna A Gibson, Mikhail Lisovsky, ILKe Nalbantoglu,

Gastroenterologists frequently perform endoscopic esophageal mucosal biopsies for pathologic diagnosis in patients experiencing symptoms of esophagitis. The more common causes of esophagitis diagnosed on esophageal mucosal biopsy include reflux esophagitis, eosinophilic esophagitis, and infectious esophagitis caused by Candida albicans, herpes simplex virus, and/or cytomegalovirus. However, there are several causes of ... Read more >>

Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences)
[2018, 1434(1):219-226]

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Genomic regions associated with susceptibility to Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma in African Americans: The cross BETRNet admixture study.

Xiangqing Sun, Apoorva K Chandar, Marcia I Canto, Prashanthi N Thota, Malcom Brock, Nicholas J Shaheen, David G Beer, Jean S Wang, Gary W Falk, Prasad G Iyer, Julian A Abrams, Medha Venkat-Ramani, Martina Veigl, Alexander Miron, Joseph Willis, Deepa T Patil, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Kishore Guda, Sanford D Markowitz, Xiaofeng Zhu, Robert Elston, Amitabh Chak,

BACKGROUND:Barrett's esophagus (BE) and esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) are far more prevalent in European Americans than in African Americans. Hypothesizing that this racial disparity in prevalence might represent a genetic susceptibility, we used an admixture mapping approach to interrogate disease association with genomic differences between European and African ancestry. METHODS:Formalin fixed ... Read more >>

PLoS ONE (PloS one)
[2017, 12(10):e0184962]

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Differentiation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma from Other Hepatic Malignancies in Patients at Risk: Diagnostic Performance of the Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System Version 2014.

Tyler J Fraum, Richard Tsai, Eric Rohe, Daniel R Ludwig, Amber Salter, ILKe Nalbantoglu, Jay P Heiken, Kathryn J Fowler,

Purpose To evaluate the diagnostic performance and interrater reliability of the Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System (LI-RADS) version 2014 in differentiating hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) from non-HCC malignancy in a population of patients at risk for HCC. Materials and Methods This retrospective HIPAA-compliant institutional review board-approved study was exempt from ... Read more >>

Radiology (Radiology)
[2018, 286(1):158-172]

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How does it feel to be a pathology resident? Results of a survey on experiences and job satisfaction during pathology residency.

Burcin Pehlivanoglu, Hur Hassoy, Catarina Calle, Amelie Dendooven, ILKe Nalbantoglu, Lidiya Reshchikova, Gulen Gul, Basak Doganavsargil,

Residents' career choices and professional motivation can be affected from perception of their role and recognition within a medical team as well as their educational and workplace experiences. To evaluate pathology trainees' perceptions of their pathology residency, we conducted a 42-item survey via a web-based link questioning respondents' personal and ... Read more >>

Virchows Arch. (Virchows Archiv : an international journal of pathology)
[2017, 471(3):413-422]

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Tumor budding in intestinal-type gastric adenocarcinoma is associated with nodal metastasis and recurrence.

Stephen Olsen, Linda Jin, Ryan C Fields, Yan Yan, ILKe Nalbantoglu,

Gastric adenocarcinoma (GAC) is a common cause of cancer-related death worldwide. GAC can be classified as intestinal or diffuse. Intestinal-type cancers are common and reported to have a better prognosis compared to diffuse cancers. Studies have shown the presence and amount of tumor budding in intestinal carcinomas of the colon ... Read more >>

Hum. Pathol. (Human pathology)
[2017, 68:26-33]

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Lymphoid Aggregates Remodel Lymphatic Collecting Vessels that Serve Mesenteric Lymph Nodes in Crohn Disease.

Gwendalyn J Randolph, Shashi Bala, Jean-François Rahier, Michael W Johnson, Peter L Wang, ILKe Nalbantoglu, Laurent Dubuquoy, Amélie Chau, Benjamin Pariente, Alex Kartheuser, Bernd H Zinselmeyer, Jean-Frederic Colombel,

Early pathological descriptions of Crohn disease (CD) argued for a potential defect in lymph transport; however, this concept has not been thoroughly investigated. In mice, poor healing in response to infection-induced tissue damage can cause hyperpermeable lymphatic collecting vessels in mesenteric adipose tissue that impair antigen and immune cell access ... Read more >>

Am. J. Pathol. (The American journal of pathology)
[2016, 186(12):3066-3073]

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Intestinal epithelial HuR modulates distinct pathways of proliferation and apoptosis and attenuates small intestinal and colonic tumor development.

Antonina Giammanco, Valerie Blanc, Grace Montenegro, Coen Klos, Yan Xie, Susan Kennedy, Jianyang Luo, Sung-Hee Chang, Timothy Hla, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Sekhar Dharmarajan, Nicholas O Davidson,

HuR is a ubiquitous nucleocytoplasmic RNA-binding protein that exerts pleiotropic effects on cell growth and tumorigenesis. In this study, we explored the impact of conditional, tissue-specific genetic deletion of HuR on intestinal growth and tumorigenesis in mice. Mice lacking intestinal expression of HuR (Hur (IKO) mice) displayed reduced levels of ... Read more >>

Cancer Res (Cancer research)
[2014, 74(18):5322-5335]

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Hepatic small vessel neoplasm, a rare infiltrative vascular neoplasm of uncertain malignant potential.

Ryan M Gill, Benjamin Buelow, Cheryl Mather, Nancy M Joseph, Venancio Alves, Elizabeth M Brunt, Ta-Chiang Liu, Hala Makhlouf, Celia Marginean, ILKe Nalbantoglu, Christine Sempoux, Dale C Snover, Swan N Thung, Matthew M Yeh, Linda D Ferrell,

Characteristic but rare vascular neoplasms in the adult liver composed of small vessels with an infiltrative border were collected from an international group of collaborators over a 5-year period (N=17). These tumors were termed hepatic small vessel neoplasm (HSVN), and the histologic differential diagnosis was angiosarcoma (AS). The average age ... Read more >>

Hum Pathol (Human pathology)
[2016, 54:143-151]

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Advanced colorectal adenomas in patients under 45 years of age are mostly sporadic.

Vladimir M Kushnir, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Rao Watson, Jonathan Goodwin, Elyas Safar, Reena V Chokshi, Riad R Azar, Nicholas O Davidson,

The presence of advanced adenomas in younger individuals is a criterion for Lynch syndrome (LS). However, the utility of screening advanced adenomas for loss of mismatch repair (MMR) protein expression to identify suspected LS remains unclear.Determine the prevalence of MMR defects to understand whether these patients harbor a defined genetic ... Read more >>

Dig Dis Sci (Digestive diseases and sciences)
[2014, 59(11):2757-2764]

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Liver fatty acid-binding protein (L-Fabp) modifies intestinal fatty acid composition and adenoma formation in ApcMin/+ mice.

Sekhar Dharmarajan, Elizabeth P Newberry, Grace Montenegro, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Victoria R Davis, Michael J Clanahan, Valerie Blanc, Yan Xie, Jianyang Luo, James W Fleshman, Susan Kennedy, Nicholas O Davidson,

Evidence suggests a relationship between dietary fat intake, obesity, and colorectal cancer, implying a role for fatty acid metabolism in intestinal tumorigenesis that is incompletely understood. Liver fatty acid-binding protein (L-Fabp), a dominant intestinal fatty acid-binding protein, regulates intestinal fatty acid trafficking and metabolism, and L-Fabp deletion attenuates diet-induced obesity. ... Read more >>

Cancer Prev Res (Phila) (Cancer prevention research (Philadelphia, Pa.))
[2013, 6(10):1026-1037]

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Positron emission tomography with [(18)F]-3'-deoxy-3'fluorothymidine (FLT) as a predictor of outcome in patients with locally advanced resectable rectal cancer: a pilot study.

Farrokh Dehdashti, Perry W Grigsby, Robert J Myerson, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Changqing Ma, Barry A Siegel,

PURPOSE:This pilot study was performed to evaluate whether tumor uptake of (18)F-labeled 3'-deoxy-3'fluorothymidine (FLT), a proliferative radiotracer, at baseline and early during therapy, is predictive of outcome in locally advanced rectal cancer. PROCEDURES:Fourteen patients underwent positron emission tomography (PET) with 2-deoxy-2-[(18)F]fluoro-D-glucose (FDG) and FLT before therapy and PET with FLT ... Read more >>

Mol Imaging Biol (Molecular imaging and biology)
[2013, 15(1):106-113]

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Characterization of Colorectal Cancer Development in Apc (min/+) Mice.

ILKe Nalbantoglu, Valerie Blanc, Nicholas O Davidson,

The Apc (min/+) mouse provides an excellent experimental model for studying genetic, environmental, and therapeutic aspects of intestinal neoplasia in humans. In this chapter, we will describe techniques for studying colon cancer development in Apc (min/+) mice on C57BL/6J (B6) background, focusing on the roles of environmental modifiers, including Dextran ... Read more >>

Methods Mol Biol (Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.))
[2016, 1422:309-327]

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Gastrointestinal Parasitosis: Histopathological Insights to Rare but Intriguing Lesions of the Gastrointestinal Tract.

Burçin Pehlivanoğlu, Başak Doğanavşargil, Murat Sezak, İlke Nalbantoğlu, Metin Korkmaz,

Gastrointestinal parasitosis is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. Definitive diagnosis is usually made by stool tests and/or serology but may require tissue evaluation. Although pathologists are usually familiar with common parasites, it is not well established whether the diagnosis could be suspected without seeing the "parasite" itself.Resection or ... Read more >>

Turk Patoloji Derg (Turk patoloji dergisi)
[2016, 32(2):82-90]

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Outcomes Using Grafts from Donors after Cardiac Death.

M B Majella Doyle, Kelly Collins, Neeta Vachharajani, Jeffrey A Lowell, Surendra Shenoy, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Kathleen Byrnes, Jacqueline Garonzik-Wang, Jason Wellen, Yiing Lin, William C Chapman,

Previous reports suggest that donation after cardiac death (DCD) liver grafts have increased primary nonfunction (PNF) and cholangiopathy thought to be due to the graft warm ischemia before cold flushing.In this single-center, retrospective study, 866 adult liver transplantations were performed at our institution from January 2005 to August 2014. Forty-nine ... Read more >>

J. Am. Coll. Surg. (Journal of the American College of Surgeons)
[2015, 221(1):142-152]

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IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis in the absence of autoimmune pancreatitis mimicking extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

Jingmei Lin, Oscar W Cummings, Joel K Greenson, Michael G House, Xiuli Liu, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Rish Pai, Darell D Davidson, Sarah A Reuss,

IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis in extrahepatic bile ducts in the absence of autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP) is rare and is poorly studied. Herein, we present the clinicopathological features of four cases of IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis.The clinicopathological features of IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis were compared with those of IgG4-related sclerosing cholangitis with AIP (n ... Read more >>

Scand. J. Gastroenterol. (Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology)
[2015, 50(4):447-453]

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Differential expression of miR-31 between inflammatory bowel disease and microscopic colitis.

Chen Zhang, Zijin Zhao, Hany Osman, Rao Watson, Ilke Nalbantoglu, Jingmei Lin,

BACKGROUND:Idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and microscopic colitis (MC) are distinct entities. However, patients with intermittent episodes of IBD and MC that are encountered in a clinical setting puzzle clinicians and pathologists. This study examined whether microRNA assisted in the classification of IBD and MC. DESIGN:Small RNA was extracted from ... Read more >>

Microrna (MicroRNA (Shariqah, United Arab Emirates))
[2014, 3(3):155-159]

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Role of liver biopsy in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

I L Ke Nalbantoglu, Elizabeth M Brunt,

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), defined as abnormal accumulation (> 5%) of hepatic triglyceride without excess alcohol intake, is the most common form of chronic liver disease in adults and children in the United States. NAFLD encompasses a spectrum of histologic findings including uncomplicated steatosis, steatosis with inflammation and steatohepatitis ... Read more >>

World J. Gastroenterol. (World journal of gastroenterology)
[2014, 20(27):9026-9037]

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