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Homozygous loss of mouse tetraspanin CD82 enhances integrin αIIbβ3 expression and clot retraction in platelets.

Kristen Uchtmann, Electa R Park, Alexis Bergsma, Justin Segula, Mathew J Edick, Cindy K Miranti,

Integrin αIIbβ3 is critical for platelet-mediated blood clotting. Tetraspanins are well-established regulators of integrins and genetic loss of tetraspanin CD151 or TSSC6 in mice leads to increased bleeding due to inadequate integrin αIIbβ3 outside-in signaling. Conversely, mild but enhanced integrin αIIbβ3 activation and hyperaggregation is observed in CD9 and CD63 ... Read more >>

Exp Cell Res (Experimental cell research)
[2015, 339(2):261-269]

Cited: 9 times

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Differential requirement for MEK Partner 1 in DU145 prostate cancer cell migration.

Electa R Park, Ashok K Pullikuth, Evangeline M Bailey, Donald E Mercante, Andrew D Catling,

ERK signaling regulates focal adhesion disassembly during cell movement, and increased ERK signaling frequently contributes to enhanced motility of human tumor cells. We previously found that the ERK scaffold MEK Partner 1 (MP1) is required for focal adhesion disassembly in fibroblasts. Here we test the hypothesis that MP1-dependent ERK signaling ... Read more >>

Cell Commun Signal (Cell communication and signaling : CCS)
[2009, 7:26]

Cited: 6 times

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MEK1 activation by PAK: a novel mechanism.

Electa R Park, Scott T Eblen, Andrew D Catling,

Extracellular signal-Regulated Kinase (ERK) controls a variety of cellular processes, including cell proliferation and cell motility. While oncogenic mutations in Ras and B-Raf result in deregulated ERK activity and proliferation and migration in some tumor cells, other tumors exhibit elevated ERK signaling in the absence of these mutations. Here we ... Read more >>

Cell Signal (Cellular signalling)
[2007, 19(7):1488-1496]

Cited: 52 times

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