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Sterically demanding macrocyclic Eu(iii) complexes for selective recognition of phosphate and real-time monitoring of enzymatically generated adenosine monophosphate.

Samantha E Bodman, Colum Breen, Sam Kirkland, Simon Wheeler, Erin Robertson, Felix Plasser, Stephen J Butler,

The design of molecular receptors that bind and sense anions in biologically relevant aqueous solutions is a key challenge in supramolecular chemistry. The recognition of inorganic phosphate is particularly challenging because of its high hydration energy and pH dependent speciation. Adenosine monophosphate (AMP) represents a valuable but elusive target for ... Read more >>

Chem Sci (Chemical science)
[2022, 13(12):3386-3394]

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Anion binding to a cationic europium(III) probe enables the first real-time assay of heparan sulfotransferase activity.

Simon Wheeler, Colum Breen, Yong Li, Sarah H Hewitt, Erin Robertson, Edwin A Yates, Igor L Barsukov, David G Fernig, Stephen J Butler,

Sulfotransferases constitute a ubiquitous class of enzymes which are poorly understood due to the lack of a convenient tool for screening their activity. These enzymes use the anion PAPS (adenosine-3'-phosphate-5'-phosphosulfate) as a donor for a broad range of acceptor substrates, including carbohydrates, producing sulfated compounds and PAP (adenosine-3',5'-diphosphate) as a ... Read more >>

Org Biomol Chem (Organic & biomolecular chemistry)
[2022, 20(3):596-605]

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