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Primary urethral squamous cell carcinoma: a unique manifestation of a penile tumor.

Isabelle Antwerpen, Lukas Gstrein, Linda Moskovszky, Hans Martin Gissler, Tilmann Möltgen, Maciej Kwiatkowski, Stephen Wyler, Matthias Walter,

This case report describes a unique manifestation of a primary urethral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) as the underlying pathology in an 80-year-old male patient who underwent partial penectomy due to an enlarging penile mass. Persistent pain in the right knee was discovered to be a pathologic fracture using magnetic resonance ... Read more >>

J Int Med Res (The Journal of international medical research)
[2019, 47(2):999-1004]

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Renal pseudoaneuryms and pulmonary embolism: A unique manifestation of complications following blunt renal trauma.

Lukas Gstrein, Isabelle Antwerpen, Hans Martin Gissler, Maciej Kwiatkowski, Stephen Wyler, Matthias Walter,

This case report presents a unique manifestation of complications in a 71-year-old man following blunt renal trauma. Initially, computed tomography (CT) revealed a traumatic left kidney laceration. Hematuria ceased quickly after ureteral stent placement. One week later, hematuria reoccurred while the patient was treated for pulmonary embolism. Multiphase CT revealed ... Read more >>

Urol Case Rep (Urology case reports)
[2019, 24:100835]

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Safety and effectiveness of the Phoenix Atherectomy System in lower extremity arteries: Early and midterm outcomes from the prospective multicenter EASE study.

Thomas Davis, Venkatesh Ramaiah, Khusrow Niazi, Hans Martin Gissler, Tami Crabtree,

Objectives To evaluate the novel Phoenix Atherectomy System as percutaneous treatment of de novo and restenotic infrainguinal arterial lesions. Methods This prospective, multicenter, nonrandomized investigational device exemption trial was conducted across 16 US and German centers between August 2010 and April 2013. Intention-to-treat enrollment was 128 patients (mean age: 71.8 ... Read more >>

Vascular (Vascular)
[2017, 25(6):563-575]

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Self-Expanding Versus Balloon-Expandable Stents for Iliac Artery Occlusive Disease: The Randomized ICE Trial.

Hans Krankenberg, Thomas Zeller, Maja Ingwersen, Josefin Schmalstieg, Hans Martin Gissler, Sigrid Nikol, Iris Baumgartner, Nicolas Diehm, Estell Nickling, Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, Rainer Schmiedel, Giovanni Torsello, Willibald Hochholzer, Christian Stelzner, Klaus Brechtel, Wulf Ito, Ralph Kickuth, Erwin Blessing, Marcus Thieme, Jaroslaw Nakonieczny, Thomas Nolte, Ragnar Gareis, Harald Boden, Sebastian Sixt,

<h4>Objectives</h4>Atherosclerosis of iliac arteries is widespread. As inflow vessels, they are of great clinical significance and increasingly being treated by endovascular means. Most commonly, stents are implanted.<h4>Background</h4>So far, due to a lack of comparative data, no guideline recommendations on the preferable stent type, balloon-expandable stent (BE) or self-expanding stent (SE), ... Read more >>

JACC Cardiovasc Interv (JACC. Cardiovascular interventions)
[2017, 10(16):1694-1704]

Cited: 15 times

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MISAGO 2: one-year outcomes after implantation of the Misago self-expanding nitinol stent in the superficial femoral and popliteal arteries of 744 patients.

Karl-Ludwig Schulte, Ivan Kralj, Hans Martin Gissler, Luis Alberto Bagnaschino, Ivo Buschmann, Jean-Marc Pernès, Patrick Haage, Peter Goverde, Jean-Paul Beregi, Martin Válka, Jaroslav Boudny, Thomas Geibel, Marek Velkoborsky, Markus Zähringer, Christian Paetzel, Fabrizio Fanelli, Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, Thomas Zeller, Ralf Langhoff,

<h4>Purpose</h4>To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Misago self-expanding rapid-exchange nitinol stent system for the treatment of femoropopliteal occlusive disease in a prospective multicenter observational trial (ClinicalTrials.gov; identifier NCT01118117).<h4>Methods</h4>Between April and October 2008, the registry enrolled 744 patients (496 men; 69 ± 10 years) who had symptomatic ≥ 70% ... Read more >>

J Endovasc Ther (Journal of endovascular therapy : an official journal of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists)
[2012, 19(6):774-784]

Cited: 24 times

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Nitinol stent implantation in long superficial femoral artery lesions: 12-month results of the DURABILITY I study.

Marc Bosiers, Giovanni Torsello, Hans-Martin Gissler, Johannes Ruef, Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, Thomas Jahnke, Patrick Peeters, Kim Daenens, Johannes Lammer, Herman Schroë, Klaus Mathias, Renate Koppensteiner, Frank Vermassen, Dierk Scheinert,

<h4>Purpose</h4>To evaluate the long-term efficacy and integrity of the PROTEGE EverFlex stent in superficial femoral artery (SFA) lesions in symptomatic patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).<h4>Methods</h4>A prospective, multicenter, nonrandomized study enrolled 151 subjects (111 men; mean age 67.8 years, range 42-93) undergoing percutaneous treatment of de novo, restenotic, or reoccluded ... Read more >>

J Endovasc Ther (Journal of endovascular therapy : an official journal of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists)
[2009, 16(3):261-269]

Cited: 98 times

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