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Effects of mancozeb, metalaxyl and tebuconazole on steroid production by bovine luteal cells in vitro.

Nurgul Atmaca, Sevket Arikan, Dinc Essiz, Hakan Kalender, Ozkan Simsek, Fatih Sultan Bilmen, Ruhi Kabakci,

Mancozeb, metalaxyl and tebucanazole are widely used pesticides in agriculture and industry to treat plant pathogenic fungi. Livestock may be exposed to such substances by consuming contaminated plants. The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of these three fungicides on bovine luteal cell steroidogenesis. Luteal slices from mid-cycle ... Read more >>

Environ Toxicol Pharmacol (Environmental toxicology and pharmacology)
[2018, 59:114-118]

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A rare case of feline congenital Toxoplasma gondii infection: fatal outcome of systemic toxoplasmosis for the mother and its kitten.

Hasan Tarik Atmaca, Gungor Cagdas Dincel, Hasan Ceyhun Macun, Osman Safa Terzi, Tuba Uzunalioglu, Hakan Kalender, Oguz Kul,

This report describes a case of fatal systemic toxoplasmosis in a 2.5-year-old mixed breed pregnant cat and its kittens. The pregnant cat was presented to the gynecology clinic with symptoms of dystocia. The ultrasound examination revealed the presence of five fetuses in the uterus, three of which were not alive, ... Read more >>

Berl Munch Tierarztl Wochenschr (Berliner und Munchener tierarztliche Wochenschrift)
[2013, 126(5-6):216-219]

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Identification by culture, PCR, and immunohistochemistry of mycoplasmas and their molecular typing in sheep and lamb lungs with pneumonia in Eastern Turkey.

Ayşe Kılıc, Hakan Kalender, Hatice Eroksuz, Adile Muz, Bülent Tasdemir,

This study used cultures, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and immunoperoxidase to examine samples from 216 lungs from sheep and lambs with macroscopic pneumonia lesions for the presence of Mycoplasma species. DNA was extracted from lung tissue samples and broth cultures with the help of a DNA extraction kit and replicated ... Read more >>

Trop Anim Health Prod (Tropical animal health and production)
[2013, 45(7):1525-1531]

Cited: 6 times

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Antimicrobial susceptibilities, phage types, and molecular characterization of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis from chickens and chicken meat in turkey.

Hakan Kalender, Selahattin Sen, Henrik Hasman, Rene S Hendriksen, Frank M Aarestrup,

Thirty-eight Salmonella Enteritidis isolates from chickens and chicken meat in Turkey were examined for antimicrobial susceptibility, XbaI pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) patterns, phage types, plasmid profiles, and resistance genes. Seven different PFGE patterns were observed, with the most common accounting for 71% (X1). The most common phage type was PT4, ... Read more >>

Foodborne Pathog Dis (Foodborne pathogens and disease)
[2009, 6(3):265-271]

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Neospora caninum associated with epidemic abortions in dairy cattle: the first clinical neosporosis report in Turkey.

Oğuz Kul, Nalan Kabakci, Kader Yildiz, Naci Ocal, Hakan Kalender, N Aycan Ilkme,

Neospora caninum, a protozoan parasite, has been considered as one of the most important etiological agents responsible for abortion in dairy cattle throughout the world since it was first identified in dogs in 1988. In this report, characteristics of neosporosis, detected in a dairy cow ranch having epidemic abortions as ... Read more >>

Vet Parasitol (Veterinary parasitology)
[2009, 159(1):69-72]

Cited: 10 times

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Ultrastructure of rat pup's Purkinje neurons whose mothers were exposed to ethanol during pregnancy and lactation.

Mete Köksal, Celal Ilgaz, Deniz Erdogan, Candan Ozogul, Ebru K Tong, Hakan Kalender,

This study was intended to investigate the effects of alcohol on the ultrastructure of fetal cerebellar Purkinje cells. Twelve adult female rats of Sprague-Dawley species were utilized. Control and experiment groups were formed. Rats were made pregnant. Rats in experiment group were administered liquid diet containing 6% alcohol. Cerebellums of ... Read more >>

Int J Neurosci (The International journal of neuroscience)
[2005, 115(12):1669-1686]

Cited: 2 times

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