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Novel compounds with antiproliferative activity against imatinib-resistant cell lines.

Enrica I Lerma, Viet-Anh Nguyen, Tao Wang, Alex Tipping, Junia V Melo, Donald Kufe, David J Austin, Albert Deisseroth,

Chronic myelogenous leukemia is caused by the Bcr-Abl hybrid gene that encodes the p210Bcr-Abl chimeric oncoprotein. Although it reduces the total body burden of leukemia cells, the use of imatinib mesylate as a single agent may be accompanied by the evolution of resistance due mainly to the acquisition of point ... Read more >>

Mol. Cancer Ther. (Molecular cancer therapeutics)
[2007, 6(2):655-666]

Cited: 3 times

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