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Genomic characterization of malonate positive Cronobacter sakazakii serotype O:2, sequence type 64 strains, isolated from clinical, food, and environment samples.

Gopal R Gopinath, Hannah R Chase, Jayanthi Gangiredla, Athmanya Eshwar, Hyein Jang, Isha Patel, Flavia Negrete, Samantha Finkelstein, Eunbi Park, TaeJung Chung, YeonJoo Yoo, JungHa Woo, YouYoung Lee, Jihyeon Park, Hyerim Choi, Seungeun Jeong, Soyoung Jun, Mijeong Kim, Chaeyoon Lee, HyeJin Jeong, Séamus Fanning, Roger Stephan, Carol Iversen, Felix Reich, Günter Klein, Angelika Lehner, Ben D Tall,

Malonate utilization, an important differential trait, well recognized as being possessed by six of the seven Cronobacter species is thought to be largely absent in Cronobacter sakazakii (Csak). The current study provides experimental evidence that confirms the presence of a malonate utilization operon in 24 strains of sequence type (ST) ... Read more >>

Gut Pathog (Gut pathogens)
[2018, 10:11]

Cited: 2 times

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Analysis and Characterization of Proteins Associated with Outer Membrane Vesicles Secreted by Cronobacter spp.

Mahendra H Kothary, Gopal R Gopinath, Jayanthi Gangiredla, Prasad V Rallabhandi, Lisa M Harrison, Qiong Q Yan, Hannah R Chase, Boram Lee, Eunbi Park, YeonJoo Yoo, Taejung Chung, Samantha B Finkelstein, Flavia J Negrete, Isha R Patel, Laurenda Carter, Venugopal Sathyamoorthy, Séamus Fanning, Ben D Tall,

Little is known about secretion of outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) by Cronobacter. In this study, OMVs isolated from Cronobacter sakazakii, Cronobacter turicensis, and Cronobacter malonaticus were examined by electron microscopy (EM) and their associated outer membrane proteins (OMP) and genes were analyzed by SDS-PAGE, protein sequencing, BLAST, PCR, and DNA ... Read more >>

Front Microbiol (Frontiers in microbiology)
[2017, 8:134]

Cited: 5 times

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Development of a Custom-Designed, Pan Genomic DNA Microarray to Characterize Strain-Level Diversity among Cronobacter spp.

Ben Davies Tall, Jayanthi Gangiredla, Gopal R Gopinath, Qiongqiong Yan, Hannah R Chase, Boram Lee, Seongeun Hwang, Larisa Trach, Eunbi Park, YeonJoo Yoo, TaeJung Chung, Scott A Jackson, Isha R Patel, Venugopal Sathyamoorthy, Monica Pava-Ripoll, Michael L Kotewicz, Laurenda Carter, Carol Iversen, Franco Pagotto, Roger Stephan, Angelika Lehner, Séamus Fanning, Christopher J Grim,

Cronobacter species cause infections in all age groups; however neonates are at highest risk and remain the most susceptible age group for life-threatening invasive disease. The genus contains seven species:Cronobacter sakazakii, Cronobacter malonaticus, Cronobacter turicensis, Cronobacter muytjensii, Cronobacter dublinensis, Cronobacter universalis, and Cronobacter condimenti. Despite an abundance of published genomes ... Read more >>

Front Pediatr (Frontiers in pediatrics)
[2015, 3:36]

Cited: 9 times

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Lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal promotes seeding-capable oligomer formation and cell-to-cell transfer of α-synuclein.

Eun-Jin Bae, Dong-Hwan Ho, Eunbi Park, Jin Woo Jung, Kyungcho Cho, Ji Hye Hong, He-Jin Lee, Kwang Pyo Kim, Seung-Jae Lee,

Abnormal accumulation of α-synuclein aggregates is one of the key pathological features of many neurodegenerative movement disorders and dementias. These pathological aggregates propagate into larger brain regions as the disease progresses, with the associated clinical symptoms becoming increasingly severe and complex. However, the factors that induce α-synuclein aggregation and spreading ... Read more >>

Antioxid. Redox Signal. (Antioxidants & redox signaling)
[2013, 18(7):770-783]

Cited: 34 times

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