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Molecular pathways underlying tissue injuries in the bladder with ketamine cystitis.

Xiang Xie, Jiayu Liang, Run Huang, Chuang Luo, Jiali Yang, Hongming Xing, Le Zhou, Han Qiao, Erti Ergu, Huan Chen,

Ketamine cystitis (KC) is a chronic bladder inflammation leading to urinary urgency, frequency, and pain. The pathogenesis of KC is complicated and involves multiple tissue injuries in the bladder. Recent studies indicated that urothelium disruption, lamina propria fibrosis and inflammation, microvascular injury, neuropathological alterations, and bladder smooth muscle (BSM) abnormalities ... Read more >>

FASEB J (FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
[2021, 35(7):e21703]

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