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Factors Contributing to Fentanyl Pharmacokinetic Variability Among Diagnostically Diverse Critically Ill Children.

Fanuel T Hagos, Christopher M Horvat, Alicia K Au, Yvette P Conley, Lingjue Li, Samuel M Poloyac, Patrick M Kochanek, Robert S B Clark, Philip E Empey,

OBJECTIVE:The objective of this study was to characterize the population pharmacokinetics of fentanyl and identify factors that contribute to exposure variability in critically ill pediatric patients. METHODS:We conducted a single-center, retrospective cohort study using electronic record data and remnant blood samples in the setting of a mixed medical/surgical intensive care ... Read more >>

Clin Pharmacokinet (Clinical pharmacokinetics)
[2019, 58(12):1567-1576]

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Membrane transporters in traumatic brain injury: Pathological, pharmacotherapeutic, and developmental implications.

Fanuel T Hagos, Solomon M Adams, Samuel M Poloyac, Patrick M Kochanek, Christopher M Horvat, Robert S B Clark, Philip E Empey,

Membrane transporters regulate the trafficking of endogenous and exogenous molecules across biological barriers and within the neurovascular unit. In traumatic brain injury (TBI), they moderate the dynamic movement of therapeutic drugs and injury mediators among neurons, endothelial cells and glial cells, thereby becoming important determinants of pathogenesis and effective pharmacotherapy ... Read more >>

Exp. Neurol. (Experimental neurology)
[2019, 317:10-21]

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Exploratory Application of Neuropharmacometabolomics in Severe Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury.

Fanuel T Hagos, Philip E Empey, Pengcheng Wang, Xiaochao Ma, Samuel M Poloyac, Hülya Bayir, Patrick M Kochanek, Michael J Bell, Robert S B Clark,

OBJECTIVES:To employ metabolomics-based pathway and network analyses to evaluate the cerebrospinal fluid metabolome after severe traumatic brain injury in children and the capacity of combination therapy with probenecid and N-acetylcysteine to impact glutathione-related and other pathways and networks, relative to placebo treatment. DESIGN:Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid obtained from children enrolled ... Read more >>

Crit. Care Med. (Critical care medicine)
[2018, 46(9):1471-1479]

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Probenecid, an organic anion transporter 1 and 3 inhibitor, increases plasma and brain exposure of N-acetylcysteine.

Fanuel T Hagos, Monica J Daood, Jacob A Ocque, Thomas D Nolin, Hulya Bayir, Samuel M Poloyac, Patrick M Kochanek, Robert S B Clark, Philip E Empey,

1. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is being investigated as an antioxidant for several conditions including traumatic brain injury, but the mechanism by which it crosses membrane barriers is unknown. We have attempted to understand how the transporter inhibitor, probenecid, affects NAC pharmacokinetics and to evaluate the interaction of NAC with transporters. 2. Juvenile Sprague-Dawley ... Read more >>

Xenobiotica (Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems)
[2017, 47(4):346-353]

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DNA demethylase activity maintains intestinal cells in an undifferentiated state following loss of APC.

Kunal Rai, Sharmistha Sarkar, Talmage J Broadbent, Matthew Voas, Kenneth F Grossmann, Lincoln D Nadauld, Somaye Dehghanizadeh, Fanuel T Hagos, Yumei Li, Rachel K Toth, Stephanie Chidester, Timothy M Bahr, W Evan Johnson, Brad Sklow, Randall Burt, Bradley R Cairns, David A Jones,

Although genome-wide hypomethylation is a hallmark of many cancers, roles for active DNA demethylation during tumorigenesis are unknown. Here, loss of the APC tumor suppressor gene causes upregulation of a DNA demethylase system and the concomitant hypomethylation of key intestinal cell fating genes. Notably, this hypomethylation maintained zebrafish intestinal cells ... Read more >>

Cell (Cell)
[2010, 142(6):930-942]

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