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Drug-drug interactions associated with adverse clinical outcomes and abnormal laboratory findings in patients with malaria

Sidra Noor, Mohammad Ismail, Faiza Khadim,

Abstract Background: Hospitalized patients with malaria often present with comorbidities or associated complications for which a variety of drugs are prescribed. Multiple drug therapy often leads to drug-drug interactions (DDIs). Therefore, we investigated the prevalence, levels, risk factors, clinical relevance, and monitoring parameters/management guidelines of potential DDIs (pDDIs) among inpatients ... Read more >>

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Drug-Drug Interactions in Hepatitis Patients: Do these Interactions Matter in Clinical Perspectives?

Sidra Noor, Mohammad Ismail, Iqbal Haider, Faiza Khadim,

INTRODUCTION AND AIM:Hepatitis patients usually present with comorbidities and polypharmacy which increases risk of potential drug-drug interactions (pDDIs). We explored frequency, levels, predictors, and clinical relevance of pDDIs in hospitalized hepatitis patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS:Retrospective cohort study was used. Clinical profiles of 413 hepatitis patients were reviewed for pDDIs using ... Read more >>

Ann Hepatol (Annals of hepatology)
[2018, 17(6):1001-1011]

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Potential drug-drug interactions in outpatient department of a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan: a cross-sectional study.

Mohammad Ismail, Sidra Noor, Umme Harram, Inamul Haq, Iqbal Haider, Faiza Khadim, Qasim Khan, Zahid Ali, Tahir Muhammad, Muhammad Asif,

BACKGROUND:Potential drug-drug interactions (pDDIs) are one of the preventable drug related problems having the risk of serious adverse events or therapeutic failure. In developing countries like Pakistan, this issue remains poorly addressed. The objective of this study was to explore prevalence of pDDIs in the Outpatient Department (OPD) of a ... Read more >>

BMC Health Serv Res (BMC health services research)
[2018, 18(1):762]

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Potential drug-drug interactions in pediatric patients admitted to intensive care unit of Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan: A cross-sectional study.

Mohammad Ismail, Sana Aziz, Sidra Noor, Iqbal Haider, Faryal Shams, Inamul Haq, Faiza Khadim, Qasim Khan, Fahadullah Khan, Muhammad Asif,

To investigate frequencies, levels, clinical relevance and predictors of potential drug-drug interactions (pDDIs) in pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).Case notes of 411 patients were reviewed for pDDIs through Micromedex. Frequencies, levels and clinical relevance of pDDIs were reported. Logistic regression was applied to calculate the odds-ratios for predictors of pDDIs.We ... Read more >>

J Crit Care (Journal of critical care)
[2017, 40:243-250]

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