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Surface plasmon resonance imaging coupled to on-chip mass spectrometry: a new tool to probe protein-GAG interactions.

Cédric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, Els Saesen, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Régis Daniel,

A biosensor device for the detection and characterization of protein-glycosaminoglycan interactions is being actively sought and constitutes the key to identifying specific carbohydrate ligands, an important issue in glycoscience. Mass spectrometry (MS) hyphenated methods are promising approaches for carbohydrate enrichment and subsequent structural characterization. In the study herein, we report ... Read more >>

Anal Bioanal Chem (Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry)
[2020, 412(2):507-519]

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A novel CFHR1-CFHR5 hybrid leads to a familial dominant C3 glomerulopathy.

Shambhuprasad K Togarsimalemath, Sidharth K Sethi, Rajan Duggal, Moglie Le Quintrec, Pranaw Jha, Régis Daniel, Florence Gonnet, Shyam Bansal, Lubka T Roumenina, Veronique Fremeaux-Bacchi, Vijay Kher, Marie-Agnes Dragon-Durey,

The intrinsic similarity shared between the members of the complement factor H family, which comprises complement factor H and five complement factor H-related (CFHR) genes, leads to various recombination events. In turn these events lead to deletions of some genes or abnormal proteins, which are found in patients with atypical ... Read more >>

Kidney Int (Kidney international)
[2017, 92(4):876-887]

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Interaction of TiO2 nanoparticles with proteins from aquatic organisms: the case of gill mucus from blue mussel.

Adeline Bourgeault, Véronique Legros, Florence Gonnet, Regis Daniel, Aurélie Paquirissamy, Clémence Bénatar, Olivier Spalla, Corinne Chanéac, Jean-Philippe Renault, Serge Pin,

To better understand the mechanisms of TiO<sub>2</sub> nanoparticle (NP) uptake and toxicity in aquatic organisms, we investigated the interaction of NPs with the proteins found in gill mucus from blue mussels. Mucus is secreted by many aquatic organisms and is often their first line of defense against pathogens, xenobiotics, and ... Read more >>

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int (Environmental science and pollution research international)
[2017, 24(15):13474-13483]

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The chondroitin sulfate/dermatan sulfate 4-O-endosulfatase from marine bacterium Vibrio sp FC509 is a dimeric species: Biophysical characterization of an endosulfatase.

José L Neira, Encarnación Medina-Carmona, José G Hernández-Cifre, Laia Montoliu-Gaya, Ana Cámara-Artigás, Ilham Seffouh, Florence Gonnet, Régis Daniel, Sandra Villegas, José García de la Torre, Angel L Pey, Fuchuan Li,

Sulfatases catalyze hydrolysis of sulfate groups. They have a key role in regulating the sulfation states that determine the function of several scaffold molecules. Currently, there are no studies of the conformational stability of endosulfatases. In this work, we describe the structural features and conformational stability of a 4-O-endosulfatase (EndoV) ... Read more >>

Biochimie (Biochimie)
[2016, 131:85-95]

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Efficient recovery of glycosaminoglycan oligosaccharides from polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis combined with mass spectrometry analysis.

Pierre-Edouard Bodet, Isabelle Salard, Cédric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, Cathy Gomila, Jèrôme Ausseil, Régis Daniel,

To promote efficient separation and structural analysis of glycosaminoglycan oligosaccharides, we developed a straightforward method that combined gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry (MS). Potential limitations of this approach (e.g., low extraction yields and weak compatibility with MS) were resolved by developing an active extraction procedure that yielded a quantitative amount ... Read more >>

Anal Bioanal Chem (Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry)
[2017, 409(5):1257-1269]

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Probing the solution structure of Factor H using hydroxyl radical protein footprinting and cross-linking.

Anna Baud, Florence Gonnet, Isabelle Salard, Maxime Le Mignon, Alexandre Giuliani, Pascal Mercère, Bianca Sclavi, Régis Daniel,

The control protein Factor H (FH) is a crucial regulator of the innate immune complement system, where it is active on host cell membranes and in the fluid phase. Mutations impairing the binding capacity of FH lead to severe autoimmune diseases. Here, we studied the solution structure of full-length FH, ... Read more >>

Biochem J (The Biochemical journal)
[2016, 473(12):1805-1819]

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The nano-bio interface mapped by oxidative footprinting of the adsorption sites of myoglobin.

Stéphanie Devineau, Christelle Mathé, Véronique Legros, Florence Gonnet, Régis Daniel, Jean Philippe Renault, Serge Pin,

Oxidative footprinting has been used to study the structure of macromolecular assemblies such as protein-protein and protein-ligand complexes. We propose a novel development of this technique to probe the protein corona that forms at the surface of nanoparticles in any biological medium. Indeed, very few techniques allow studying this interface ... Read more >>

Anal Bioanal Chem (Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry)
[2014, 406(30):8037-8040]

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On-line capillary isoelectric focusing hyphenated to native electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the characterization of interferon-γ and variants.

Cédric Przybylski, Meriem Mokaddem, Mehdi Prull-Janssen, Els Saesen, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Florence Gonnet, Anne Varenne, Régis Daniel,

The on-line hyphenation of Capillary IsoElectric Focusing (CIEF) with ElectroSpray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (ESI/MS) has been carried out in a non-denaturing detection mode at the CIEF-MS interface. This CIEF-MS coupling methodology relied on the use of 40% glycerol-water medium as anti-convective agent in the CE capillary and the addition of ... Read more >>

Analyst (The Analyst)
[2015, 140(2):543-550]

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Biomarkers probed in saliva by surface plasmon resonance imaging coupled to matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry in array format.

Johana Musso, William Buchmann, Florence Gonnet, Nathalie Jarroux, Sophie Bellon, Chiraz Frydman, Didier-Luc Brunet, Regis Daniel,

Detection of protein biomarkers is of major interest in proteomics. This work reports the analysis of protein biomarkers directly from a biological fluid, human saliva, by surface plasmon resonance imaging coupled to mass spectrometry (SPRi-MS), using a functionalized biochip in an array format enabling multiplex SPR-MS analysis. The SPR biochip ... Read more >>

Anal Bioanal Chem (Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry)
[2015, 407(5):1285-1294]

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Capillary zone electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry for analyzing qualitative and quantitative variations in therapeutic albumin.

Anne-Lise Marie, Cédric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, Régis Daniel, Rémi Urbain, Guillaume Chevreux, Sylvie Jorieux, Myriam Taverna,

The present study describes a reproducible and quantitative capillary zone electrophoresis (CZE) method, which leads to the separation of nine forms (native, oxidized and glycated) of human serum albumin (HSA). In an attempt to identify the different species separated by this CZE method, the capillary electrophoresis was coupled to mass ... Read more >>

Anal Chim Acta (Analytica chimica acta)
[2013, 800:103-110]

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Derivatization strategies for CE-LIF analysis of biomarkers: Toward a clinical diagnostic of familial transthyretin amyloidosis.

Sonia Korchane, Antoine Pallandre, Cédric Przybylski, Christian Poüs, Florence Gonnet, Myriam Taverna, Régis Daniel, Isabelle Le Potier,

We report three derivatization strategies for CE analysis with LIF detection (CE-LIF) of two synthetic peptides mimicking the wild and mutated fragments of interest for the diagnosis of familial transthyretin amyloidosis. The precapillary derivatization of the peptides with three optical tags, 5-carboxytetramethylrhodamin succinimidyl ester (TAMRA-SE), naphtalene-2,3-dicarboxyaldehyde (NDA), and 3-(2-furoyl)quinoline-2-carboxyaldehyde (FQ) ... Read more >>

Electrophoresis (Electrophoresis)
[2014, 35(7):1050-1059]

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Expression of recombinant human complement C1q allows identification of the C1r/C1s-binding sites.

Isabelle Bally, Sarah Ancelet, Christine Moriscot, Florence Gonnet, Alberto Mantovani, Régis Daniel, Guy Schoehn, Gérard J Arlaud, Nicole M Thielens,

Complement C1q is a hexameric molecule assembled from 18 polypeptide chains of three different types encoded by three genes. This versatile recognition protein senses a wide variety of immune and nonimmune ligands, including pathogens and altered self components, and triggers the classical complement pathway through activation of its associated proteases ... Read more >>

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)
[2013, 110(21):8650-8655]

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Critical parameters for the analysis of anionic oligosaccharides by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.

Cédric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, William Buchmann, Régis Daniel,

Sulfated oligosaccharides derived from glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are fragile compounds, highly polar and anionic. We report here on the rare but successful application of desorption electrospray ionization (DESI) - LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometry (MS) to the high-resolution analysis of anionic and sulfated oligosaccharides derived from the GAGs hyaluronic acid and heparin. For ... Read more >>

J Mass Spectrom (Journal of mass spectrometry : JMS)
[2012, 47(8):1047-1058]

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Performance evaluation on a wide set of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization matrices for the detection of oligosaccharides in a high-throughput mass spectrometric screening of carbohydrate depolymerizing enzymes.

David Ropartz, Pierre-Edouard Bodet, Cédric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, Régis Daniel, Maude Fer, William Helbert, Dominique Bertrand, Hélène Rogniaux,

Compared to other analytical methods, matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) presents several unique advantages for the structural characterization of degradation products of carbohydrates. Our final goal is to implement this technique as a high-throughput platform, with the aim of exploring natural bio-diversity to discover new carbohydrate depolymerizing enzymes. ... Read more >>

Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom (Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM)
[2011, 25(14):2059-2070]

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Linking the proteins--elucidation of proteome-scale networks using mass spectrometry.

Delphine Pflieger, Florence Gonnet, Sergio de la Fuente van Bentem, Heribert Hirt, Alberto de la Fuente,

Proteomes are intricate. Typically, thousands of proteins interact through physical association and post-translational modifications (PTMs) to give rise to the emergent functions of cells. Understanding these functions requires one to study proteomes as "systems" rather than collections of individual protein molecules. The abstraction of the interacting proteome to "protein networks" ... Read more >>

Mass Spectrom Rev (Mass spectrometry reviews)
[2011, 30(2):268-297]

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HABA-based ionic liquid matrices for UV-MALDI-MS analysis of heparin and heparan sulfate oligosaccharides.

Cedric Przybylski, Florence Gonnet, David Bonnaffé, Yael Hersant, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Regis Daniel,

Polysulfated carbohydrates such as heparin (HP) and heparan sulfate (HS) are not easily amenable to usual ultraviolet matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-mass spectrometry (UV-MALDI)-MS analysis due to the thermal lability of their O- and N-SO(3) moieties, and their poor ionization efficiency with common crystalline matrices. Recently, ionic liquid matrices showed considerable advantages ... Read more >>

Glycobiology (Glycobiology)
[2010, 20(2):224-234]

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Nanovesicles released by Dictyostelium cells: a potential carrier for drug delivery.

Françoise Lavialle, Sophie Deshayes, Florence Gonnet, Eric Larquet, Sergei G Kruglik, Nicolas Boisset, Régis Daniel, Annette Alfsen, Irène Tatischeff,

Nanovesicles released by Dictyostelium discoideum cells grown in the presence of the DNA-specific dye Hoechst 33342 have been previously shown to mediate the transfer of the dye into the nuclei of Hoechst-resistant cells. The present investigation extends this work by conducting experiments in the presence of hypericin, a fluorescent therapeutic ... Read more >>

Int J Pharm (International journal of pharmaceutics)
[2009, 380(1-2):206-215]

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Sulfated oligosaccharides (heparin and fucoidan) binding and dimerization of stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1/CXCL 12) are coupled as evidenced by affinity CE-MS analysis.

Soraya Fermas, Florence Gonnet, Angela Sutton, Nathalie Charnaux, Barbara Mulloy, Yuguo Du, Françoise Baleux, Régis Daniel,

Chemokine stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) is a potent chemoattractant involved in leukocyte trafficking and metastasis. Heparan sulfate on the cell surface binds SDF-1 and may modulate its function as a coreceptor of this chemokine. A major effect of the glycosaminoglycan binding may be on the quaternary structure of SDF-1, which ... Read more >>

Glycobiology (Glycobiology)
[2008, 18(12):1054-1064]

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The polyethylene oxide capillary coating is compatible with capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry analysis of basic proteins.

Soraya Fermas, Régis Daniel, Florence Gonnet,

Anal Biochem (Analytical biochemistry)
[2008, 372(2):258-260]

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Frontal analysis capillary electrophoresis hyphenated to electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the characterization of the antithrombin/heparin pentasaccharide complex.

Soraya Fermas, Florence Gonnet, Anne Varenne, Pierre Gareil, Régis Daniel,

The interaction of proteins with polysaccharides represents a major and challenging topic in glycobiology, since such complexes mediate fundamental biological mechanisms. A new strategy based on the hyphenation of frontal analysis capillary electrophoresis (FACE) with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESIMS) is reported for the characterization of protein/carbohydrate complexes. While most ... Read more >>

Anal Chem (Analytical chemistry)
[2007, 79(13):4987-4993]

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A spectroscopic and voltammetric study of the pH-dependent Cu(II) coordination to the peptide GGGTH: relevance to the fifth Cu(II) site in the prion protein.

Christelle Hureau, Laurent Charlet, Pierre Dorlet, Florence Gonnet, Lorenzo Spadini, Elodie Anxolabéhère-Mallart, Jean-Jacques Girerd,

The GGGTH sequence has been proposed to be the minimal sequence involved in the binding of a fifth Cu(II) ion in addition to the octarepeat region of the prion protein (PrP) which binds four Cu(II) ions. Coordination of Cu(II) by the N- and C-protected Ac-GGGTH-NH(2) pentapeptide (P(5)) was investigated by ... Read more >>

J Biol Inorg Chem (Journal of biological inorganic chemistry : JBIC : a publication of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry)
[2006, 11(6):735-744]

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Mass spectrometry analysis of the oligomeric C1q protein reveals the B chain as the target of trypsin cleavage and interaction with fucoidan.

Bérangère Tissot, Florence Gonnet, Alban Iborra, Christian Berthou, Nicole Thielens, Gérard J Arlaud, Régis Daniel,

C1q is a subunit of the C1 complex that triggers activation of the complement classical pathway through recognition and binding of immune complexes. C1q also binds to nonimmune ligands such as the sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan, a potent anticomplementary agent. C1q was submitted for the first time to mass spectrometry analysis, ... Read more >>

Biochemistry (Biochemistry)
[2005, 44(7):2602-2609]

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CD98, a novel marker of transient amplifying human keratinocytes.

Gilles Lemaître, Florence Gonnet, Pierre Vaigot, Xavier Gidrol, Michèle T Martin, Jeanine Tortajada, Gilles Waksman,

Identification of plasma membrane markers of basal keratinocytes is essential for sorting basal cells and, subsequently, adult epidermal stem cells. In this study, we isolated caveolin-1-enriched microdomains from human HaCaT keratinocytes and identified proteins representing potential cell surface markers of the epidermis by a proteomic approach. The purification of this ... Read more >>

Proteomics (Proteomics)
[2005, 5(14):3637-3645]

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Synthesis, structure, and characterisation of a new phenolato-bridged manganese complex [Mn2(mL)2]2+: chemical and electrochemical access to a new mono-mu-oxo dimanganese core unit.

Christelle Hureau, Laurent Sabater, Elodie Anxolabéhère-Mallart, Martine Nierlich, Marie-France Charlot, Florence Gonnet, Eric Rivière, Geneviève Blondin,

The dinuclear phenolato-bridged complex [(mL)Mn(II)Mn(II)(mL)](ClO(4))(2) (1(ClO(4))(2)) has been obtained with the new [N(4)O] pentadentate ligand mL(-) (mLH=N,N'-bis-(2-pyridylmethyl)-N-(2-hydroxybenzyl)-N'-methyl-ethane-1,2-diamine) and has been characterised by X-ray crystallography. X- and Q-band EPR spectra were recorded and their variation with temperature was examined. All spectra exhibit features extending over 0-800 mT at the X band ... Read more >>

Chemistry (Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany))
[2004, 10(8):1998-2010]

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Hexacyanometalate molecular chemistry: heptanuclear heterobimetallic complexes; control of the ground spin state.

Valérie Marvaud, Caroline Decroix, Ariane Scuiller, Carine Guyard-Duhayon, Jacqueline Vaissermann, Florence Gonnet, Michel Verdaguer,

Following a bottom-up approach to nanomaterials, we present a rational synthetic route from hexacyanometalates [M(CN)(6)](3-) (M=Cr(III), Co(III)) cores to well-defined heptanuclear complexes. By changing the nature of the metallic cations and using a localised orbital model it is possible to control and to tune the ground state spin value. Thus, ... Read more >>

Chemistry (Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany))
[2003, 9(8):1677-1691]

Cited: 20 times

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