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Age-dependent behaviors, seizure severity and neuronal damage in response to nerve agents or the organophosphate DFP in immature and adult rats.

Erika A Scholl, Stephanie M Miller-Smith, Steven L Bealer, Mark J Lehmkuhle, Jeffrey J Ekstrand, F Edward Dudek, John H McDonough,

Exposure to nerve agents (NAs) and other organophosphates (OPs) can initiate seizures that rapidly progress to status epilepticus (SE). While the electrographic and neuropathological sequelae of SE evoked by NAs and OPs have been characterized in adult rodents, they have not been adequately investigated in immature animals. In this study ... Read more >>

Neurotoxicology (Neurotoxicology)
[2018, 66:10-21]

Cited: 5 times

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Introduction of lipidization-cationization motifs affords systemically bioavailable neuropeptide Y and neurotensin analogs with anticonvulsant activities.

Brad R Green, Karen L White, Daniel R McDougle, Liuyin Zhang, Brian Klein, Erika A Scholl, Timothy H Pruess, H Steve White, Grzegorz Bulaj,

The neuropeptides galanin (GAL), neuropeptide Y (NPY) or neurotensin (NT) exhibit anticonvulsant activities mediated by their respective receptors in the brain. To transform these peptides into potential neurotherapeutics, their systemic bioavailability and metabolic stability must be improved. Our recent studies with GAL analogs suggested that an introduction of lipoamino acids ... Read more >>

J. Pept. Sci. (Journal of peptide science : an official publication of the European Peptide Society)
[2010, 16(9):486-495]

Cited: 10 times

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Developing novel antiepileptic drugs: characterization of NAX 5055, a systemically-active galanin analog, in epilepsy models.

H Steve White, Erika A Scholl, Brian D Klein, Sean P Flynn, Timothy H Pruess, Brad R Green, Liuyin Zhang, Grzegorz Bulaj,

The endogenous neuropeptide galanin and its associated receptors galanin receptor 1 and galanin receptor 2 are highly localized in brain limbic structures and play an important role in the control of seizures in animal epilepsy models. As such, galanin receptors provide an attractive target for the development of novel anticonvulsant ... Read more >>

Neurotherapeutics (Neurotherapeutics : the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics)
[2009, 6(2):372-380]

Cited: 25 times

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