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Ex-vivo abortifacient activity of Androsace foliosa n-hexane leaves extract on isolated rabbit uterus.

Jawad Zaheer, Qazi Najam-Us-Saqib, Asif Mehmmod Hashmi, Muhammad Mukhtiar, Sadia Zafar, Muhammad Riaz, Ghulam Rasool, Muhammad Akram, Syed Muhammad-Ali Shah, Saher Rahat, Faid Said Khan,

Androsace foliosa is a medicinal herb utilized in different areas of Pakistan for abortifacient, diabetic and liver complications. In the current research, the possible action of the n-hexane leaves extract of the Androsace foliosa on isolated rabbit uterus was examined. Abortifacient activity was examined in the existence of standard antagonist ... Read more >>

Pak J Pharm Sci (Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences)
[2019, 32(5(Supplementary)):2333-2339]

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