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Brn3a/Pou4f1 Functions as a Tumor Suppressor by Targeting c-MET/STAT3 Signaling in Thyroid Cancer.

Seung-Nam Jung, Yea Eun Kang, Gun Ho Lee, Lihua Liu, Chan Oh, Yan Li Jin, Mi Ae Lim, Kyungmin Lee, Taejeong Oh, Ho-Ryun Won, Jae Won Chang, Bon Seok Koo,

BACKGROUND:Brn3a/Pou4f1 is a class IV POU domain-containing transcription factor and has been found to be expressed in a variety of cancers. However, the mechanism and action of Brn3a in thyroid cancer has not been investigated. PURPOSE:To investigate the role of Brn3a in thyroid cancer progression and its clinical implication. METHODS:We ... Read more >>

J Clin Endocrinol Metab (The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism)
[2020, 105(9):]

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Genetic disease and intellectual disability as contraindications to transplant listing in the United States: A survey of heart, kidney, liver, and lung transplant programs.

Anji Wall, Gun Ho Lee, Jose Maldonado, David Magnus,

Discrimination based on disability is prohibited in organ transplantation, yet studies suggest it continues in listing practices for intellectual disability and genetic diseases. It is not known if this differs between adult and pediatric programs, or by organ type. We performed an online, forced-choice survey of psychosocial listing criteria for ... Read more >>

Pediatr Transplant (Pediatric transplantation)
[2020, 24(7):e13837]

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Fluorescent Polymer-MoS2-Embedded Microgels for Photothermal Heating and Colorimetric Monitoring.

Chan Ho Park, Taewan Kim, Gun Ho Lee, Kang Hee Ku, Shin-Hyun Kim, Bumjoon J Kim,

Photothermal heating with accurate monitoring of local temperature in complex biological fluids is crucial for therapeutic accuracy. Herein, photothermal microgels are developed to heat microscopic volumes through photothermal conversion and report the local temperature with a colorimetric response. The microgels consist of poly(ethylene glycol)-based hydrogels, which integrate temperature-responsive block-copolymer-grafted MoS2 ... Read more >>

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (ACS applied materials & interfaces)
[2020, 12(31):35415-35423]

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Evidence-based, Skin-directed Treatments for Cutaneous Chronic Graft-versus-host Disease.

Yoo Jung Kim, Gun Ho Lee, Bernice Y Kwong, Kathryn J Martires,

Chronic graft-versus host disease (cGVHD) occurs in 30% to 70% of patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT). Cutaneous cGVHD affects 75% of cGVHD patients, causing discomfort, limiting the range of movement, and increasing the risk of wound infections. Furthermore, systemic immunosuppression is often needed to treat cGVHD and long-term use ... Read more >>

Cureus (Cureus)
[2019, 11(12):e6462]

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Medical Contraindications to Transplant Listing in the USA: A Survey of Adult and Pediatric Heart, Kidney, Liver, and Lung Programs.

Anji Wall, Gun Ho Lee, Jose Maldonado, David Magnus,

INTRODUCTION:Listing practices for solid organ transplantation are variable across programs in the USA. To better characterize this variability, we performed a survey of psychosocial listing criteria for pediatric and adult heart, lung, liver, and kidney programs in the USA. In this manuscript, we report our results regarding listing practices with ... Read more >>

World J Surg (World journal of surgery)
[2019, 43(9):2300-2308]

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Angiodestructive lymphomatoid papulosis lasting more than 45 years.

Gun Ho Lee, Gordon H Bae, Kerri E Rieger, Youn H Kim, Albert S Chiou,

JAAD Case Rep (JAAD case reports)
[2019, 5(9):767-769]

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Photonic Capsule Sensors with Built-In Colloidal Crystallites.

Tae Min Choi, Kwanghwi Je, Jin-Gyu Park, Gun Ho Lee, Shin-Hyun Kim,

Technologies to monitor microenvironmental conditions and its spatial distribution are in high demand, yet remain unmet need. Herein, photonic microsensors are designed in a capsule format that can be injected, suspended, and implanted in any target volume. Colorimetric sensors are loaded in the core of microcapsules by assembling core-shell colloids ... Read more >>

Adv. Mater. Weinheim (Advanced materials (Deerfield Beach, Fla.))
[2018, 30(43):e1803387]

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Transferrable Plasmonic Au Thin Film Containing Sub-20 nm Nanohole Array Constructed via High-Resolution Polymer Self-Assembly and Nanotransfer Printing.

Soonmin Yim, Suwan Jeon, Jong Min Kim, Kwang Min Baek, Gun Ho Lee, Hyowook Kim, Jonghwa Shin, Yeon Sik Jung,

The fabrication and characterization of nanoscale hole arrays (NHA) have been extensively performed for a variety of unique characteristics including extraordinary optical transmission phenomenon observed for plasmonic NHAs. Although the size miniaturization and hole densification are strongly required for enhancement of high-frequency optical responses, from a practical point-of-view, it is ... Read more >>

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces (ACS applied materials & interfaces)
[2018, 10(3):2216-2223]

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Severe, early axonal degeneration following experimental anterior ischemic optic neuropathy.

Gun Ho Lee, Madison P Stanford, Mohammad A Shariati, Jeffrey H Ma, Yaping Joyce Liao,

PURPOSE: Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) is the most common acute optic neuropathy in adults older than 50 and leads to axonal degeneration, thinning of the retinal nerve fiber layer and loss of the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs). We used experimental AION model to study early axonal changes following ischemia. ... Read more >>

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (Investigative ophthalmology & visual science)
[2014, 55(11):7111-7118]

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Overexpression of malic enzyme in the larval stage extends Drosophila lifespan.

Gye-Hyeong Kim, Young-Eun Lee, Gun-Ho Lee, Youn-Ho Cho, Young-Nam Lee, Yeogil Jang, Donggi Paik, Joong-Jean Park,

Metabolic modifications during the developmental period can extend longevity. We found that malic enzyme (Men) overexpression during the larval period lengthened the lifespan of Drosophila. Men overexpression by S106-GeneSwitch-Gal4 driver increased pyruvate content and NADPH/NADP(+) ratio but reduced triglyceride, glycogen, and ATP levels in the larvae. ROS levels increased unexpectedly ... Read more >>

Biochem Biophys Res Commun (Biochemical and biophysical research communications)
[2015, 456(2):676-682]

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In vivo genotoxicity evaluation of lung cells from Fischer 344 rats following 28 days of inhalation exposure to MWCNTs, plus 28 days and 90 days post-exposure.

Jin Sik Kim, Jae Hyuck Sung, Byung Gil Choi, Hyeon Yeol Ryu, Kyung Seuk Song, Jae Hoon Shin, Jong Seong Lee, Joo Hwan Hwang, Ji Hyun Lee, Gun Ho Lee, Kisoo Jeon, Kang Ho Ahn, Il Je Yu,

Despite their useful physico-chemical properties, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) continue to cause concern over occupational and human health due to their structural similarity to asbestos. Thus, to evaluate the toxic and genotoxic effect of multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) on lung cells in vivo, eight-week-old rats were divided into four groups (each ... Read more >>

Inhal Toxicol (Inhalation toxicology)
[2014, 26(4):222-234]

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Antitumor effects of flavopiridol on human uterine leiomyoma in vitro and in a xenograft model.

Hyun-Gyo Lee, Jong-Woo Baek, So-Jin Shin, Sang-Hoon Kwon, Soon-Do Cha, Won-Jin Park, Rosa Chung, Eun-Som Choi, Gun-Ho Lee, Chi-Heum Cho,

Dysregulated cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) are considered a potential target for cancer therapy. Flavopiridol is a potent CDK inhibitor. In this study, the antiproliferative effect of the flavonoid compound flavopiridol and its mechanism in human uterine leiomyoma cells were investigated. The present study focused on the effect of flavopiridol in cell ... Read more >>

Reprod Sci (Reproductive sciences (Thousand Oaks, Calif.))
[2014, 21(9):1153-1160]

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Salinomycin inhibits Akt/NF-κB and induces apoptosis in cisplatin resistant ovarian cancer cells.

Bidur Parajuli, Hyun-Gyo Lee, Sang-Hoon Kwon, Soon-Do Cha, So-Jin Shin, Gun-Ho Lee, Insoo Bae, Chi-Heum Cho,

BACKGROUND: Despite advances in treatment, ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy. Therefore significant efforts are being made to develop novel strategies for the treatment of ovarian cancer. Salinomycin has been shown to be highly effective in the elimination of cancer stem cells both in vitro and in vivo. ... Read more >>

Cancer Epidemiol (Cancer epidemiology)
[2013, 37(4):512-517]

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Comparison of dilatation & curettage and endometrial aspiration biopsy accuracy in patients treated with high-dose oral progestin plus levonorgestrel intrauterine system for early-stage endometrial cancer.

Mi Kyoung Kim, Seok Ju Seong, Taejong Song, Mi-La Kim, Bo Sung Yoon, Hye Sun Jun, Gun Ho Lee, Yoon Hee Lee,

OBJECTIVE: To compare the diagnostic accuracy of dilatation & curettage (D&C) vs. endometrial aspiration biopsy in follow-up evaluation of patients treated with high-dose oral progestin plus levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) for early-stage endometrial cancer (EC). METHOD: A prospective observational study was conducted with 11 patients with FIGO grade 1 or ... Read more >>

Gynecol. Oncol. (Gynecologic oncology)
[2013, 130(3):470-473]

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Regulatory role of osteopontin in malignant transformation of endometrial cancer.

Sabarish Ramachandran, Kun-Young Kwon, So-Jin Shin, Sang-Hoon Kwon, Soon-Do Cha, Hyun-Gyo Lee, Young-Bin Hong, Insoo Bae, Gun-Ho Lee, Chi-Heum Cho,

Osteopontin (OPN) involves in the tumor-promoting or metastasis in human endometrial cancer. Depletion of OPN gene expression in endometrial cancer cells was significantly decreased in cell viability and the cells undergo apoptotic cell death. The status of OPN in THESC, RL95, Hec1A and Ishikawa cell lines were analyzed by RT-PCR ... Read more >>

Mol. Biol. Rep. (Molecular biology reports)
[2013, 40(5):3623-3629]

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Pattern of expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in malignant transformation of sinonasal inverted papilloma.

Gun-Ho Lee, Yeo-Hoon Yoon, Yong Min Kim, Min-Kyung Yeo, Zhe Long Liang, Jin-Man Kim, Ki-Sang Rha,

OBJECTIVE: Cyclooxygenases (COXs) are enzymes that catalyze the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandins. Many studies have suggested that COX-2, the inducible form of COX, is important in carcinogenesis. However, little is known about the pattern of expression of COX-2 in a multistep process of malignant transformation of sinonasal inverted ... Read more >>

Am J Otolaryngol (American journal of otolaryngology)
[2012, 33(5):585-589]

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Persistent DNA damage measured by comet assay of Sprague Dawley rat lung cells after five days of inhalation exposure and 1 month post-exposure to dispersed multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) generated by new MWCNT aerosol generation system.

Jin Sik Kim, Jae Huyck Sung, Kyung Seuk Song, Ji Hyun Lee, Sun Man Kim, Gun Ho Lee, Kang Ho Ahn, Jong Seong Lee, Jae Hoon Shin, Jung Duck Park, Il Je Yu,

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have specific physico-chemical properties that are useful for the electronics, automotive, and construction industries. Yet, despite their many advantages, there is a current lack of available information on the human health and environmental hazards of CNTs. For this reason, the current study investigated the inhalation toxicity potential ... Read more >>

Toxicol. Sci. (Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology)
[2012, 128(2):439-448]

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The efficacy and safety of inflatable obstetric belts for management of the second stage of labor.

Jin Hee Kang, Gun Ho Lee, Young Bae Park, Hye Sun Jun, Kyoung Jin Lee, Won Bo Hahn, Sang Won Park, Hee Jin Park, Dong Hyun Cha,

This study was designed to assess the effect of inflatable obstetric belts on uterine fundal pressure in the management of the second stage of labor. One hundred twenty-three nulliparas with a singleton cephalic pregnancy at term were randomized. Standard care was performed in the control group, and uterine fundal pressure ... Read more >>

J. Korean Med. Sci. (Journal of Korean medical science)
[2009, 24(5):951-955]

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Prophylactic lymphadenectomy of neck level II in clinically node-positive papillary thyroid carcinoma.

Bon Seok Koo, Sung-Tae Seo, Gun-Ho Lee, Jin-Man Kim, Eun Chang Choi, Young Chang Lim,

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to examine the frequency, pattern, and predictive factors associated with occult level II lymph node (LN) metastases in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) patients with clinically metastatic lymph nodes in the lateral neck (level III, IV, and/or V) by preoperative ultrasonography. METHODS: We retrospectively ... Read more >>

Ann. Surg. Oncol. (Annals of surgical oncology)
[2010, 17(6):1637-1641]

Cited: 8 times

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