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Tacripyrimidines, the first tacrine-dihydropyrimidine hybrids, as multi-target-directed ligands for Alzheimer's disease.

Mourad Chioua, Eleonora Buzzi, Ignacio Moraleda, Isabel Iriepa, Maciej Maj, Artur Wnorowski, Catia Giovannini, Anna Tramarin, Federica Portali, Lhassane Ismaili, Pilar López-Alvarado, Maria Laura Bolognesi, Krzysztof Jóźwiak, J Carlos Menéndez, José Marco-Contelles, Manuela Bartolini,

Notwithstanding the combination of cholinesterase (ChE) inhibition and calcium channel blockade within a multitarget therapeutic approach is envisaged as potentially beneficial to confront Alzheimer's disease (AD), this strategy has been scarcely investigated. To explore this promising line, a series of 5-amino-4-aryl-3,4,6,7,8,9-hexahydropyrimido [4,5-b]quinoline-2(1H)-thiones (tacripyrimidines) (4a-l) were designed by juxtaposition of tacrine, ... Read more >>

Eur J Med Chem (European journal of medicinal chemistry)
[2018, 155:839-846]

Cited: 9 times

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