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Epidemiology and complications of late-onset sepsis: an Italian area-based study.

Alberto Berardi, Francesca Sforza, Lorenza Baroni, Caterina Spada, Simone Ambretti, Giacomo Biasucci, Serenella Bolognesi, Mariagrazia Capretti, Edoardo Carretto, Matilde Ciccia, Marcello Lanari, Maria Federica Pedna, Vittoria Rizzo, Claudia Venturelli, Crisoula Tzialla, Laura Lucaccioni, Maria Letizia Bacchi Reggiani,

BACKGROUND:Most studies regarding late-onset sepsis (LOS) address selected populations (i.e., neonates with low birth weight or extremely preterm neonates). Studying all age groups is more suitable to assess the burden of single pathogens and their clinical relevance. METHODS:This is a retrospective regional study involving paediatric departments and NICUs in Emilia-Romagna ... Read more >>

PLoS ONE (PloS one)
[2019, 14(11):e0225407]

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